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Sands New Zealand

Recently Shortland Street welcomed a loved member of TKs (Ben Mitchell) family - Anahera Samuels (Sadelle FeAo).

In a recent storyline we saw Anahera tragically loose her unborn baby.

While currently on screen we see Esther (Ngahuia Piripi) blaming herself, we wanted to spare a thought for the families that may have gone through a similar fate.

If you, or someone you know has been effected by a similar incident you can visitSands websitefor information and support. You can also contact   Sands New Zealand via Facebook  too.

Sands New Zealandis one of the many outlets where you can reach out for help.

Sands is a voluntary, parent-run, non-profit organisation set up to support parents and families who have experienced the death of a baby at any stage during pregnancy, as a baby or infant.

Sands NZ will ensure you and your loved ones get the support needed.

To keep up with what the Samuels family are up to in Ferndale tune in to TV2 7pm weeknights and also on TVNZ On Demand.