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Shortland Street's season finale 2011

Hunter (Lee Donogue) and Bailey (Estevez Gillespie) trying to score drugs - Shortland Street on TV2

Hunter (Lee Donoghue) argues with Callum (Peter Mochrie) - Shortland Street on TV2

Household's across New Zealand will be drawing the curtains early and leaving the phone off the hook this week as Shortland Street gears up towards its Christmas cliffhanger episode.

It's become an annual tradition for Shortland Street fans, as each year we end with a thrilling Christmas cliffhanger episode  and 2011 will be as gripping as ever.

The 2011 cliffhanger will see some of the year's biggest storylines come to a head and the lives of two of our most popular characters will be thrown into jeopardy when they get caught up into something should never have been part of.
"This year's Christmas cliffhanger sees the culmination of a long storyline showcasing the scourge of drugs in our society as Hunter (Lee Donoghue) battles with P," says Shortland Street producer Steven Zanoski.

"We have shown that drugs know no socio economic boundaries and even an educated medical student from a wealthy background can fall victim. The storyline has shown that drugs destroy lives and this year's cliff-hanger showcases this, all while providing us with some of the best performances of 2011."

With the 2011 cliffhanger set to be a game changer not only for Hunter but also the other residents of Ferndale, Shortland Street fans can begin to look forward to 2012 as the show celebrates its 20th Anniversary celebrations in May.

"2012 is going to be a big year for Shortland Street," says Zanoski.

"While we will pay homage to the stories and cast of the past, we are excited about reflecting with our audience and looking forward. Story wise, be prepared for a shake up in the hierarchy of the hospital at every level, new romantic liaisons will be established and old favourites revisited, all while bringing you the freshest cast on New Zealand TV."

Don't miss an action packed week as we head towards a thrilling final episode for 2011 on Friday 16 December .

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