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Shortland Street's season finale 2010

Shortland Street Producer Steven Zanoski

Callum McKay

It's that thrilling time of year again, with Shortland Street's gripping final week on air for 2010.

Well known for leaving fans of the show on the edge of their seats , this year's cliffhanger is no exception.

So what can audiences expect?

"In the tradition of cliffhangers past, it's true to say that this is event television," says Steven Zanoski, Shortland Street's producer. "Viewers can expect to be in for some shocks in the Christmas episode and the weeks immediately preceding it."

Shooting the exciting final episode proved to be quite a challenge for the Shortland Street crew.

"We destroyed one studio set completely and quite by accident - necessitating a new build for 2011," says Zanoski. "Meanwhile, an actor on location wound up in real life Emergency Department when he threw himself into the perilous action. Apart from a few stitches here and there, the actors seem to have enjoyed shooting this year's cliff."

This year there will be several key cliffhanger storylines involving many of Shortland Street's most loved characters, including CEO Callum McKay (Peter Mochrie).

"This year's cliffhanger is brimming with danger, excitement and suspense. I think it is among our best work and certainly exhilarating to be involved with," says Mochrie. "Shooting the final episode was extremely dangerous and every take pushed us to perform the very best we could."

Mochrie says this year's finale will focus on stories that have been told throughout 2010, bringing them all to an emotional climax. 

"I think this is riveting television, that will no doubt leave people anticipating an exciting return," says Mochrie. "2011 will bring nail-biting conclusions and suspense second to none!"

Don't miss the build-up as Shortland Street heads towards its final episode for 2010 on Friday December 17th.

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