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Shortland Street's new faces for 2011

Roimata Ngatai is played by Shavaughn Ruakere on Shortland Street

Jill Kingsbury is played by Natalie Medlock on Shortland Street

Roimata Ngatai and Jill Kingsbury in Shortland Street's cafeteria

Keep an eye out in early 2011 as we introduce some gorgeous new faces to the streets of Ferndale!

Here's a sneak peek at some of the hotties that you can look forward to meeting in our new season:

Roimata Ngatai (played by Shavaughn Ruakere)

Roimata Ngatai is a nurse in her mid 20s.

Roimata is the only daughter of a famous paediatrician.

Roimata has always been encouraged to work hard and achieve high standards academically.

She has reached a stage in her life where she is trying to find her own identity and passions.

She knows that eventually she will face up to her father's expectations and continue her work alongside him, but in the meantime she is cutting loose. 

She is doing bureau work as she prefers to be anonymous. 

As soon as anyone hears her last name they associate her with her father.

Roimata is, in fact, an exceptional nurse and displays this in her shifts at Shortland Street.

Roimata is single and not necessarily looking for love, but love might be about to find her... who will she give her heart to? Watch and see!

Well-known kiwi personality Shavaughn Ruakere makes her Shorty Street debut as Roimata.

Viewers will recognise Shavaughn from her days as a presenter on What Now and various C4 Music shows.

She has also had roles in Sione's Wedding, River Queen and Legend of the Seeker and was a radio DJ for Mai FM for several years.

Jill Kingsbury (played by Natalie Medlock)

Jill is an energetic and outgoing nurse in her early twenties whose passion is travel. 

Her most recent trip was to Indonesia, where she met Daniel Potts. 

Dwindling funds have forced Jill home and she has taken a job at Shortland Street in order to save for her next adventure.

Jill is full of fun and mischief. 

She enjoys high-adrenaline sports and would rather go for a run than go out drinking and dancing. 

Jill doesn't like being stuck in difficult situations - especially those involving relationships. 

If she feels someone is growing too attached, Jill will either leave or break off contact: when the going gets tough, Jill gets going.

Patient wellbeing is very important to Jill and as such she is an excellent nurse. 

She's not afraid to let doctors know what she thinks but she's excellent at couching her remarks to avoid causing offence.

Natalie Medlock is a well-known theatre actress who is also an award-winning playwright.

Having gained a Bachelor of Performing Arts at Toi Whakaari, Natalie has spent several years performing in various theatre shows including her own plays, The Reindeer Monologues, Christ! Almighty, Toys, The Giant Face.

In 2010 she was also played a lead role in Silo Theatre's performance of Asassins.

Natalie also starred in the popular TVNZ satire series Feedback in 2010 and had a role in last year's TV One series Diplomatic Immunity.

Watch out for our new faces in  Shortland Street's exciting 2011 new season , returning to TV2 on Monday January 17th.