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What's happening in Shortland Street's final week for 2012?

Luke and Bella get into an argument - Shortland Street on TV2

Jasmine (Pearl McGlashan) plans to elope. Bella (Amelia Reid) faces the biggest crossroads of her life. And Roimata’s(Shavaughn Ruakere) attacker rears his ugly head as we reach the climax of Shortland Street’s 20th year.

With plane ticket in her hand, Jasmine is thrilled with the prospect of running away to Colombia to be with Angel (Jesse-James Pickery-Matteucci).

Unfortunately for Jasmine, other people have different ideas about what’s best for her future.

Bella’s wedding stress is pushed over the edge when a surprise hens night and stag do is thrown into the mix.

Luke (Gerald Urquhart) struggles to calm his bride-to-be, but his own concerns bring a revelation that has the potential to change everything for him and Bella.

As the assailant continues his torment of Roimata, TK (Ben Mitchell) fails to restrain his anger.

And while Detective Lisa Stone (Caitlin Bossley) reprimands him for putting undue pressure on the detectives, she does manage to make a surprising discovery: the attacker will stop at nothing to keep his identity hidden.

Will Jasmine and Angel’s love overcome all obstacles? Will Bella and Luke make it to their wedding day without a hitch? And how long will Roimata’s attacker remain at large?

Producer Steven Zanoski is excited about the mix of stories, intrigue and romance this year.

“Every year we try to do something different in terms of tone and feel,” says Zanoski. “This year it’s a ‘something-for-everyone’ cliff-hanger. The surprises keep stacking up through the week, not just in the last minutes.”

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