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What's coming up in June?

Ido Drent as Daniel Potts - Shortland Street on TV2

Wendy lashes out at Murray - Shortland Street on TV2

Angela Bloomfield as Rachel McKenna - Shortland Street on TV2

Ula tries to see Tom - Shortland Street on TV2

Bella (Amelia Reid) with Luke (Gerald Urquhart) - Shortland Street on TV2

Chris Tempest plays Josh Gallagher in Shortland Street on TV2

As we wrap up an exciting birthday month, the drama just keeps on coming in June as our Winter Season continues.

It's the families of Ferndale in turmoil this month on Shortland Street, starting with the Avia/Levi's.

A new baby should bring a family together but as Ula Levi gets closer to her due date her relationship with her mother Vasa seems to rapidly deteriorate.  Maxwell tries to keep the peace but a stubborn Ula decides to go it alone.

When the baby's real father Tom reappears, a lonely Ula is quick to let him back into her life.

But she soon discovers that Tom is as unreliable as ever and Ula is forced to make a  decision about her and her baby's future that will have an impact on everyone's life.

With Chris Warner behind bars and awaiting trial for Hayley O'Neill's murder, his partner and CEO of Shortland Street Rachel McKenna is left trying to keep his family afloat.

But with Phoenix still doubting Chris' innocence and Chris' youngest son Harry frightened for his father, Rachel struggles to cope as a solo step mum.

After yet another parenting battle with Phoenix, Rachel confiscates a bottle of whiskey from him.

As she contemplates her situation, recovering alcoholic Rachel faces her ultimate temptation. With the weight of the world on her shoulders, will she give in to the demon drink?

It hasn't been an easy year for the Coopers, but through everything they have always stuck together. The purchase of a new house looked like an exciting new chapter, but this month the Cooper family face their biggest threat yet.

Weighed down by the hard graft of work and family life, dad Murray is drawn to Cat, the glamorous biker chick who bought his beloved motorbike.

In the past, he had a brief interlude with Vasa, but when he discovers he has a real connection with Cat, Murray is this time, seriously tempted to stray.
Will Murray's midlife crisis mean the end for this happy family?

He's had it playing Mr Nice Guy and this month Daniel Potts sets out to change his ways - for the worse.

Unemployed and frustrated with his lot, Daniel starts taking it out on those around him and first in his firing line is ex-girlfriend Lana Jacobs.

When he discovers that the hospital is reaping the financial rewards from the surgical tourism software he created, Daniel decides to get his own back.

As he uses his connections, Daniel begins plotting against the hospital and eventually finds himself teaming up with the manipulative Bree Hamilton.

Just how far will Daniel go in his quest for retribution?

This month sees loveable but ditzy receptionist Bella Cooper exploring new opportunities.

Caring Bella loves to lend a hand and when Rachel needs help to look after Harry, Bella is keen to step in.

After Harry is bullied by the other kids, busybody Bella doesn't rest until Harry's popularity is restored.

Bolstered by her success with Harry, Bella sets her sights on a surprising new career direction which leaves her boyfriend Luke Durville speechless!

Things get dicey for the sisters Freeman and Hamilton in June.

Bree Hamilton thinks she's got an easy ride now that her sister Brooke Freeman is sitting pretty in the swively chair. However, she's soon brought down to earth when her latest scheme crashes and burns, pulling Brooke down with her in the process.

Desperate to keep her job, Bree sets about trying to be the perfect employee. But hospital management are less than convinced and when Seth Pankhurst witnesses Bree in a vicious argument with Vinnie, he fires her on the spot.

In desperation, Bree ends up resorting to devious and illegal measures to make sure she stays on at Shortland Street.


New doctor Josh Gallagher made a big impression at Shortland Street when he turned up to help save the day after the dramatic helicopter crash.

ED veteran TK Samuels tries to bond with the newest employee but he's irked when Josh seems to be avoiding him.

TK's suspicions are raised further after Josh makes several risky judgement calls with patients in ED and later lashes out at a stranger at the IV over a slight toward his co-worker, Paige Munroe.

Just what is the secret the mysterious new doctor in town is hiding?

Keep watching for all the drama coming up in June!



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