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Shortland Street

Weeknights at 7pm | TV2

Shortland Street returns for 2013

Wendy and Murray in the path of TK's car - Shortland Street on TV2

Will the happiness that Wendy and Murray so desperately desire become a reality? Or will fate have dealt them a nasty blow?

The answer will finally be revealed as Shortland Street returns to screens on Monday 14th January.

In last year’s nail-biting cliffhanger, Bella (Amelia Reid) and Luke (Gerald Urquhart) tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony tainted with sadness at the knowledge of Luke’s terminal cancer.

But as if Bella wasn’t upset enough about Luke’s news, her parents were struck down by a car with a drugged up TK (Ben Mitchell) in the driver’s seat.

Alongside the dramatic reveal that left viewers on the edge of their seats in 2012, this week will witness Boyd (Sam Bunkall) push Nicole (Sally Martin) to set her sights higher. And Vasa (Teuila Blakely) finds out that Ula (Frankie Adams) has dobbed her in.

Nicole impresses Boyd when she stands up for what she believes in. To her surprise, Boyd urges her to think about furthering her career.

While Nicole insists she is not the right person to be climbing the ranks, Boyd’s suggestions make her think long and hard about where her life is heading.

When Vasa challenges Rachel (Angela Bloomfield) to back up her accusations with evidence, Rachel reveals there is a witness to her relationship with Gus.

Piecing two and two together, Vasa is dumbfounded that her daughter would do this to her, and their relationship is further damaged.

Will any of those involved in the car accident survive? Is Nicole cut out for more responsibilities? And what other shocking surprises does Ula have in store for Vasa?

Shortland Street returns Monday 14th January