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The return of Vinnie Kruse!

Pua Magasiva plays Vinnie Kruse on Shortland Street - TV2

Vinnie Kruse weds Jemima on Shortland Street

Nurse Vinnie Kruse - Shortland Street TV2

The Magasiva brothers are set to take over Shortland Street when Pua Magasiva returns to reprise his role as Vinnie Kruse in August!

We last saw prankster nurse, Vinnie Kruse in 2006 when he left town to play happy families with his pregnant girlfriend Jemima (Leisha Ward Knox).

In real life, Pua is the little brother of Shortland Street star, Robbie Magasiva (Maxwell Avia), but on the show the pair will play cousins.

When Vinnie was last in Ferndale he was known as a bit of a party animal and joker, never the serious type.

Will he be the same this time around or will being a father have changed him over the years?

One thing is sure, with two Magasivas in the building, it's going to be very busy at Shortland Street!

"I think people need to remember that I was actually here well before Robbie, so I actually know heaps more about the show and what to do than he does," says Pua. "I think he will probably look up to me as a role model to be honest. I am really enjoying being back, there's a lot of exciting things coming on the show in the next couple of months!"

Watch the Magasivas take over, weeknights 7pm on TV2.