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The return of Mummy Dearest

Louise Wallace plays Brooke's mother Annette on Shortland Street TV2

A vital link in Winston's (Min Kim) obsession with Brooke (Beth Allen) is discovered this week when Brooke's mother, Annette (Louise Wallace) returns to Shortland Street.

The well-known presenter, journalist, director and actor is thrilled to be re-joining the cast to play Brooke's alcoholic and vitriolic mother.

"It's always great to see Beth again," says Wallace. "We get on really well and always have a few laughs, plus the crew are fantastic and it's always a great challenge working in the fast turnaround of Shortland Street."

Arriving back in Ferndale unannounced, Brooke is shocked with her mother's unexpected arrival.

Confused about the motivation behind Annette's return, Brooke is left stunned when her mother reveals Brooke's previously unknown connection to Winston - one that reveals why he is so painfully obsessed with her.

"It's great to be able to play a storyline that shows a different side of Annette than viewers have seen before," Says Wallace. "She definitely isn't as flippant and cynical as she once was, and it's very clear how much she desires to make amends with daughter."

During her time away from Shortland Street, Louise has kept busy with other projects, working as a director for a new show called 'World's Strictest Parents'.

"I had actually just flown in the night before we started shooting from Pretoria, South Africa, where I had been directing an episode of 'World's Strictest Parents," says Wallace. "Aside from that I have also been doing a play at the Pumphouse Theatre. Life has been very busy!"

With the shocking revelation about to come out, will Brooke change her feelings towards Winston?

Or will this home truth send Brooke packing?

Wallace offers her take on the situation.

"I think that she (Brooke) will find a real bond there that she wasn't expecting," says Wallace. "I also think it will give her the duty to care for him, and hopefully bring her closer to her family, something that Annette is desperate for."

Annette is back. Catch her weeknights 7.00pm on TV2.