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The return of Grace Kwan

Lynette Forday plays Grace Kwan - Shortland Street on TV2

Grace Kwan returns to Shortland Street - TV2

We teased the return of an old face back in our October highlights story and we can finally reveal that Lynette Forday is returning to Shortland Street to reprise her role of Dr Grace Kwan.

Older Shortland Street fans will remember Grace from her time on the show during the mid-nineties and Lynette says she’s relishing the chance to come back to a fun character like Grace.

“It’s great to be back. I enjoy playing Grace because she is a successful woman but still manages to have fun.”

Dr Grace Kwan arrived at Shortland Street back in 1994 and was quickly the subject of hospital gossip when it was revealed that she’d been having an affair with Chris Warner’s father Sir Bruce Warner.

Grace’s other woman status and her fun-loving disposition saw her come under suspicion of husband-stealing from some of her new colleagues at the hospital.

But that didn’t bother Grace who recruited her bestie nurse Ellen Crozier (played by Agent Anna’s Robyn Malcolm) to join her in Ferndale.

During her time on Shorty, Grace hooked up with legendary Shorty baddie Darryl Nielson (who stole her eggs!), everyone’s favourite muffin man and café owner Lionel Skeggins and Dr Frank Malone.    

Grace left Ferndale to take up a job offer in Melbourne, but not before directing the surgery to reattach her own finger, after she accidentally severed it while cooking!

That was back in 1997. Now in 2013, Dr Grace Kwan has returned to Shortland Street and she’s pleased to see a few familiar faces in the form of Chris Warner and Rachel McKenna.

But a lot has changed in 16 years as she is set to find out!

Meanwhile off-screen Lynette says not a lot has changed when it comes to filming the show.

“Shortland Street is still much the same place as when I was here last time,” she explains. “It’s me that’s changed a lot!”

Look out for Grace Kwan’s return to Shortland Street later this month…


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