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The return of Durville

Luke Durville in the Shortland Street staff-room

Luke Durville

A familiar face returns to Shortland Street when Gerald Urquhart reprises his role as the quirky Dr Durville.

First introduced in 2007, Luke Durville has popped up in storylines numerous times over the years, but now it's time for viewers to really get to know the elusive anaesthetist.

Initially introduced as a potential suspect during the serial killer storyline, Luke Durville is characterised by his odd behaviour.

But Urquhart says there's more to Luke than first meets the eye. 

"Luke is misunderstood. His strange demeanour and interests are his defining features. However, underneath his mumbling exterior lurks a kind, considerate individual. He is traditional, loyal and professional, longing for companionship and thirsty for knowledge."

When Urquhart's not acting, he spends his time teaching at Mount Albert Grammar School and working as a DJ.

But every time Urquhart returns to Shortland Street, he says it doesn't take long to settle back into the groove of things.

"One of the things I enjoy most about working at Shorty is the great big family that is the cast and crew," Urquhart says. "Each time I come back there are new additions and others have left. We all work hard as a team, fulfilling each of our roles, and we still manage to find time to have a laugh or two."

So what would Urquhart like to see for his character in the future?

"I would really like to see Luke in love. We have seen him pining for various women with no success, so I feel it is about time for him to have a romance," enthuses Urquhart. "Whether she is the right woman for Luke is unimportant. But I would enjoy playing a love-struck Durville being lead astray."

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