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Return of the bad boy

Tai, Tracey and Scotty during the prison riot

Experienced New Zealand actor Xavier Horan returns to Shortland Street this week, when he reprises his role as bad-boy Tai Scott. 

Since leaving Shortland Street in May 2009, Horan has been keeping busy, including a role in the upcoming local film Netherwood.

Produced by his onscreen brother Kiel McNaughton (James 'Scotty' Scott), and ex-Shortland Street boys Will Hall (Kip Denton) and Owen Black (Ethan Pierce), Horan says it was an absolute pleasure to be involved with.

"The filming took place in the Waipara Valley down south, in a beautiful, laid back town, with amazing sunsets and some really choice locals. In fact that was a highlight for me, hanging out with the locals, I met some great people" says Horan. "It was an inspiring, motivating and fun experience."

Horan has also been doing some work for Korero Mai, a TVNZ drama in the form of an ongoing soap opera, that teaches te reo Maori in an easy, clear and fun way. 

"I love working on Korero Mai. The way the show operates is really family orientated. At lunch time everyone brings along food to share and enjoy together," says Horan. "Lots of members of the Korero Mai team are musically talented, so there are often great jam sessions that go on too."

Horan, who has recently been training as a boxer, was hospitalised late last year with a brain bleed after being knocked out in the final of a professional boxing tournament.

"After the match I made it to the changing sheds, but then completely conked out. I later found out that I had suffered a brain bleed during the fight and had to spend about two weeks in hospital recovering," explains Horan. "It was a pretty scary experience for my family."

Horan says he has enjoyed returning back into the fold of Shortland Street.

"I love walking through the doors to Shortland Street. There's such a buzz in there. So many people are involved in the show's creation, and you can just feel it humming along," says Horan. "It's really cool to be working with Kiel, Sarah and the crew again. I quickly felt back at home."

Catch Xavier Horan as bad-boy Tai Scott on Shortland Street this week.

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