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Real life Shorty siblings

Bree and Brooke bond - Shortland Street on TV2

As Brooke and Bree enjoy some sisterly bonding, the Shortlant Street cast give us the goss on their real life siblings.

eth Allen

I have an older brother and sister. We get along very well, and Im visiting my sister in Sydney during my next break.

Ido Drent

Ive got two big sisters, and they are two of my best friends. We treat each other as equals.

Jacqueline Nairn

I have two younger brothers. We all flatted together for a while in London which was a great experience. My youngest brother has a baby, Lily Rose, and she has red hair like mine!

Chris Tempest

I have an older sister. Weve always loved each other but we did have the typical teenage rivalry when we were younger.

Teuila Blakely

I have an older sister, two older brothers and a younger brother. Im probably closest to my younger brother because we are the closest in age. Growing up around three boys probably explains why Im a bit of a tomboy!

Sally Martin

I have two older sisters. We all live in different cities but we are still really tight.


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