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Predator Professor?

Journalist student Sophie McKay (Kimberley Crossman) suspects her ethics teacher is being far from ethical on Shortland Street this week, when she spots some dodgy behaviour.

When Sophie thinks her tutor Ashton (Bryce Langston) is having an inappropriate relationship with a classmate, she becomes determined to find out if it's true.  

Venting to her brother Hunter (Lee Donoghue) about the bad grade she received, Sophie becomes uneasy when he suggests that Ashton may be sleeping with first-year students in exchange for good marks.

"Sophie discounts Hunter's idea. But then when Sophie later sees Ashton grant an attractive female student an extension on her assignment, she can't help but wonder," explains Crossman. "Sophie's taking her course really seriously, so it's a disconcerting to think that something sinister might be going on."

Deciding to delve deeper, Sophie is shocked to discover information that she feels makes Aston almost certainly guilty of something untoward.

Determined to expose his immoral behaviour, Sophie rallies her friends against him.

When Kimberley Crossman started on Shortland Street in 2006, she was deputy Head Girl at Diocesan School for Girls.

Four years on, Crossman's character Sophie has made the shift to university, which is something Crossman is also looking forward to doing at some point too.

"I would love to study communications and journalism, as I really enjoy media studies," says Crossman. "I do miss that sort of structured learning environment, so that's something I'm looking forward to doing sometime in the future."

She would have to fit it in amongst all her other commitments including her role on TV2's The Erin Simpson Show .

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