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Paging Dr. Love - Answers

Thanks for being so fond of Ferndale! Check out the answers below to see which of these loved up questions stumped you!


1. Chris Warner was caught in bed with a married aerobics instructor!

2. Harry Warner was Chris' best man when he married Rachel.

3. Murray briefly left Wendy for motorbike chick Cat Gibson.

4. Jasmine Cooper fell head-over-heels for their exchange student, Angel Souza.

5. Nick, Waverley and the kids left Ferndale for Taranaki.

6. Maia and Jay's ceremony was on Valentine's Day.

7. Stuart Neilson was the brother to interrupt Kirsty and Lionel's wedding.

8. Vasa was never romantically linked to Vinnie.

9. It was Boyd's tablet that Brooke got jealous of.

10. Scotty and Shanti's wedding lasted 4 days.

11. TK and Roimata eloped in The Bay of Islands.

12. Chris Warner was Rachel's knight in shining armour when Jack kidnapped her.

13. Nicole first married herself after being unlucky in love.

14. Andrew Solomon completed the Sarah/Craig love triangle.