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Oliver Driver returns to Shortland Street

Oliver Driver directing an episode of Shortland Street

Actor/presenter Oliver Driver's career has seen him fronting arts programmes and breakfast show Sunrise, facing attack by mutant sheep, playing a sensitive donor (in Magik and Rose) and a rebellious Shortland Street nurse, Mike Galloway back in the early days.

The ex-Auckland Theatre Company artistic director has also spent time as co-owner of music station Alt TV, and played the villainous Mr Wilberforce in the 2009 movie remake of Under the Mountain. 

Now he has added Shortland Street Director to his lengthy CV.

Driver has been training under the tutelage of some of Shortland Street's most experienced directors and has recently been handed the reins to direct his own solo episodes.

"This is like being paid to go to film school where you're the only student," he says.

Look out for Oliver Driver's Shorty episodes on air from the beginning of 2012.

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