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October on Shorty Street

October is a confronting month for many of the residents of Ferndale. The Coopers must come to terms with Kane’s attempted suicide, the Warners deal with the fallout from Chris’s lies, Jack faces the truth about himself and Bella comes to the realisation that her relationship might not be all that she had hoped for.

After Kane’s heart-breaking suicide attempt, the Coopers are at a loss with what to do. They can’t trust him to be alone and are terrified that he may harm himself again. Murray begins to tiptoe around Kane as he no longer knows how to talk to his foster son. Kane begins to realise just how much his actions have taken their toll on his family.

With Honour’s support, Kane starts to make amends. He also vows to help Jack come to terms with his sexuality, but Jack is too scared of the potential repercussions of coming out to go through with it. When Honour lets Jack’s secret slip, his concerns are realised when his rugby team turn on him. Will Jack be able to finally accept himself for who he really is?

The revelation of baby Trinity sends shockwaves through the Warner family. Struggling to overcome Chris’s horrific betrayal, Rachel begins to see her husband in an entirely new light. With her marriage in tatters, Rachel’s drinking demons come back to haunt her. Will Rachel succumb to her addiction, or will she find the strength to say no?

Also unwilling to forgive Chris, Harry packs his bags. His resentment builds and he begins to act out. With Lucy offering to look after him for Rachel, Harry’s crush on her grows. He begins to let his friends think that they are in a relationship, and in order to prove himself to his mates, Harry goes a step too far, causing concern for all involved.

Bella continues to look forward to her future with Dallas, but when she finds a bag of guns in his possession, she’s shocked to realise that maybe she doesn’t know him at all! Dallas offers to sell the guns to appease his fiancée but this sets off a turn of events with his family who know nothing about Bella. Worried that she doesn’t know her fiancé as well as she thought, Bella is shocked when she receives what she thinks is a message from her deceased husband, Luke Durville which leaves her wondering if her new relationship is doomed.

Meanwhile, Ula’s feelings toward Garrett continue to linger and the two find themselves getting close again. Eventually they can no longer deny their feelings and begin an affair. Dayna is appalled by her friend’s behaviour and tries to get Ula to see sense but to no avail. How will Ula’s relationship with her friend and flatmate Kylie survive this situation?

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