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Shortland Street

Weeknights at 7pm | TV2

October 26 - 30 2009

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Monday 26th October (ep 4361)

Callum and Rachel jostle for power.  Each is determined to lead the hospital's response to the threat of a dengue fever - but Rachel wins, securing a Ministry of Health inspection for mosquitoes. 

Libby inadvertently blabs to Gerald of the possible outbreak. Rachel confirms to Callum that mosquito larvae have been found in the hospital. 

She blames Callum for allowing hospital hygiene checks to slide to such an extent that mosquitoes could breed there.

Callum realises Libby has broken confidentiality by telling Gerald about the possible outbreak.  But he is undermined again when Rachel asks Libby to inform all staff of the dengue fever situation. 

When Tracey insists on making Scotty dinner, Maxwell gets the feeling that he and Tracey are intruding. 

Tracey agrees to a two-week trial cohabiting with Maxwell while Brooke is away, feeling that they're truly on the same page now.

When Tolani, a Samoan E.D. patient, refuses to fill in his ACC form, Tracey voices her suspicions to Maxwell. 

Grunter is Tolani's cousin, and he asks Maxwell to turn a blind eye to the fact Tolani is an over-stayer.

Chris arranges a romantic dinner with Gabrielle, but later is disappointed when she begs off due to her strict pre-op preparation. 

Chris is thrown by the unexpected meeting with his old flame, Rachel.  When Rachel asks him out for dinner, Chris accepts. 

At dinner, Rachel gets the mistaken impression that Chris is now single when he explains that he has recently broken up with Libby.  

Rachel outlines her plans to reinstate Chris as H.O.D., but realises she'll have to convince Gabrielle to stand down. 

A practical Gabrielle agrees that Chris is the better choice.  In private, Gabrielle confides to Chris that she can't help feeling attached to the job. 

When Chris confronts Rachel she reveals she's returned to Shortland Street to be with him. 

Tuesday 27th October (ep 4362)

Chris rejects Rachel's admission of love and insists on sticking with Gabrielle.  Rachel's day goes from bad to worse. 

Callum scores a victory, reporting that the mosquito larvae found in the hospital weren't carrying dengue fever.  

Rachel is desperate to drown her sorrows under the guise of celebration, and cracks open a bottle of wine with Callum.

Tracey is unwilling to be lenient when Maxwell practices double standards, treating a Samoan, Tolani, whom he knows is in the country illegally. 

Tracey reports that Tolani has been involved in a burglary.  Tracey is suspicious when Maxwell claims that Tolani did a runner, and he insists that he didn't help him escape. 

However, Tracey busts Maxwell handing over money to Grunter for Tolani and is positive that he's responsible for his escape. 

Tracey points out that he could lose his job due to abetting a criminal.  Tracey worries that she and Maxwell are too different to date.

Scotty is determined to return to work - in spite of Maia's concerns - when he learns of the dengue outbreak. 

Scotty senses something fishy when he inspects the dengue patient and finds the same rash that Shanti presented with prior to her death. 

He learns that Oliver treated the dengue patient with the herbal remedy he gave Shanti. 

Libby and Gerald are hopeful when Ben considers moving in, and are confident that it would solve their financial situation. 

Oliver is anxious when Scotty decides to test Shanti's blood, but Scotty is determined to go ahead. 

Oliver doctors the blood test paperwork in a bid to put Scotty off the scent, but Scotty remains suspicious.

Oliver agrees to move in to the spare room at Libby and Gerald's.


Wednesday 28th October (ep 4363)

Libby is flattered that attractive single doctor Oliver seems to be interested in her.  Gerald picks up on Scotty's unease, and he hopes that Oliver won't prove to be an odd flatmate. 

Rachel and Callum continue their power struggle, with Rachel taking control of the cafeteria negotiations.  She seeks to discover the true reason for Kieran and Callum's dispute. 

Then Kieran reveals that he is in a relationship with Callum's daughter.   Callum tells Rachel about Kieran's unsavoury past, but she calls Callum on his deliberate breach of the cafeteria contract. 

She renegotiates the contract herself, impressing Kieran with her no-nonsense approach.  However, when Rachel later meets Sophie she is taken aback to realise that she is only a schoolgirl. 

Meanwhile, Kieran and Tupac deal with a violent customer at Lumiere Rouge and Tupac ends up being admitted to E.D.  Tupac lies to TK about his injury.

Tupac's explanation doesn't add up for Daniel, and he fears that his friend has resumed contact with his gang affiliated associates.

Tania struggles in her role as charge nurse, and her troubles multiply when Nicole is late to take a patient's bloods, resulting in the disruption of Gabrielle's scheduled surgeries. 

Nicole confesses to Maia about her mistake, and Maia is impressed that she is taking responsibility. 

Later, Tania catches Morgan and Nicole eating chocolates instead of working.  She blows up at them, the strain of the job getting to her. 

Maia reassures her.  Nicole adds her support, reigniting Maia's attraction towards her. 

At the end of the day, Maia finds an upset Nicole in the lockers. Maia suggests they go for a drink, as JJ is staying at Yvonne's for the night. 

Maia and Nicole give in to their mutual attraction in a passionate kiss.


Thursday 29th October (ep 4364)

Maia's last-minute doubts sabotage her passion with Nicole. 

However, the Jeffries clan soon become aware of Maia's budding new relationship. Morgan can't help feeling left out when she learns of Nicole's new romance.

Maia can't help feeling the pressure when Tania asks if she has told Nicole the whole story of her past.  As a result, Maia backs even further off from Nicole.

Nicole is disappointed when Maia cancels a date, and Maia is surprised how painful it is to put the brakes on romance with Nicole.

Hunter comments on Callum and Brooke's estrangement, and sees the chance to undermine them further.  Sophie advises a plotting Hunter not to attack Callum's relationship with Brooke.

Hunter succeeds in rattling Callum with a photo of Brooke socialising at the Queenstown conference in the company of a handsome doctor. 

Brooke assures him the doctor was a stranger with whom she barely spoke.  Hunter does some research and reveals that the doctor was employed at the Dumont Clinic.

Callum is shaken by the fact that Brooke has lied.

Tania earns praise from Gabrielle for her good management of the theatre list.  Feeling good, she makes an effort to normalise things with Ben, but later is annoyed when she learns Ben is pulling out of the Book Club. 

She accuses Ben of being petty by taking their break-up out on Yvonne.  Ben lets Yvonne talk him back into the Book Club. 

The meeting gets off to a slow start, disappointing Yvonne - until Ben arrives.  The eroticism and themes of unrequited love in the selected novel get too much for Ben, and he flees.  

Yvonne tracks him down and is shocked when Ben admits his true feelings - he has fallen in love with her. 


Friday 30th October (ep 4365)

Yvonne is upset after Ben's confrontation and tries to drown her reciprocal feelings.  She struggles with trying to cut Ben from her life.

Gerald suspects something's gone wrong when it becomes obvious Ben's upset Yvonne somehow.  Tania too is angry and confronts Ben. 

Ben insists he will be keeping his distance from now on.  Ben admits to Grunter that he is a victim of unrequited love.  Grunter encourages Ben to pursue his love, no matter how impossible.

Maia pushes Nicole away again.  Yvonne urges Maia to give love a chance, but is unable to take her own advice when Ben asks her if she loves him too. 

She can't reply, and Ben resolves to leave the hospital. 

Sophie considers getting back together with Kieran but is upset when Hunter and Callum air their disapproval. 

Sophie agrees to Callum's suggestion of a family lunch but only if Kieran comes too.  Meanwhile, Daniel is suspicious when he runs into a cagey Tupac at The I.V. 

Daniel's suspicions grow when he discovers Tupac with a large amount of money.  Assuming its drug money, Daniel decides to follow Tupac to find out. 

At the restaurant, Kieran makes progress with Sophie, but Tupac calls needing his help.  Tupac is cornered by a vengeful Shane. 

Tupac falls attempting to escape Shane, landing on an unfortunate passer by.  As Tupac was on his way to see Kieran, Hunter and Callum rush to attend the accident. 

While Callum attends to the other patient, Kieran and Hunter treat Tupac's injury.  Before Tupac is taken away by the ambulance he passes the bag of money to Kieran. 

Daniel notices and queries Kieran's activities with Sophie who defends Kieran.  Daniel interrogates Tupac at the hospital. 

Kieran threatens Daniel, fiercely telling him to forget his suspicions.  Daniel vows to bring Kieran down.