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November on Shorty

Romance is on the cards and on the rocks this month. Ferndale is full of blossoming loves, rekindled couples, and broken hearts in November.

Dayna continues to fall deeper into Julian’s dark world where he is determined to play with her emotions and elicit as much pain from her as he can. He even goes so far as to convince Dayna to come off her bipolar medication leading to life-threatening circumstances.

With Kane and Toby’s upcoming trial, Kane needs his friends and family more than ever. He grows closer to Honour and the two rekindle their relationship. Things begin to really heat up, and the lovebirds decide to take things to the next level.

Meanwhile, Honour continues to push the limits of her newfound freedom, and when she meets a new friend, Clementine, she becomes determined to follow in Clem’s carefree footsteps. And on the back of a misinformed Garret’s advice, Honour makes a very permanent decision.

When Kronos, Luke’s cat, wanders back into Bella’s life, Bella thinks it’s a sign from beyond the grave. But Dallas resents the cat, and all that he represents of Bella’s past life, and wants him gone from their lives. The engaged couple begin to fight more and more leaving Bella unsure about the future of their wedding.

Garrett declares his love for Ula and wants the pair to move in together. But this could all be undone when Kylie gets ‘proof’ that he is having an affair with Rachel. Will this be the end of his second chance with Ula? And what will become of his friendship with Rachel?

Nicole and Vinnie’s relationship continues to feel the strain with Nicole’s Director of Nursing position still up for grabs. When Nicole has to mentor Vinnie’s competition, Wendy, their relationship is threatened further as Vinnie watches his girlfriend push for his rival to take the role. Can the pair reunite in time for their baby’s impending arrival?


Don’t miss Shorty this November, and find out which couples make it and which one’s break it. 7pm weeknights on TV2.