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November on Shortland Street

Wendy and Bella don't see eye to eye - Shortland Street on TV2

Jarred hangs out with the Warner boys - Shortland Street on TV2

Joe Folau plays Gus Afeaki - Shortland Street on TV2

Amy Underwood plays Emma - Shortland Street on TV2

With just two months left of our 20th birthday year, the drama doesn’t stop this November on Shortland Street.  Read on for our exclusive preview of this month’s hottest stories!

November kicks off with a bang when a vicious crime is committed against a Shortland Street resident and the news sends shockwaves through the hospital.

The events of the ill-fated night will have ramifications for everyone as they struggle to cope with the idea that one of their own could be responsible.

Relationships are put to the test and reputations are on the line as investigations continue and it looks like a dangerous criminal could be hiding in plain sight.


Chris Warner’s friend and inmate Gus Afeaki comes back into his life this month and the Warner family soon find themselves entwined with the fate of Gus’ son delinquent Jared.

Chris is devastated to learn that Gus’ cancer treatment is failing and with his friend’s health deteriorating, Chris wants to help in some way.

When Phoenix learns that Gus’ son Jared is living rough, both he and Chris feel responsible.

They open their home to Jared, much to Rachel’s annoyance, but he’s hiding a violent secret that may prove dangerous to all of them.


Meanwhile Vasa Levi discovers an unlikely friendship with Jared’s father when Gus is admitted to the hospital.

As Vasa cares for the convicted criminal, she’s quick to judge and the two initially butt heads.

However stubborn Vasa eventually warms to Gus when he opens up and reveals his inner torment.

These two lonely souls discover they have more in common than they realised and Vasa enjoys having Gus as a friend and confidant.

But with Gus’ terminal cancer diagnosis, how long can their special bond last?


November finds Luke and Bella at odds over their wedding plans, with Luke trying to rein in the budget while Bella’s generous nature has their guest list expanding exponentially.

Just when Luke thinks the wedding spending is getting out of hand, they’re pleasantly surprised when Bella wins a magazine competition which promises to help towards the wedding costs.  

But the couple get more than they bargained for when they realise exactly what they’ve won!

And when the magazine reporter sniffs out a story within Bella’s family, the Coopers are shocked to find their private dramas become public property!


Sarah Potts is the subject of a popularity contest this month on Shortland Street.

Brooke Freeman returns to town and eager for a fresh start with her new flatmates Sarah and Tilly.

But she’s disturbed when she learns Sarah’s newest BFF is one of Brooke’s least favourite people, Seth Packhurst.

A lonely Brooke feels the need to compete for Sarah’s friendship and quickly falls back into old habits, scheming and deceiving in order to get Sarah away from Seth.

But head honcho Seth isn’t one to take things lying down and soon Brooke has a fight on her hands.

With a battle of besties forming, who will Sarah choose?


Emma Franklin resorts to a criminal act in her quest to dig up more info on Boyd Rolleston and his connection to Julia Brown's disappearance.

Desperate to get her hands on the missing portion of the letter connecting Boyd and Julia, Emma and Lana resort to breaking and entering to retrieve the missing page.

But when Emma finally gets her hands on the completed letter, she’s shocked to realise she may have an even closer connection to Julia’s disappearance that she realised!

Stay tuned and prepare for some major shake ups this November on Shortland Street!



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