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Shortland Street

Weeknights at 7pm | TV2

November 29 - December 3rd 2010

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Monday 29th November ( ep4636)

Scotty worries that his breakdown has undermined his professional standing when Bella brings up his mental health issues. 

However, Scotty's nerves dissipate when he falls back into the swing of work. 

Scotty realises he owes his mother a second chance when Maia makes his return to work easier. 

Tracey is pleased when Scotty comes clean about his visit to the residential rehab, and makes positive steps to reunite with his mum. 

Scotty is thrown to discover that his mother is actually a rehab clinician, not an addict. 

Scotty is disarmed when his mother comes clean about her past, apologising for running away from her responsibilities.

Evan is downcast about having no money and nothing to do. 

Wendy suggests he find himself a job and Evan goes to Murray asking for work in the caf. 

Murray turns him down, citing his past crimes as a reason. 

When Wendy worries that Evan's low self-esteem might lead him into more trouble, Murray has cause to rethink his decision. 

When he comes across Evan in the park, they make a real connection and Murray decides to give Evan a second chance, offering him a job on a trial basis, starting the next day. 

Hunter gets a reality check about investing from a concerned Callum. 

Brodie secures his deposit from his sister, but is annoyed when Hunter spoils his business plan, admitting that he can't get the money together to invest. 

Hunter regrets his decision to back out when Rachel shows interest in the building. 

Hunter's hope is renewed when Sophie suggests getting a loan from Justine. 

Brodie is excited when Hunter secures his deposit money. 

However, Brodie and Hunter are disappointed when Rachel pulls out of the property, claiming that she's unwilling to invest with the boys. 

Hunter and Brodie then feel betrayed when Rachel buys the building outright from under them.


Tuesday 30th November (ep 4637)

Brodie and Hunter are appalled that Rachel went behind their backs and stole their idea, but Rachel insists she has done them a favour.  

Rachel decides some thanks are called for and gives Hunter a two thousand dollar finder's fee which further infuriates Brodie. 

When Rachel dismisses his claim to the cash, Brodie complains that no-one takes him seriously and Murray points out that he will always be treated like a fool if he acts like one.

Wendy hopes that working together in the caf might change Murray and Evan's relationship for the better. 

Murray happily waits for Evan to arrive for his shift, but with minutes to go, Evan is distracted by Jasmine who is distressed to the point of having an asthma attack. 

Jasmine promises to text Murray and explain if Evan will help her find her missing diary.  

Evan eventually finds Ula reading it. 

Ula thinks it's hilarious to read about Jasmine's fervent crush on Phoenix, but Evan warns that he'll make sure it backfires on Ula if she spreads the gossip. 

Jasmine is grateful to get her diary back apparently unread, but admits to Evan that she forgot to warn Murray that Evan would be late. 

Exasperated by Evan's no-show, Murray finds him and they argue. 

Murray says things he regrets, but it's too late, Evan walks out dismissing Murray and his job. 

Hine explains to Scotty why she ran out on the family, partly because of Scotty's father but mainly because of her destructive heroin addiction. 

However, running away to Australia just sent her into an even worse tailspin, and it took her many years to get clean. 

She is touched to hear of Scotty's impending wedding, but feels a little overwhelmed to be invited. 

Jan, one of the recovering addicts at the halfway house, self harms and Scotty helps Hine take her to hospital. 

Tracey is delighted to meet her, and pleased for Scotty, but she finds Hine's edgy and nervous behaviour unsettling. 

As well as feeling a lot of guilt, Hine is also struggling with a nicotine addiction, and it doesn't come across well to Tracey.

When Tracey witnesses Hine intercept something, she can't help thinking the worst. 

Tracey checks Hine's bag, and discovers heroin.

Wednesday 1st December (ep 4638)

Tracey doesn't trust Hine's explanation that she intercepted drugs bound for Jan. 

She fears Hine is still using, and demands she hand over the drugs.  Worried about how Scotty will react, Tracey delays telling him. 

She tries to check Hine's story with Jan, but is interrupted by Scotty, who can see Tracey is acting suspiciously. 

Hine comes clean to Scotty, telling him that Tracey found drugs on her and suspects the worst. 

But she explains how the drugs came to be in her handbag, and Scotty is determined to believe she's telling the truth.  

Scotty's faith in his mother is rewarded when, strung-out with withdrawal, Jan confesses that Hine did intercept her anticipated drugs delivery. 

Tracey reveals her suspicions to Scotty about Hine, but by now, Scotty knows the truth - and has Jan's confession to verify it. 

He regrets that Tracey didn't come to him with her suspicions immediately. 

Hine comes to dinner and Tracey apologises for not trusting her. 

Hine forgives Tracey and in an effort to try to help, tastes and flavours Tracey's curry with more salt, ruining the dish.  

Scotty's oblivious, but Tracey is left uneasy around Hine.   

Rachel announces that Shane Tucker is testing the new hospital structure by allocating twenty public-listed knee operations to be completed quickly and on budget.

With Rachel's management skills on the line, Chris commits to doing the job.

Isaac refuses to rush the procedures for Rachel's sake, but when he's late starting and foresees complications at the outset, Nicole suspects he's deliberately stalling to make the overtime money. 

Sophie cold-shoulders Daniel when he attempts to show her a computer animation he's made. 

She's more interested in impressing Rachel.  Hunter challenges Sophie to give Daniel a break and Sophie realises she's being too hard on Daniel. 

Hunter discovers Daniel is being mistreated by his orderly mates, covering for them while they slack off. 

When Sophie reveals she's trying to help Rachel find areas in the hospital budget to trim, Hunter suggests she look at the time-wasting orderlies. 

Sophie finds herself drawing closer to Daniel when she realises he's a better person than she's given him credit for. 

Daniel has to leave work unexpectedly.  Later, he rings Hunter and asks him to find an orderly to sign him off on his time sheet. 

Hunter does so, but the orderly decides to do Daniel a favour and signs him out several hours later than he actually finished. 

Sophie's revelation to Rachel about the slack orderlies backfires when Rachel decides to make an example of Daniel.

Thursday 2nd December (ep 4639)

Daniel is hauled over the coals by Rachel, and Sophie and Hunter both feel to blame.

Sophie comes clean to Daniel about her involvement and he tries to make a joke about her getting back at him for leaking the locker information. 

Sophie takes his accusation seriously and hotly denies it, but Daniel doesn't want to argue and walks off. 

Sophie admits to Hunter how much Daniel means to her and determines to apologise again. 

When things remain awkward, she offers him work at the I.V upgrading the computer system.

Daniel accepts and a reconciliation is reached.

Chris is annoyed when he suspects Isaac of deliberately going slow with the knee operations. 

He confronts Isaac who insists that he wasn't going slow - the budget and schedule were too tight. 

Isaac wants Rachel and Shane Tucker to fight it out, but instead Chris picks up Isaac's slack by performing two of the knee surgeries himself.

Isaac warns Chris that Rachel will continue to use him without giving anything in return.

Rachel tries to build on the favour Chris has done her to restore some of their old closeness, but Chris refuses.

He cannot engage with her on anything but a professional level from now on. 

Tania returns from her surgical conference to discover that Luke has given the green light to her and Rafe. 

However, she's troubled when she mistakenly believes Rafe is flirting with Bella. 

Rafe has sought Bella's help to turn a gold coin he found on his travels into a necklace for Tania. 

Tania confronts Rafe about his flirtation with Bella and refuses to believe his explanation. 

They decide not to pursue a relationship.

Meanwhile, Luke convinces Tania that Rafe is a good person and challenges her to give love another chance. 

Tania apologises to Rafe and they consummate their relationship. 

However, Tania is dismayed when she takes a call for Rafe confirming his new job in Laos. 

Her relationship with Rafe seems to be over before it's begun.

Friday 3rd December (ep 4640) 

Tania is dismayed that Rafe is leaving for Laos next week. 

She chooses to put an end to their brief romance, not wanting to risk being hurt. 

They agree to keep their distance from one another. 

But time apart from Rafe is more difficult than Tania expected.  Rafe is similarly miserable. 

When Tania learns Rafe is at the hospital she makes a special trip, hoping to see him. 

She runs into Rafe in Triage and they abscond into the lift where, in privacy, they share a passionate kiss. 

Tania realises she doesn't want to waste any time - a week of passion with Rafe before he goes is worth risking heartbreak. 

A passing remark reminds Nicole that she is responsible for organising the staff Christmas function. 

Although she has a lot on her plate, Nicole is confident she can plan the function without Yvonne's help.  

Nicole resorts to delegating the task to an enthusiastic Bella, explaining that the budget is five thousand dollars. 

Believing the money is for the venue hire alone, Bella attacks the job with gusto. 

Brodie and Murray manage to persuade Bella to hold the party at the I.V. and Bella is pleased when Nicole approves. 

But when Nicole learns Bella has committed the full five thousand without accounting for drinks she ends up wishing she'd handled the task herself.

Nicole and Jennifer are still cool with each other even as Maia's friendship with Jennifer blooms. 

Protective of Jennifer, Maia is irritated when Maxwell is overly familiar with her. 

Her worry increases when she overhears TK and Maxwell discussing their 'perfect woman' - Maxwell's description matches Jennifer. 

In E.D., Jennifer makes a difficult judgement call, supported by Maxwell. 

Jennifer rushes the patient through to theatre, confident she is making the right decision. 

Luke is sceptical of Jennifer's diagnosis, leading her to doubt herself - but Jennifer is proved right and both Luke and Maxwell praise her skill. 

Maia is perturbed to overhear Jennifer agree to have a drink with Maxwell. 

Later, Maia is surprised to learn that Maxwell has offered Jennifer a room in his apartment and she accuses him of a romantic interest in Jennifer. 

Maxwell is taken aback by Maia's overreaction and correctly guesses it is Maia who in fact harbours feelings for Jennifer. 

Maia is shocked to realise that Maxwell is right.

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