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Shortland Street

Weeknights at 7pm | TV2

November 1 - 5 2010

Simon London plays Rafe Durville

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Monday 1st November ( ep 4616)

Sophie agrees to take the night off to hang out with Daniel, but doubts she'll feel any better about the new low she's sunk to.

Hunter convinces Sophie to distance herself from the I.V and hand over its day-to-day running to Murray and Brodie. 

Sophie is oblivious when Evan steals a bottle of vodka from the bar. 

Sophie's about to announce her departure from the I.V, but tension between Brodie and Murray stymies her plans. 

Daniel's pep talk convinces Sophie that she can create a better future by staying at the I.V.

Tracey's relieved when Scotty seems to grasp the importance of time out from work. 

But she soon realises what a struggle it is for Scotty to let work go. 

When Scotty refuses to take it easy, Tracey deliberately sabotages the kitchen to get him to shift his focus.  

Tracey feels bad, but is relieved that Scotty finally seems to understand the situation.

Evan steals home brew from his father and boasts to Phoenix and Ula that they are in for a fun night at tonight's school social. 

Ula dobs Evan in to Wendy and Maxwell.  Wendy calls Murray in to discipline their son. 

Murray grounds Evan and humiliates him in front of Phoenix and Ula, making him more resentful. 

The next day, Ula taunts Evan for the way his dad treated him and Evan decides to prove he's no kid, and get back at Murray. 

Sophie makes the mistake of leaving Evan unattended at the bar, where he steals a bottle of vodka.

He wants Phoenix to join him for a drinking session, but Phoenix sensibly refuses.  

Evan ends up drinking on his own at the park.  But when a disapproving Ula passes, Evan tries to goad her into drinking with him. 

His drunken antics lead to him falling from a tree, landing on his back. 

Ula wants to get Maxwell, but  Evan swears her to secrecy about the booze-fuelled accident.  Then Evan panics when suddenly he can't feel his legs.


Tuesday 2nd November (ep 4617)

Evan is rushed through to radiology for an MRI to determine the severity of his back injury. 

Ula blames herself.  Wendy and Murray are scared for Evan - if his spinal cord is badly damaged he may never walk again. 

The MRI reveals there is a fractured vertebrae but the spinal cord seems intact. 

With good news in sight, Murray's worry turns to anger and he admonishes Evan harshly for his foolishness, and Ula for her involvement. 

Ula is again upset but after Jasmine and Sophie's disbelief Ula was responsible, Murray apologises. 

The Cooper family pull together to support Evan.

Brodie reports the news of Evan and the stolen liquor to Sophie. 

Sophie realises Evan stole the alcohol on her watch and holds herself ultimately responsible for his accident. 

On hearing Evan may never walk again, Sophie breaks down and turns to Callum for support. 

Her despair leaves Callum unsettled. 

On her return, Rachel is determined to follow through on her decision to end her relationship with Callum straight away.

Her plan is stymied when Sophie needs Callum's support. 

When Sophie's problems continue Rachel is forced to wait further, and under stress Rachel confides in Brooke - that she loves Chris and has to break up with Callum.

Brooke and Isaac trade complaints over Callum's management style - Isaac is upset that Tania has been made nursing manager.

Brooke is frustrated that Callum has denied her reduced hours to work on her research. 

Isaac and Brooke agree to find some information for Shane Tucker of the DHB to depose Callum. 

When he hears Callum will eventually reinstate Rachel in the hospital and therefore become a power team, Shane increases the pressure on Brooke to find some detrimental material. 

Brooke is surprised and tempted when news of Rachel's straying affections means she now has the tools to bring Callum down, but at the expense of her friendship with Rachel.


Wednesday 3rd November (ep 4618)

Sarah visits Evan, where his family are relieved to learn he will make a full recovery. 

Wendy checks on Sarah, who is struggling to maintain optimism, post her breakup with Maxwell.  

Sarah receives a boost when Shane reports she could be in line for promotion to Two IC and Director of Private Services.

She is later pleasantly surprised when TK introduces her to one of the world's leading MS researchers.

TK and Jennifer talk up their golfing abilities prior to heading out for a game.

Daniel warns TK to go easy, as thrashing Jennifer might sour his romantic chances.  The game begins and TK plays badly. 

Jennifer does the same, fearing that TK's ego will be crushed if she beats him. 

TK and Jennifer both realise the other is downplaying their skill and the game quickly becomes competitive. 

Jennifer accidentally hits a fellow golfer with her ball.  The player is alright and reveals himself to be one of the world's leading MS researchers. 

Trying to put aside her own agenda, Brooke advises Rachel to follow her heart, leading Rachel to resolve to break up with Callum despite his family crisis. 

Brooke confides in Isaac that Rachel and Callum's relationship is on the rocks. 

Isaac thinks they should tell Shane, but Brooke warns him not to. 

When Rachel fails to tell Callum she loves Chris, Isaac becomes impatient.  He goes to Shane and tells him all.

Rachel is all set to break up with Callum when Shane hints that she's lucky not to be in trouble over Leo Hofstetter. 

Rachel raises this with Callum, who reveals that the DHB wanted to blame Rachel for hiring Leo, but Callum defended her. 

Sophie later spills that Callum personally borrowed $200,000 to cover the money Leo stole, to avoid a scandal that would have involved Rachel. 

Rachel is left realising what a good man he is. 

Then Rachel becomes insecure when she discovers one of the doctors assisting Chris in Sydney is a very attractive woman. 

She discusses the merits of Callum versus Chris with Brooke, becoming even less clear about what she wants. 

Rachel arrives home to find Callum preparing a romantic dinner. 

When he tells her how much she means to him, Rachel makes her decision and declares her love.


Thursday 4th November (ep 4619)

Brooke is surprised to see a happy Callum and Rachel.  She quizzes Rachel who explains that she has chosen Callum over Chris. 

Brooke is thrown when Isaac reveals that he told Shane Tucker about Rachel and Chris. 

Brooke intercepts Shane and tells him that Isaac's information is false.  Shane is annoyed with Isaac for misleading him.

Isaac is furious with Brooke for discrediting him and damaging his reputation. 

Brooke finds herself off-side with Rachel as well when Rachel discovers that Isaac told Shane. 

Phoenix learns that Scotty is at home and visits him.  He offers to help Scotty paint the kitchen. 

Scotty is reluctant at first but soon warms to Phoenix's company and ends up enjoying his DIY project.

TK is cautious about moving his relationship with Jennifer to the next level. 

Tracey teases him, and TK is left aware the next move is up to him. 

TK bolsters Sarah when she loses out on the opportunity to apply for the Two I.C. job and encourages her discussions with Quentin. 

Later, TK is impressed by Jennifer's kind and reassuring bedside mannerand wonders what is holding him back from taking their relationship to the next level. 

He and Jennifer consummate their relationship.

Sarah enjoys her discussion with Quentin about his MS research. 

However, she's disappointed when she learns that Rachel wants the Two I.C. job after all.  

She confides to TK that she was hoping for a challenge and a new sense of direction. 

Sarah is deflated when Daniel prefers to spend time with his new flatmates instead of her. 

Quentin invites her to have dinner with him so they can continue their discussion.

Later Sarah reveals to TK that Quentin has asked her to join his research team in Boston. 

She privately hopes that TK will try to stop her leaving and is disappointed when he doesn't. 

But does TK really want her to go?


Friday 5th November (ep 4620)

TK's mind is on Sarah, in spite of reassurances to Jennifer. 

Sarah is rattled when TK informs her of what he has uncovered:  Dr. Presley has ties to Scott-Spear Pharmaceuticals. 

Daniel raises the possibility with Sarah that the reason TK looked for dirt on Dr. Presley might be that he wants her to remain in Ferndale. 

Sarah confronts Dr. Presley about his links with Scott-Spear, but he gives an eloquent defence, insisting that curing MS is a priority above all moral objections. 

Sarah informs TK that she's no longer certain about leaving for Boston, and TK feels an unexpected surge of satisfaction. 

Jennifer bluntly asks TK if he wants Sarah to stay in Ferndale.  He denies, but Jennifer is left unsettled.

When Sophie despairs that the tension between Brodie and Murray is preventing her from leaving the bar, Callum insists that he take over. 

Callum immediately puts Brodie and Murray on a warning, demanding that they buck their ideas up.  

Murray and Brodie start seeing eye to eye over The I.V's future potential as a sports bar. 

Sophie feels lost, unsure what to do next with her life.  She grabs the lifeline Rachel offers her, agreeing to become Rachel's PA.

Tania is grateful when Luke offsets some of her heavy workload. 

But Isaac states that Luke has no chance with Tania, leaving Luke irritated. 

When Tania locks her keys in her car, Luke rides to her rescue, and Tania praises him as her hero, leaving him buoyed. 

Tania is concerned to learn that Luke's brother, Rafael Durville, is being admitted to ED. 

Luke frets when he sees how badly hurt his brother Rafael is. 

Luke struggles to remain objective when Isaac reveals Rafael's condition is critical. 

However, Rafael pulls through.  Tania is surprised to find he is an athletic and dashingly handsome adventurer, totally unlike Luke. 

Rafe groggily wakes from anaesthesia to find Tania doing his obs, and surprises her by insisting she is the woman he is going to marry.