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November 02 - 06 2009

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Monday 2nd November (ep 4366)

Daniel tries again to get Sophie to see Kieran's up to no good but Sophie challenges him to go to the police - he won't implicate her and Tupac unfairly. 

He and Hunter compare what they know about Kieran's activity, and when Daniel overhears Tupac organising a drug deal for Kieran, they conclude Kieran is involved in dealing.

Yvonne takes pity on a struggling grandfather, Howard, whose grandson has had an accident.  She offers her phone to a tired and stressed Howard so that he can call the boy's mother in Canada. 
Howard brings her coffee and a lamington as a thank you.  Yvonne is touched by Howard's gratitude and ends up enjoying his company.  

Tania attempts to match-make Howard with Yvonne.  Yvonne initially turns down a date with Howard, but realising she needs to leave her feelings for Ben behind, accepts Howard's invitation.

Kieran is unhappy when Rebecca needs to take a room at The I.V. in order to be close to him for security while she sees a client. 

Sophie is appalled when she learns that Tupac is working security for Kieran's prostitution business.  Sophie challenges Kieran, but he defends that Tupac is doing a legitimate job.

Sophie begins to doubt her own moral compass.  Kieran gets a panicked call from Rebecca and is astonished to find her client dead of a heart attack, and in possession of a bag full of drugs.

Kieran tidies up the mess, but Hunter grows suspicious of Kieran when he learns that the dead man was a drug dealer. 

Having snaffled Dinsdale's drugs, Kieran goes to Tupac and asks him to put him in touch with a buyer. 

Later, Sophie invites Kieran for a romantic dinner, but Kieran has to decline when Tupac calls, confirming the drug deal for tonight.  But he decides to come clean, and tells her about the drugs. 

Sophie is horrified, but when Kieran reveals that the shipment is worth $30,000, risk-free, Sophie is tempted.


Tuesday 3rd November (ep 4367)

Tempted by the lure of easy cash, Sophie endorses Kieran's drug deal.  Kieran runs into Hunter, who tells him that his corruption of Sophie is making her miserable. 

Meanwhile, Sophie is encouraged by Callum to apply for a journalism course.  He offers to pay, stressing that seeing her grow into the best person she can be is all that matters. 

Sophie feel guilty and she regrets not talking Kieran out of the drug deal.  On her way to find Kieran, she is delayed by Daniel.  Daniel reluctantly calls the police. 

Later, Sophie finds Kieran at the I.V. with the police, and she worries he has been caught. 

Kieran reveals he had second thoughts, insisting he would rather have Sophie than all the money in the world.  They reconcile.

Daniel and Hunter are appalled to discover that Kieran has become a hero for turning the drugs in to the police.

Tania teases Libby about having a crush on Oliver.  Gerald is relieved when Libby assures him there is nothing going on. 

But in order to move on from Chris, she reconsiders dating Oliver.  She's disconcerted when Gabrielle invites them both along to her dinner, but accepts. 

Gerald worries that she is headed for disaster by taking a date to Chris's.  Libby informs Oliver that she doesn't think they should attend. 

She explains her recent past with Chris, and Oliver's understanding attitude has her liking him all the more.

Gabrielle refuses to host dinner for a potential hospital sponsor at their home.  So Gabrielle decides to try hosting a dinner party, and seeks Libby's advice.  Libby feels obliged to help. 

Later at the dinner, Gabrielle is mortified when her drink offer leads to Rachel's revealing that she is an alcoholic.  

Gabrielle manages to impress her guests with individually tailored meals.  Rachel needles Gabrielle by commenting on how unsettled life has been for Harry since Toni died.

Sarah takes Rachel aside and rebukes her.  Angry, Rachel asks what Sarah's problem is. 

Sarah loudly asserts that she's not going to stand by while Rachel criticises Gabrielle in the hope of getting Chris back.   


Wednesday 4th November (ep 4368)

Rachel demurely exits the party with Callum.   At the I.V, Rachel denies she still has feelings for Chris. 

At home, Sarah apologises to TK for her outburst. Chris confirms to Gabrielle that he and Rachel weren't just past lovers - he had an affair with her while he was married to Toni. 

A concerned Gabrielle reappraises Rachel as a threat. 

The next day, Gabrielle reveals her intention to Sarah to manage the Rachel problem. 

Sarah takes a patient to E.D., excited that they have a medical mystery to solve, but Maxwell asks her to let him handle it. 

Off her boring PCC work, Sarah snaps.  Meanwhile, Gabrielle warns Rachel to refrain from attempting another affair with Chris, flooring Rachel with her unsubtle approach.

Yvonne considers bailing on her date, but is pleasantly surprised when Howard reveals they've met before at a dance hall in the Waikato. 

Yvonne warms to Howard, and hopes he may be just the ticket to get over Ben.  When she's forced to introduce the two men, Yvonne can't escape her longing for him.

Having realised she's leading Howard on, she refuses to see any more of him.

Oliver doesn't want any obstacles to his relationship with Libby, so mounts a charm offensive with Gerald. 

But Gerald is concerned anew by Oliver's strange late-night behaviour.  He reports the incident to Libby.  

Libby begins to worry that Oliver may not be as perfect as she'd hoped.  Over lunch, Oliver is left aware he still has work to do if he's to woo Libby. 

Oliver goes to Tania for advice.  She tells him that the secret to Libby's heart is old fashioned romance. 

Oliver follows Tania's advice, and Libby is putty in his hands.


Thursday 5th November (ep 4369)

Gerald disapproves when Libby admits that she kissed Oliver.  When Chris is understanding about her withdrawal from the dinner party she's left wistful. 

Tania tells Libby to move on from Chris or lose Oliver for good.  Later, Libby observes how well suited Chris and Gabrielle are.

Libby decides that Tania is right and it's time to let go of Chris for good.  Finding Oliver, Libby agrees to have dinner with him.

Chris observes them.  He gives his blessing to the relationship and Libby is pleased to have Chris's seal of approval. 

Meanwhile, Gerald is disconcerted to encounter a cagey Oliver who hurries him out of his room when Gerald notices a piece of medical equipment. 

Gerald passes this on to Libby who asks him once and for all to put his suspicions of Oliver aside and be supportive of her new relationship.

Flu patients overwhelm ED.  Maxwell insists that the triage code times are strictly adhered to.  Sarah protests but Maxwell is determined that ED will function efficiently. 

However, TK feels compromised when he is forced to send an elderly patient, with flu symptoms, to see her GP instead of assessing her himself. 

Later, Maxwell gloats at the success of his system. 

Tania badgers Yvonne with questions about Howard.  Yvonne escapes by volunteering as a collector for Chris's Kids Aotearoa charity. 

However, she is paired with Ben and they are forced to work together.  They successfully secure a big donation when Ben charms a pair of elderly woman.

Ben and Yvonne have a coffee together but are observed by Tania.  Yvonne feels caught out and hurries away. Yvonne feels terrible for emotionally betraying her daughter with Ben. 

Yvonne runs into Ben who hopes they can be friends but Yvonne refuses - their feelings are too strong.

Desperate to get Ben out of her heart and mind for good, Yvonne goes to Howard and reignites their relationship.


Friday 6th November (ep 4370)

Yvonne is sprung on her date at The I.V by Libby. When Howard brings Yvonne flowers, Tania and Libby read this as confirmation of intimacy. 

Instead, they agree to take things slowly.  When Ben overhears Libby and Gerald talking about the rapid progress of Yvonne's new relationship, he suffers pangs of jealousy.

Sarah interrupts a bonding moment between TK and Daniel, another reminder of TK's great potential as a father. 

Sarah tries to simply enjoy his company rather than worry about his thwarted need for a child.

One of TK's patients returns to the E.D. with meningitis that went undiagnosed the day before.  TK does his best to save Miranda, but it is too late. 

Despite Maxwell and Tracey's insistence that he did his best, TK blames himself for Miranda's death. 

Sarah, however, blames Maxwell's rigid new triaging system.  Sarah challenges Maxwell about it, but TK is angry that she keeps refusing to let him fight his own battles. 

In their resulting argument, Sarah blurts that she knows TK is secretly unhappy about their childless marriage. 

Tania, Morgan and Nicole are concerned by Scotty's all work and no play attitude.  Scotty is determined to soldier on through his grief. 

Morgan and Nicole go out on the town, but the next day Nicole is too sick to scrub in for Chris's morning surgery. 

Facing a nursing shortage, Tania doesn't know how she will find a replacement scrub nurse in time, so Morgan agrees to cover for Nicole and still scrub in for Gabrielle. 

Meanwhile, Scotty realises that his nurses are tiptoeing around him. 

When Chris's surgery runs over time and Morgan is unavailable for Gabrielle, Tania tries to solve the problem by offering to scrub in herself. 

Scotty is unimpressed that she hid Nicole's unreliability from him, and agrees that Tania should scrub in because he is demoting her from the charge nurse position.

Tania is shocked by the unfair demotion, but Scotty takes on the extra work himself.