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Not so happy families

Zlata, Luca and Bella - Shortland Street on TV2

It’s a full house at the Cooper family residence this week on Shortland Street and with recent arrival Zlata Waldheim putting more and more demands on them for childcare, the family have had enough.

With Wendy and Murray at their wits end at the feisty Romanian’s seemingly rude and ungrateful behaviour, they organise a plan to get out of their house.

But their scheme is foiled by Bella’s early arrival home from Laos and as soon as she discovers the existence of Luke’s son Luka, Bella doesn’t want to let him out of her sight.

“It’s a big shock for Bella to come home and find Zlata has made herself at home at her parents’ house,” says Amelia Reid.

“And when she realises that Luca is definitely Luke’s baby, it really hits her hard. But it doesn’t take her long to realise that having Luca around is like having a little piece of Luke in her life and she embraces being part of his upbringing.”

With no sympathy coming from the rest of the Coopers, Zlata is determined to get Bella on her side.

But Bella’s not quite the pushover Zlata was expecting and a stressed out Zlata is driven to the brink with Bella’s constant opinions on her parenting style.

Reaching her limit, Zlata makes a shocking offer that leaves Bella stunned.  

Shortland Street, weeknights 7pm