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Mum's the word for Ula

Ula refuses to see her baby - Shortland Street on TV2

It's been a rocky nine months for new teen mum, Ula Levi (played by Frankie Adams).

From concealing her pregnancy, pretending Evan Cooper was the baby's father, and struggling to go it alone, Ula finally faces the prospect of giving her baby away to adoptive parents and cutting herself off from her son forever.

Adams explains why Ula decided not have an open adoption. 

"Ula honestly believes it will be easier to let go if she goes through a closed adoption."

But while Ula's friends and family try convincing her that she may regret her decision, Adams believes it's unlikely Ula will back down from her resolution to stay out of her baby's life.

"She is so strong minded that once she has stuck to her decision she won't change."

But while Ula seems resolute about giving up her baby, her mother Vasa (Teuila Blakely) struggles with the idea of not being a part of her grandson's life.

After a meeting with the baby's new adopted parents, Vasa receives a very tempting offer but will she betray her daughter's wishes?

Meanwhile, playing a pregnant character has been an eye-opening experience for 18 year old Adams.

To prepare for the scenes when Ula goes through labour, she watched birthing videos to get some idea of what it's like.

"It looks very hard, they say you get almost animalistic when it happens!" says Adams.

Stay tuned to find out how will Ula and her family cope with the adoption.


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