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More than friends...

Vasa confronts Vinnie - Shortland Street on TV2

Friends Vasa Levi (Teuila Blakely) and Vinnie Kruse (Pua Magasiva) are getting up close and personal this week on Shortland Street.

A surreal encounter leaves Vinnie confused about where his friendship with Vasa is heading.

With Nicole (Sally Martin) egging him on, Vinnie can't help but question his true feelings for Vasa.

Is romance in store or is Vinnie simply overthinking? Stay tuned to find out!

With a potential attraction budding between their characters, off-screen actors Pua and Teulia are more like brother and sister having worked together on and off for several years in Shortland Street and the two Sione films.

"It's like working with your older sister," Pua explains. "She's always telling me what to do!"

The pair originally worked together on Island Girls, a play Teuila wrote and produced, and as Pua's first foray into stage theatre, he describes it as "an amazing experience."

Meanwhile Teuila says she's enjoying Vinnie and Vasa's flirty new storyline.

"We shared our very first professional theatre production together and it's so much fun to be able to play against each other all those years later."
Time will tell if Vinnie and Vasa are destined to be an item but for now Teuila is happy working alongside Pua.

"He is quite honestly one of my favourite people to work with," she says.


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