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Mike is magic

Mike Edward plays Zac - Shortland Street on TV2

Move over Channing Tatum, we have our very own magic Mike here at Shortland Street!

He’s known onscreen as sleazy nurse Zac Smith but Mike Edward’s intriguing life story rivals that of his character.

Mike’s own theatre company The Dust Palace are performing a new cabaret show Love and Money which isbased on Mike’s previous life as a stripper!

Mike ended up as a stripper after playing one onstage in his first theatre job Ladies’ Night and soon real life was imitating art as he turned to stripping to help to pay his way at drama school.

“I’m always going to be that actor who was once a stripper,” Mike told NZ Women’s Weekly. “But it gave me some of the best times of my life.”

Love and Money sees Mike and The Dust Palace troupe of aerial acrobats bare their souls in a circus theatre show about the private lives of strippers.

“Stripping movies looked to me to be written by people looking in, so you end up with these really strong clichés. I wanted to show the skill and beauty of what I saw.”

You can catch Mike reliving his past in Love and Money at TAPAC Theatre from November 15th - 24th, at Western Springs in Auckland.

Visit The Dust Palace website here for more information and a sneak peek at the show.

Plus catch Mike on Good Morning talking about his new show:








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