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May 16 - 20 2011

Ula is attracted to bad boy Holden - Shortland Street TV2

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Monday 16th May (ep 4736/4737) One-hour episode 

Jill breaks her kiss with Regan, feeling terrible for leading Regan on and betraying Hunter.

She visits Hunter, intent on telling him the truth about the kiss.

But Hunter wants to put their recent tension behind them and doesn't give Jill a chance to confess.

Jill and Hunter reconcile but Jill can't shake her guilt and accuses Hunter of being distracted during sex.

Jill is uncomfortable when Regan, keen to put things in the past, asks her to read to child cancer patients with him.

However, she's touched by his kindness towards the children and ends up drawing closer to him - he really is a changed man.

Sarah recommends that Daniel approach Rachel for financial help promoting his software.

Rachel likes what shes seen of Daniel's work, but needs a second opinion on its world-wide saleability.

She sets up a meeting for Daniel with Justin Lake, a highly connected software expert.

Daniel is thrown when Justin offers to set up a potential deal with an international company, if Daniel can complete a working demo by the next day.

Excited, Daniel promises to try and Rachel offers to fund the work for him - in exchange for a thirty-five percent profit share.

Daniel is tempted but Brodie talks him out of it, arguing that Rachel is greedy and unscrupulous.

Brodie offers himself as an investor instead and Daniel agrees.

But Brodie panics when he can't raise the money he's promised Daniel and confides his dilemma to an intrigued Regan.

Ula lies to Maxwell in order to spend time with Holden at his flat.

But she's annoyed when Phoenix and Jasmine tag along.

Phoenix is wary of Holden and becomes concerned when he realises that Jasmine and Ula are drinking too much and competing for Holden's attention.

When the rivalry gets out of control, Phoenix insists that they leave but Ula and Jasmine refuse.

Holden intervenes and, when Phoenix refuses to go without the girls, intimidates him out of the house leaving Phoenix worried for their safety.

Regan deliberately stages a moment with Jill to give Paige the impression Jill is straying.

Paige reports the weird vibe between Regan and Jill to Hunter.

Hunter and Jill argue, with Jill insisting her relationship with Regan is purely platonic.

Blaming himself for the fight, Hunter shores up the cracks in his relationship by creating a weekly schedule, and committing to time with Jill.

Wanting to make a similar commitment, Jill asks for space from Regan, who realises his ploy to undermine Hunter and Jill has backfired.

But Hunter's strenuous new schedule commitments make him reach for the Maxalin.

Worried for Ula and Jasmine, Phoenix agrees to accept Nicole's help.

She tries to involve Maxwell, but he's busy at work so she leaves a message and resolves to take charge as the responsible parent.

Meanwhile, at the party, Holden moves the girls to his bedroom for more intimacy.

Ula reaches the limit of her comfort zone with Holden , and is relieved when Nicole arrives to extricate the girls from the party without making a fuss.

Then Maxwell explodes angrily into the party, making a scene and embarrassing Ula.

Back home, Maxwell's reluctant to take on board Nicole's warning that his heavy handed parenting is failing Ula.

Brodie's under pressure to come up with the money he promised Daniel.

Seeing an opportunity to get more control over Brodie, Regan loans him the money.

Sarah's proud of Daniel for beating the system, and boasts to Shane about Daniels bright future.

Brodie's celebration in advance of tomorrow's success makes Shane take a second look at the work Daniel's been doing.

The next day, right when a hedge fund is about to buy into Daniel's software with big money, Shane interrupts.

Shane informs them that, as Daniel developed the software while he was a hospital employee, the hospital is the rightful owner of the software - not Daniel.


Tuesday 17th May (ep 4738) 

With few immediate career prospects, Rachel prepares to give relaxation a go.

But her time at home is interrupted by Phoenix and Evan's domestic demands, and later by Harry who arrives home sick and vomits on her just prior to a job interview.

Rachel misses out on the job and, faced with a further barrage of requests from the men of the house, vows that she will get a job even if she has to do the work for free.

Nicole, Wendy and Tracey all discover they are candidates for the duty manager nursing job.

Scotty interviews the three candidates and faces a tough choice. Who to pick?

Nicole takes a sneak peak at Scotty's notes and is privately delighted to see that Scotty has her down as the front runner.

Under pressure from Tracey, Scotty reveals that he won't support her application for the job off his concerns about nepotism.

Tracey feels hard done by and Wendy is perturbed to see Tracey grumble to Shane about the issue.

Believing she is the best choice, Shane orders Scotty to give her the job.

Nicole feels robbed and Wendy takes umbrage with Tracey's decision to go behind their backs to Shane.

Scotty is forced to break up the huge fight that ensues between Tracey, Nicole and Wendy.

He leaves them daunted when he reports the three of them will need to cover the night shift together.

When Shane announces that the hospital owns his project, Daniel struggles with the fact his dream may be over.

Paige diverts Daniel's anger with Shane towards Callum who supplied his contract in the first place.

Daniel goes to Rachel who puts him in touch with a lawyer, despite warning him that chances of a win are slim.

Meanwhile, Brodie feels the pressure of losing Regan's money in Daniels project.

To his relief, Regan is very understanding, unaware that a scheming Regan now has Brodie exactly where he wants him.


Wednesday 18th May (ep 4739) 

While forced to work together on the medical ward, Wendy, Nicole and Tracey remain at odds, forcing Scotty to issue an ultimatum -

either play nicely or get a formal warning. Brooke is unimpressed, especially as she has a report due in the morning.

When the nurses refuse to talk to each other, Brooke uses this to her advantage.

 This works well until the nurses spring her. They steal her laptop in retaliation.

Brooke is distraught to find her computer and report gone and the nurses only give it back when she gives Scotty a glowing report about their behaviour at shift's end.

Gabrielle suggests that Chris try out her new micro-laser.

Initially reluctant, Chris changes his mind when Gabrielle challenges that he's uncomfortable in the student role when she is the teacher.

Chris eventually takes Gabrielle's advice and makes excellent progress.

Pleased, Gabrielle compliments Chris, which leads to an uncomfortable moment.

Has their interaction has stirred old feelings?

Brodie feels terrible for losing Regan's money when it could be spent on cancer treatment. 

Brodie takes a message from Brodie's mother that his cousin Logan has only weeks to live from the same cancer.

Regan fears that Brodie knows too much.

When Rachel is still at a loose end as what to do, Chris suggests that she take up with his chosen charity, Kids Aotearoa.

She reluctantly meets Camilla Nash who encourages her to come onboard.

Rachel is reluctant until she learns that Shane is obstructive about getting a therapeutic pool.

She uses her superior knowledge of hospital budgets to veto his every concern.

When Rachel finds the extra $25,000 to green light the project, Shane determines to get her out of the way and puts in a call.

Later, Rachel is delighted when she gets a ministry job offer in Wellington.

Chris wants to talk through the possible ramifications before she confirms but its too late - Rachel has accepted the job.

Thursday 19th May (ep 4740) 

Chris reluctantly agrees to a long distance relationship with Rachel after she reassures him that they can make it work.

But Rachel reconsiders when she observes a close moment between Chris and Gabrielle.

Rachel confronts Chris, asking if he trusts himself around Gabrielle in her absence.

Chris insists that he does but Rachel decides not to take the job in Wellington after all.

Chris knows that Gabrielle is the reason for Rachel's change of heart and feels guilty.

He backs Gabrielle off and returns to Rachel, urging her to take the job and assuring her that their relationship will survive.

The ED staff are delighted when Sarah and Shane announce that they are re-opening the ED's twenty-four hour service.

TK praises Sarah for championing the ED's cause and Roimata is jealous.

She's further annoyed when the ED's change of hours means TK has to put off their trip to visit her family.

Roimata accuses Sarah of manipulating the situation, forcing TK to stay but Sarah denies, suggesting Roimata take her insecurities up with TK.

Roimata does so, giving TK an ultimatum - either he goes to the marae with her or their relationship is over.

TK chooses Roimata and agrees to go to the marae but both TK and Roimata are left aware that they are manipulating each other.

With the police on his case, Holden asks Regan to hold a large quantity of drugs for him.

Regan agrees and, taking advantage of the situation, manipulates Brodie into picking up supplies for him.

If Brodie does, his debt is cleared.

Brodie reluctantly agrees after Regan applies more emotional pressure, but when Brodie realises the supplies are drugs, hes appalled.

Regan convinces Brodie to hold the drugs for the night and an uncomfortable Brodie has no choice.

A fire alarm forces Brodie and his flatmates to leave the flat, giving Regan the opportunity to sneak in and take back the drugs.

Brodie is mortified when he returns and finds the drugs are gone.

Friday 20th May (ep 4741)

 Brodie searches the flat for the missing drugs, but to no avail.

Brodie is forced to come clean to an angry Holden, who gives him until the end of the day to find the drugs - or cash.

Bella is hurt when she tries to talk to Brodie and he backs her off.

Brodie's attempts to borrow cash fail, but hes given hope when Regan suggests getting a loan from Murray.

Brodie builds himself up to ask for help, but is disgusted in himself when he thinks of stealing the night's takings.

Bella suspects that Brodie is in trouble, but when she urges him to open up, Brodie brushes her off.

Brodie hopes Regan has found money for him, but before it arrives, Holden turns up and orders Brodie to come with him to meet the boss.

Daniel confronts Callum about setting him up with a dodgy contract, but Callum insists Shane is to blame.

Scotty and Tracey bolster that Daniel will come up with another money-making idea, and Daniel's confidence is boosted.

He's given another up when Shane calls him in for a meeting.

However, Shane just wants to rub salt in the wound, and Daniel is furious.

He vents to Callum, who urges Daniel to engage a lawyer and stand up for himself.

Daniel vows revenge on Shane.

Hunter eschews study to make a date with Jill, but is frustrated when she prioritises Regan over him.

Hunter reports back to Paige that he's free to study, and hopes that he can settle things with Jill by explaining the pressure he's under.

Nicole catches Jill talking to Regan and queries whether shes moving on from Hunter.

Jill is thrown, and ponders her feelings for Hunter.

Jill tries to talk to Hunter about their relationship, but he mistakenly thinks that Jill is trying to dump him.

When Paige defends Shane to Daniel, he dumps her.

Paige is upset and vents to Hunter, who is sympathetic.

Paige explains her defense of Shane, revealing that she owes him everything for adopting her.

Hunter is touched by Paige opening up - and they end up having sex.  

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