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Shortland Street

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May 10 - 14 2010

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Monday 10th May (ep 4480)

Sarah and TK awkwardly break apart. Both affected by their close moment. 

Sarah feels guilty when she returns home and makes up with Maxwell after their argument. 

Later, Brooke feels excluded by Sarah and TK's shared project and warns Maxwell that he will lose Sarah if he's not careful. 

Maxwell is unfazed until he sees Sarah and TK discussing the plans for the PCC. 

Maxwell offers Sarah a part time position in ED in an attempt to get her away from TK but Sarah turns him down. 

Brooke begins to worry about her role at the new PCC as a non-shareholder. 

Sarah admits her salary may be cut until the clinic regains its footing.  

Brooke backs out of the clinic, revealing that she's going to stay at the hospital. 

TK berates Brooke for going cold on Sarah. Brooke accuses him of trying to use the clinic to win Sarah back.

Yvonne is dismayed when Rachel asks her to produce a spreadsheet for the nursing budget, adding to Yvonne's already heavy workload. 

A stressed Yvonne tells Maia that she's thinking of quitting as P.A. 

Yvonne manages to complete the spreadsheet for Rachel. 

When Callum and Rachel vent about one of the cleaning staff, Yvonne assumes they're talking about her. 

They're stunned when she blows up at them.  Rachel sets her right and Yvonne is mortified. 

Later, Gerald is surprised when he's offered Yvonne's job.  

Yvonne explains she's missing working downstairs and feels he's the right person for the P.A Job.

Rachel and Isaac question Chris  in regards to Dallas's operation.  He is ultra professional to Zoe who assumes he is focussed on the upcoming surgery. 

She reveals her admiration of Chris to Tania and Isaac. 

Chris perseveres with Dallas's difficult operation but frets that he may have removed too much bone during the procedure. 

Isaac supports Chris and suggests he get to know Zoe personally, pointing out that he's no longer got Dallas's operation hanging over him. 

Chris scores a date with Zoe, managing to tempt her into dinner at the I.V. 

However, Chris receives a call and learns there's a problem with Dallas.


Tuesday 11th May (ep 4481)

Chris fears he's bungled Dallas's operation. Dallas is likely suffering from fluid on the brain. 

Dallas goes back under the knife, and Chris curses himself for being too cautious during the original surgery. 

Chris feels like a failure once again when he upsets Zoe, revealing that Dallas will need additional surgery to remove the shunt that's keeping his skull drained. 

Chris returns home and Harry worries that Dallas will die. Chris apologises to Zoe and asks her out for coffee, but she rejects him.

Sophie scores low in Ashton's ethics class, in comparison to Loren's assignment that was done at the last minute. 

Sophie vents to Kieran that she's been graded unfairly. She is determined to learn where she went wrong from Ashton. 

Sophie realises where she slipped up with her book assessment, and is determined to impress Ash when he challenges her to do better next time. 

Hunter states that her ethics tutor is anything but ethical, claiming that he's just out to sleep with first-year students in exchange for good marks. 

Sophie is troubled when Ashton gives Eden a three day extension on her assignment.

Brooke lobbies Callum to secure a job on the medical ward, and is pleased when she succeeds. 

Rachel vetoes Brooke's job - the position must be advertised.  Brooke is pleased when she manages to seduce TK and remains determined to ensure she's pregnant. 

Sarah is confident that Maxwell is way off the mark when he admits jealousy of her closeness to TK. 

When TK offers help with the PCC, Sarah can't help but feel hopeful. 

Brooke is mortified when Callum reneges on her job offer. 

TK is thrown when Brooke gives him a harsh reality check, chiding him for offering to help Sarah with the clinic.

So TK limits his involvement with the PCC, informing Sarah that he wants to be a silent partner from now on.


Wednesday 12th May (ep 4482)

Callum gives Sarah a copy of the competing tender for the PCC.  Sarah is sorely tempted to cheat. 

When Tania asks why Brooke isn't accepting her redundancy, Brooke talks about job security - and her plans to have children one day.

Maxwell tries to persuade Sarah to join the opposition, DailyHealth. She is galvanized to look at the tender. 

She insists to TK they resubmit their tender at a higher offer.  TK reluctantly obliges.  Sarah resubmits, hopeful that they'll win.

Chris takes it personally when Rachel warns staff about professional boundaries, assuming she's talking about his relationship with Zoe.

Chris tries to palm off liaising with Zoe to Isaac, but Isaac insists he can still be of support to Zoe and Dallas. 

Chris meets with Zoe before Dallas's transfer back to Central, but realises that a relationship has become too fraught with complication.

Sophie's suspicions about Eden grow when Ash gives Eden an extension. 

Loren is intrigued when Eden reveals she's been granted an extension because of her pending termination. 

Sophie suspects Ash could be responsible for Eden's pregnancy. 

Loren is forced to agree with Sophie's theory when Ash asks Eden to stay behind at a documentary screening for the ethics class at his house. 

Sophie is determined to expose his unethical behaviour.

Scotty urges Tracey to share the burden of Doug's crime with her family. 

When Tracey asks the status of their relationship, Scotty asserts that despite liking Tracey, it's too soon after Shanti's death. 

Pained, Tracey sadly accepts this.  At work, Scotty can't help yearning for Tracey. 

Chris notices and tries to give Scotty advice. 

Scotty chooses to put aside his fears and commit to Tracey.  Scotty and Tracey let down their defences and kiss.

Thursday 13th May (ep 4483)

Scotty and Tracey decide to take their relationship slowly.

Tracey appreciates his support when she fears Doug's corruption will have an adverse effect on her parents. 

Tracey is pleased when Scotty is willing to tell their friends at work about their relationship - if they ask. 

However, no one picks up on her and Scotty's new found love.  Tracey drops hints to Tania but is exasperated when Tania doesn't guess.

Tracey decides to draw attention to her relationship with Scotty by holding his hand in public. 

Scotty is happy with the display of affection and their friends finally realise they are together.

Maia feels terrible when Scotty takes Nicole off the surgical roster and insists that she reapply for her job. 

Nicole thinks Scotty is being petty.  Scotty points out that she left him and her colleagues in the lurch by failing to work out her notice. Nicole apologises. 

Scotty agrees to take her back but on the condition that she work in the medical ward for a probationary period.

Sophie is pleased when she sets her plan in motion to expose Ash for sexually preying on vulnerable students. 

Daniel supports Sophie but Loren thinks she needs to uncover evidence. 

Hunter also disapproves and advises Sophie to report the matter to the Dean or else face the possibility of her plan backfiring.

Sophie refuses to give up and decides to record her next conversation with Ash. 

Sophie is unsettled by Ash's perceptive questions about her marriage and Kieran. 

Ash invites her back to his place.  Sophie's delight turns to frustration when Daniel realises he accidentally switched off the recording when he was distracted.

Sophie's hopes for entrapping Ash rest on recording their conversation at his home. 

Daniel and Loren have second thoughts about the plan, but Sophie is committed. 

Sophie attempts to get Ash to seduce her but instead Ash invites Josh and several other students to join them from the other room where they have been listening. 

Sophie is mortified as Ash explains that he couldn't pass up the opportunity to let his class debate the ethics of Sophie's attempt to entrap and record him. 

Friday 14th May  (ep4484)

Sophie is mortified and flees, humiliated. 

Daniel and Loren strongly advise Sophie not to continue to investigate Ashton. 

Sophie is determined to justify her suspicions.  She catches up with Eden who is horrified that Sophie knows about her pregnancy. 

Upset, Eden reveals that fellow student Joshua is the father of her baby - not Ashton. 

Sophie is forced to accept that she is wrong. Ashton warns her of the dangers of accusing people without proof. 

Sophie asserts that her problems with Kieran are the reason why she has difficulty trusting others.  He advises her to talk to Kieran.  

Sophie makes a heartfelt plea to Kieran, asking him to reassure her that there are no secrets between them. 

A guilty Kieran promises Sophie there is nothing she doesn't know.

Callum presents Rachel with an expensive dress.  It's gaudy, and she secretly hates it. 

Callum has organised a romantic dinner and wants Rachel to wear the dress - he suggests she get ready at his house. 

Gerald arrives with an urgent budget report while Rachel is dressing.  Rachel enlists his help with her dress zip, but the dress rips. 

Rachel fears it will appear to Callum as if she has ungratefully sabotaged the dress to avoid wearing it. 

Gerald saves the day by stitching Rachel into the dress, but it's a very tight fit.

At the I.V., Rachel tries to hide her discomfort from Callum, who realises the dress is a shocker. 

But by now, Callum's convinced Rachel likes the dress, so he says nothing.  Later, Callum's amorousness leads to another rip in the dress. 

Rachel reveals the dress drama, including the fact she disliked the dress from the start.  They laugh off the disastrous evening.

Harry wants to visit Dallas, and Chris relents, although he is reluctant to face Zoe.  At the hospital, Chris and Zoe share a tense farewell. 

Tania is sceptical of Isaac's plans to invest in a race horse but she agrees to view the animal. 

Later, Tania sings the horse's praises and Isaac agrees to invest with Henry. 

Kieran can't afford to invest.  Henry boasts that the horse has a good chance of winning. 

Then Kieran discovers a note in the bar addressed to him.  It reads "I know what you did" and Kieran is shocked to think that someone knows that he killed Morgan.