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Shortland Street

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May 03 - 07 2010

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Monday 3rd May (ep 4475)

Ben is concerned when insecurity over her job prompts Yvonne to postpone their holiday so that she can swot up on software.  |

He urges her not to let bossy Rachel McKenna eat into their personal time. 

Yvonne relents, promising a night off from study so they can do something together. 

When Ben arrives to pick Yvonne up for a date, he's dismayed to find that Yvonne's family commitments and dedication to keeping her job see him coming last once again.

Tracey continues to feel terrible for keeping silent about her brother's crime. 

She suspects that an ED patient brought in after a construction site fall isn't telling the truth, and when she confronts him, he admits his intention to burgle the site. 

However, he explains his desperate circumstances and pleads with her not to call the police.  Tracey breaks her own rules by doing nothing. 

When Scotty finds out, they argue about her double standard and he points out that she showed no such mercy to Tai. 

Tracey wishes she could confide in Scotty about her guilty secret.

Brooke is frustrated when all her chances for sex with TK are thwarted.  

Daniel is also frustrated when Loren is too stressed about her ethics assignment to spend much time with him. 

He finds a way to help Loren with her assignment when he discovers that Sophie borrowed a copy of the scarce book Loren needs from her ethics tutor. 

Brooke and TK leave to spend a romantic night out of town. 

Daniel takes advantage of their absence to cook a romantic meal for Loren at TK's house, and to impress her by producing the book. 

When the mood turns romantic, Daniel realises he has forgotten condoms. 

He borrows one from TK's room, unaware that they have been sabotaged by Brooke.


Tuesday 4th May (ep 4476)

Daniel and Loren are happy after a romantic night together. 

Loren is relieved to have finished her ethics assignment with Daniel's help. 

Sophie wishes Kieran was as supportive of her study.  She's delighted when Kieran agrees to read one of her ethics textbooks but he criticises it in front of her friends.

Yvonne feels stressed and insecure with her heavy workload as P.A. 

Ben reassures her that she is capable of the role. 

Rachel turns to Gerald to complete the work leaving Yvonne feeling useless.  

When Ben witnesses Rachel talk down to Yvonne he stands up to Rachel on Yvonne's behalf. 

Yvonne is annoyed with Ben and orders him not to interfere again. 

Ben is concerned at the stress her new position is having on their relationship and suggests she return to the front desk.

Chris is pleased to make a connection with Zoe, a dietician from Central, whom he meets at a charity event. 

She reveals she has a Deaf son, Dallas, who suffers from chiari malformation. 

Chris researches the condition and discovers an innovative and safer way to operate on Dallas. 

Zoe is touched by the effort Chris has gone to in order to help her son. 

She suggests they catch up sometime so Harry and Dallas can play. 

Scotty and Tracey attend Tai's adult literacy group's prize giving at the prison.  

Tracey receives a cool welcome from Tai. 

Tracey encourages Tai to read the piece he prepared and stands up to one of the prison guards, Marlow, when he gives Tai a hard time. 

Tai decides to read his own writing and Tracey is touched when he pays tribute to her and Scotty for all the help they've given him. 

Afterwards, Tracey is thrown when Tai reveals that he still has feelings for her. 

On their way out, Tracey and Scotty are confronted by inmates armed with makeshift weapons who refuse to let them go. 

Wednesday 5th May (ep 4477)

Nicole agrees to move back in to El Rancho. Gerald hopes that she is committed to Maia.  

Maia decides to roster Nicole on for a shift and Tania worries that Maia will earn Scotty's ire by skipping procedure. 

Later, Gerald worries that Nicole is rushing things too fast by making her stay at Maia's permanent. 

Gerald can't help wondering whether Nicole has unfinished business in Tauranga.

Kieran is impressed by Henry's sizeable racehorse winnings.  He is concerned when Henry leaves his cash unattended. 

Henry wants to go to the casino with Maxwell, and Kieran worries that he will lose his money. 

He offers to hold Henry's cash in the bar safe and Henry agrees.  Later, Sophie notices the extra money and she advises Kieran to check the amount. 

Kieran does so and discovers that Henry has given him more money than he thought.  

Kieran pockets the extra cash.

Trapped in the prison protest, Tracey and Scotty are threatened by inmate Dollar, but get a brief reprieve when he is called away to attend to an injured ally. 

Tracey and Scotty are relieved to rejoin Tai, who explains that Dollar is Pigdog's brother. 

Dollar returns to tell Tai that an important gang member needs medical attention.  Tracey admits she is a nurse and Dollar insists she help. 

Tai goes along as well, promising Scotty that he will protect Tracey.  Prison guard Marlow worries Scotty by asserting that Tai can't be trusted. 

Meanwhile, Tai convinces Tracey to exaggerate Graeme's injuries in the hope that she can be evacuated with her patient. 

Graeme regains consciousness and Dollar refuses to allow Tracey to go with him. 

With Tracey away, Marlow shakes Scotty's faith in Tai by telling him that Tai is in cahoots with Dollar. 

When Tracey returns, Scotty is very relieved and Tai is irked to see a connection between them. 

Marlow and needles Tai about Tracey to the point where he lashes out. 


Thursday 6th May (ep 4478)

Dollar is about to hurt Tracey when she reveals that Marlow has escaped.  Dollar leaves to pursue Marlow. 

Tracey insists she has no feelings for Tai. Tai's hurt, but the revelation takes the fight out of him. 

Dollar returns having stabbed Marlow.  Scotty and Tracey are shocked when Tai prevents them from leaving the room to save Marlow's life.

Scotty and Tracey convince Tai to do the right thing. 

He and his fellow inmates stand up to Dollar, allowing Scotty and Tracey to escape and get to Marlow. 

Tai catches up with Scotty and Tracey to reluctantly help with Marlow's rescue. 

He finds the murder weapon and is holding it when the armed offenders squad breaks through and shoots him in error. 

Scotty and Tracey accompany Tai to the ED.  Tracey feels a hypocrite for urging Tai to do the right thing when she's allowed Doug to go free. 

Tracey finally confides to Scotty, deciding to dob Doug in.  Tracey says goodbye to Tai, who jealously warns her against a relationship with Scotty.

But Scotty and Tracey realise they're meant to be together. 

Kieran's proud when Sophie witnesses him being honest, returning the extra money.

Later, Kieran enquires about investing in Henry's lucrative race horse. 

When Maxwell wants in, Henry realises he's keeping his gambling secret from Sarah. 

With Libby gone, Gerald is lonely.  He admits to Yvonne that he's disappointed Nicole is moving in with Maia instead. 

Gerald's concerns grow when Nicole backs off his conversation about Mike and won't let him contact her family.

He fears Nicole has left a mess at home, and is still living in denial. 

Gerald's fears are confirmed when Mike calls the flat for Nicole saying he has no idea why she left. 

Gerald reports this to Maia, unsettling her.  Maia worries she and Nicole are moving too fast.  

Nicole vents at Gerald that he is trying to break her and Maia up as a solution to his loneliness. 

Gerald is aware Nicole may be right about his motivations.


Friday 7th May  (ep4479)

Yvonne is concerned for Gerald when he blames himself for upsetting Nicole. 

Nicole also feels guilty for losing her temper at Gerald, and Maia is disappointed when Nicole insists she should find her own flat. 

When Gerald faces a rent increase, Kieran offers discounted accommodation at The I.V. 

Gerald accepts. Kieran continues his support of Gerald by refusing to accommodate Nicole. 

Nicole opens up to Maia about how bad she feels for hurting Gerald and Mike.  She promises to call Mike and tell all. 

Mike's reaction leaves Nicole more confused.  She still needs time alone but Maia and insists that she can have her own room at the apartment without any pressure. 

Nicole relents and agrees to stay at Maia's.

Chris is glad to be able to help Zoe when she chooses him over Jorgensen to operate on her son Dallas. 

A childcare problem is solved for Chris when Harry keeps Dallas company, and Chris is pleased when the boys get on well.

Harry's knowledge of sign language helps Dallas to communicate. 

Rachel notes the closeness that is developing between Chris and Zoe.

Callum tells his HODs that he hopes to keep the PCC onsite and get the new CT scanner as well. 

However, he receives bad news from Nugent - Sarah and TK's bid has been accepted, but they have to move the PCC. 

Sarah also learns there's unlikely to be jobs for her and Brooke if the PCC purchase doesn't work out. 

Sarah is hurt when Maxwell doesn't support her continued efforts, but relieved when TK insists they will find affordable premises somehow.

Brooke's efforts to distract TK from his dealings with Sarah fail, but TK insists he's only thinking about saving Brooke's job.

When Sarah wears herself out on the real estate hunt, Maxwell chides her to take better care of herself.  They argue. 

Sarah is at a low ebb when TK brings her good news.  He has found perfect premises nearby - they're onto a winner. 

As they celebrate their successful teamwork, old feelings of intense attraction return for Sarah.