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March 14 - 18 2011

Luke Durville in the Shortland Street staff-room

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Monday 14th March  (ep 4691)

Ula is horrified to witness Nicole and Maxwell's kiss and she flees before they notice her. 

Ula shares her awful discovery with Phoenix, fearing that Nicole is two timing with her mother and father. 

Ula bravely tells Vasa about Maxwell and Nicole's kiss, and Vasa is furious. 

Forewarned, Vasa doesn't give an inch when Nicole attempts to explain that she and Maxwell are now dating. 

Vasa accuses Nicole of deliberately betraying their fledgling friendship. 

Meanwhile, Ula tries to tell Maxwell that Nicole is two-timing him and Vasa. 

Maxwell is incredulous and he drags Ula to see Nicole, explaining her preposterous claim. 

Nicole is surprised and amused.  She explains Ula's misconceptions away and Ula is embarrassed to realise she has it all wrong. 

With Ula dealt with, Nicole reveals that she and Maxwell have another problem: Vasa. 

Annoyed to learn of Vasa's fury, Maxwell takes her to task, in light of the fact that Ula believed Vasa was the one involved with Nicole. 

Vasa addresses this issue with Ula, hoping to strengthen their lines of communication, all the while holding back her jealousy.

Bella bolsters that it's not too late for Isaac and Garth to make up and she encourages Isaac to apologise before Garth goes into surgery. 

Isaac attempts to do so but Garth's need for pre-surgery reassurance takes precedence and he's frustrated when he misses his chance. 

He's relieved when Garth makes it through surgery and they manage to reconcile. 

Bella chats with Garth and points that Isaac will only learn that money won't make him happy - if he has all his money.  

Garth tells Bella he'll give Isaac the money.  Bella tells Isaac and he's delighted. 

His joy is short-lived when Luke Durville returns to work and Nicole has to intervene. 

Bella welcomes Luke back and informs him that Isaac will soon be getting his inheritance.  

Learning how important the money is to Isaac, Luke decides to interfere by telling Garth all about Isaac's villainy. 

Isaac fears that Luke may have ruined his trust fund chances - so Isaac sets Luke up by faking an assault on himself to discredit the anaesthetist once and for all.


Tuesday 15th March (ep 4692)

Luke is forced to endure in silence as Isaac spins his lies to the police and presses assault charges against him. 

Isaac then convinces Nicole that Luke is using drugs again. 

When Isaac reports the attack to Garth, he hopes he's done enough to undermine the accusations that Luke made against him. 

An angry and isolated Luke accosts Isaac at his home but is undone when Rachel finds him arguing with Isaac and terminates his offer of employment at Shortland Street.

In protest at Callum's decision to reduce the ED's hours, Maxwell threatens to leave if the ED's twenty-four hour service is not resumed in three months time. 

Maxwell passes this on to his staff who are very low in morale.  Maxwell sends them home, offering to manage the quiet ED until closing time. 

But as he and Tracey are about to leave, they receive a call from a nearby ambulance with two seriously injured MVA victims. 

Callum allows the ED to re-open to treat the patients and lends a hand, working well with Maxwell. 

Callum is dismayed to lose his patient and promises Maxwell that he will reinstate the ED's twenty-four hour service in six months time. 

Maxwell withdraws his threat to leave and shakes hands with Callum, sealing their agreement.

Bella still doesn't understand the ramifications of Brodie's finance company loan and almost tells Murray about it. 

Brodie prevents her from doing so but Bella is unsettled to discover that Brodie has been keeping another secret from her - he has been cleaning the bar himself to save money. 

Bella offers to help but continues to badger him about telling Murray the truth. 

Brodie is forced to explain that Bella's parents could lose the bar if he fails to meet his repayments. 

Bella is appalled by the risk Brodie has taken and they argue. 

But when Bella realises how hard Brodie is working to pay off the loan and how much he regrets taking it out in the first place, she softens towards him. 

After cleaning the bar, Bella tries to create some fun but it takes a nasty turn when Bella accidentally causes Brodie to fall down the stairs and injure himself. 

Bella rushes Brodie to the hospital where Tracey agrees to treat him. 

She reveals that Brodie has fractured his scapula and will be unable to work but reassures Brodie that his lost wages will be covered by ACC. 

Bella is sure the money will also cover his loan repayments but Brodie reveals that he has reduced his ACC coverage to the lowest option.

It won't be enough to cover his rent let alone his repayments. 

Brodie fears that his injury could cost him and the Coopers the bar.

Wednesday 16th March (ep 4693)

Brodie panics when he realises he is facing a hospital stay to treat his fractured scapula. 

He knows his minimal ACC cover won't be enough to keep ahead of the loan company, and insists on discharging himself instead of owning up to Murray. 

Brodie loads up on strong painkillers and returns to work, until he is overcome by nausea and vomits in the courtyard. 

Wendy orders him home.

Roimata plans a photo shoot with Bert the mannequin head, as part of updating her online status from "single" to "in a relationship", and seems to TK to be quite emotionally attached to it. 

So TK's thrown when he carelessly loses the head, and begins searching for it. 

The head has been taken by Jill, to play pranks on the studying Hunter in a bid to get him to take a night off. 

It works, and Roimata finds them with the head.  When she meets TK, she teases him about losing Bert and reveals she has him hidden in her bag. 

They share a close moment in which they declare their love for each other, their relationship reaching a new level.

Rachel spends a day working from home, and being a non-school day has to keep Phoenix and Harry busy. 

Phoenix gets a visit from Evan, but Harry hasn't finished his chores and Rachel insists that he do them. 

Her strict discipline earns praise from experienced mother Wendy.

Harry ditches his chores to kick a ball around, and trying to impress the older boys, kicks it too hard and breaks a window. 

Rachel threatens to make him pay for the damage, and confiscates his music player while he finishes the chores. 

Rebellious Harry gets his own back by swiping Rachel's keys and listening to music in her car parked in the driveway. 

Phoenix challenges Harry not to be so immature, and Harry responds by bragging that he can drive Rachel's car. 

Drive it Harry does - right into a parked car. 

In the angry confrontation that follows, Rachel is dismayed when Harry declares that he can't wait until Chris dumps her.


Thursday 17th March (ep 4694)

Rachel feels inadequate when her parenting skills fail to bring Harry into line. 

When Wendy arrives to discipline Evan, she gives Rachel a pep talk and Rachel's bolstered. 

But Harry's resolved to take her down a peg. 

Harry executes a prank on Rachel, and is thrown when he unleashes the full extent of Rachel's fiery will. 

Rachel feels she's making progress when Harry starts behaving - but Harry is secretly vowing vengeance.

Daniel feels the financial and emotional pressure of his unemployment - but gets an entrepreneurial idea when he discovers the hospital's technology graveyard. 

He brings home a broken infusion pump, determined to repair it despite Sophie's scepticism. 

Daniel's flagging self esteem finally gets a boost when he gets the infusion pump working. 

Hoping to charge a repair fee for fixing the hospital's other broken infusion pumps, Daniel approaches Callum. 

Callum's impressed by Daniel's ingenuity in fixing the machines - but can't allow him to repair them without being a certified repair man. 

An indignant Daniel vents to Sophie, who decides to make the hospital's waste of money the subject of her blog.  

During her picnic with TK, Roimata gets a call from her dad, Henare, to announce he's visiting Callum. 

But it soon becomes apparent that, unbeknown to TK, Roimata is determined to keep her father from meeting her boyfriend. 

When Callum shows Henare through ED, Henare takes an immediate liking to TK, having remembered meeting him once before. 

Roimata confesses to Jill that the reason she's keeping TK separate from Henare is because she doesn't want Henare doing what he always does - suffocating her boyfriend with enthusiasm. 

Roimata's left conflicted when she's forced to casts a web of lies to keep a determined TK from meeting Henare before he goes back up north. 

Secretly, she's meeting Henare for dinner at the IV while TK works a double shift. 

But when she receives a sweet text message from TK, Roimata realises TK is too important to keep hidden. 

She invites TK over during his dinner break.  The introduction goes well, further bonding TK and Roimata. 

Just when TK's never felt more in love, Sarah suddenly arrives back from overseas - visibly pregnant.

Friday 18th March (ep 4695)

Roimata senses Sarah's return means trouble.  TK discovers the baby is definitely his and reels when Sarah reveals she wants to get back together and have a family. 

TK is furious for not being told earlier and accuses her of running to him for support because it's the easy option. 

Daniel is surprised by Sarah's return, but this turns to concern when she breaks down in tears. 

TK discusses the pregnancy with Roimata and reaffirms his commitment to her. 

TK fears that Sarah's pregnancy may cause difficulty for him and Roimata and he is careful to set clear boundaries.

He tells Sarah that he can only commit to being a part of the baby's life - nothing more.

Wendy is touched when Murray decides to spoil her with a romantic lunch. 

Wendy effuses to Jill about their romantic plans, but is dismayed when Vasa vetoes her lunch date - Wendy needs to work through. 

Wendy shares her upset with Callum, who wonders whether there is a way he can salvage Murray's plan. 

Wendy fears she's in big trouble when Callum pulls her away from work to sort out a supposed filing error. 

To Wendy's surprise it's all a set-up of Callum's devising and he sets her free to join Murray for their romantic lunch. 

Luke is frustrated when Callum refuses to give him a positive character reference. 

Bella is suspicious when Isaac seems to enjoy Luke's dismissal.  Luke fills Brodie in on his dismissal, and is intrigued when Brodie criticises Isaac's morals. 

Luke is hopeful he may be able to salvage his reputation when Brodie offers his allegiance. 

Brodie ropes Bella into helping Luke access security footage from the night of his abduction. 

Luke is frustrated when the footage yields nothing - but soon comes up with another plan. 

Lying in wait for Isaac in the carpark, Luke claims that he has solid proof that Isaac was involved in his kidnapping. 

Isaac can't take the risk that Luke is telling the truth and he agrees to meet him at his house to pay him off. 

At Luke's, Isaac is treated to a glass of wine while they watch Luke's 'evidence'. 

Isaac soon realises Luke doesn't have any real evidence and he ridicules him - only to find that he can't get up. 

Isaac is horrified to discover that Luke has drugged him, making him Luke's helpless captive.

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