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Shortland Street

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Love at last?

Simon London plays Rafe Durville

During the past six years Tania Jeffries (Faye Smythe) has experienced many highs and lows in the love department, but this week on Shortland Street, she wonders if she's finally found her true match.

As things heat up between Tania and Rafe Durville (Simon London), actress Smythe believes Rafe may just be Tania's perfect man.

"Tania should be with someone honest and strong, but also fun and spontaneous," says Smythe. "She needs someone with a sense of humour and plenty of charm, and I think that Rafe might just be all of that."

Looking back on Tania's many past romances, Smythe says there has definitely been a few that have stood out for her.

"Tania's worst romance would have to be Mark Weston (Tim Foley). I mean come on - he managed to impregnate her lesbian sister behind her back! You can't get much worse than that," says Smythe. "Hone Ropata (Temuera Morrison) was also pretty interesting. Not a match I could have predicted, but fun all the same!"

Smythe says that filming romance scenes can initially be quite awkward, but that it does get easier.

"It can be quite scary kissing someone for the first time, just like in real life," says Smythe. "But once it's over and done with you remember how technical and unromantic it all is. 'Just get on with it' is my Shortland Street motto."

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