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A love affair to remember

As we celebrate that one of Shorty's most popular couples TK Samuels and Sarah Potts have reunited, we take a look back at their long and complicated romantic history....


When they first met, Sarah Potts (Amanda Billing) was less than impressed with what she saw but TK (Ben Mitchell) was smitten by the feisty ED Doc.

He proved a steadfast friend throughout Sarah's ups and downs with Craig and began to harbour fantasies of being the man in her life, instead of Craig. This seemed a pipe dream, until Sarah finally chose TK over Craig.

His marriage to Sarah seemed like a dream come true for TK. But their happily ever after didn't last long when Sarah developed MS and was forced to terminate a pregnancy.

When the 2009 tsunami saw Daniel return, the couple found themselves at odds once more over their decision not to have children together due to Sarah's condition.

Sarah decided to set TK free so he could find someone to have children with and left him to have an affair with Maxwell.

But despite being separated, the two couldn't help being drawn back together for a final fling before Sarah left for a job in the US.

Sarah returned six months later, pregnant with TK's child, and tried to win him back but TK was firmly committed to his new love Roimata.

Their complicate love triangle was the climax of the 2011 feature length episode with TK forced to choose between attending his wedding to Roimata and helping Sarah give birth.

Despite some tensions, the pair committed to raising their daughter Tillie as friends.

TK and Roimata supported Sarah when she had a relapse of MS symptoms and later Sarah supported the couple after Roimata was sexually assaulted by Zac Smith.

Since breakdown of TK's marriage to Roimata, Sarah has been holding on hope that there was a chance for her and TK again and living together as a family as brought them closer than ever.

Now Sarah and TK have found love again, will the couple finally get the happily ever after they've been waiting for?

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