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Look who’s back!

Bree is back! - Shortland Street on TV2

She’s one of Shorty’s most memorable bad girls and we can finally announce that Bree Hamilton is set to make a return to our screens….just in time for Christmas!

Last time Bree Hamilton, played by Rachael Blampied, was on our screens, she was in the midst of a delusional episode –having assumed her sister Brooke Freeman’s identity and left the real Brooke to die, trapped in a cupboard!

Now as Brooke’s health declines, it seems her sister might be her only hope for a kidney transplant.

After 14 months in a mental health care facility, Bree swears she’s a changed woman and that she wants the chance to make up for the hurt she caused Brooke.

But with her dubious history, can Bree really be trusted? Or is Brooke about to be betrayed again while she’s at her most vulnerable?

So what can we expect from Bree’s return? According to Rachael, anything can happen when it comes to Bree!

“It's Bree, what's NOT to expect?!” she says. “She's still mentally very fragile, and her manipulative tendencies are most definitely still at the surface.”

But Rachael insists that Bree’s intentions toward her sister are genuine.

“I think she's a lot more aware now though, and she truly does love Brooke,” she explains.    

Tune in next week to find out just what Bree has in store for her return to Ferndale!




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