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Look who's back!

The Jeffries return to Shortland Street

The Jeffries return - Shortland Street on TV2

One of Shortland Street's most loved families arrive back in Ferndale next week and it isn't long before they are right back in the thick of all the drama.

As announced previously, the Jeffries family - mum Yvonne, sisters Maia, Tania, and Libby, Libby's husband and best friend Gerald Tippett and Maia's son JJ will all return to Shortland Street in the lead up to our action packed 20th birthday week.

Actors Anna Julienne (Maia), Fleur Saville (Libby) and Faye Smythe (Tania) were all excited to be back onto the Shorty set.

Fleur Saville says that coming back to Shortland Street was "like returning home! It was fantastic to see all my friends in the crew and cast and hear what everyone has been up to since I left 2 years ago."

Anna Julienne, who first appeared on Shortland Street in 2004, was happy to be back for the momentous occasion. "It's been great to be part of the 20th celebrations," she says.

"Shortland Street was a huge part of my life for years and I'm happy to celebrate its great achievements."

The Jeffries' welcome return is sure to cause shockwaves for Nicole Miller in particular, who has still been dealing with the repercussions from her break up with Maia at the beginning of last year.

But when asked what surprises the Jeffries might have in store, Faye Smythe isn't saying. 

"That would be telling now wouldn't it," she says. "Definitely expect normal Jeffries' antics, squabbling and drama."

Make sure you're watching Shortland Street next week to catch the Jeffries' return!

And if you want to brush up on the Jeffries family's history in Ferndale, read on:

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Maia Jeffries:  feisty lesbian nurse and mum to young son JayJay

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Libby Jeffries:  the bossy but loveable PA's hunt for the perfect husband ended with her best mate Gerald

Gerald Tippet: the asexual admin extraordinaire is known for his attention to detail and almost obsessive tidiness, making him almost perfect for Libby.


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