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Labour (Weekend) of Love

Ido Drent spent his Labour Weekend on the East Cape

Ido Drent paints the Te Araroa church on the East Cape

Kim Crossman with her boyfriend Mark Dye

Matt Minto

Lee Donoghue

We asked a few of your fave Shorty peeps what they got up to over the recent Labour Weekend.


Ari Boyland

I had a really nice long weekend. It was actually really productive - I got all the boring house work stuff out of the way nice and early, then got to lounge about in the sun quite a bit.

I went to Minnehaha beach over on the North Shore with my flat mates on Sunday, then on Monday got some surf in at Piha.

Ive also been doing a play this week, so had some rehearsals scattered throughout.

My weekends are normally very busy, so this weekend I felt as though I actually had one. Bring on more three day weekends!


Kiel McNaughton

I stayed at home this Labour weekend, where I spent some quality time with the family.

The weather was beautiful, so we lapped up the sunshine on our deck.


Sally Martin

I spent the weekend in my hometown Wellington, with family and friends. I get back down every now and then, but haven't had a big night out there for a long time.

I definitely remedied that on Saturday though! Starter drinks at Southern Cross, delicious tapas at Duke Carvell's, followed by cocktails at Matterhorn .

I have the most wonderful friends! Its always nice to be reminded, even when you haven't forgotten. 


Ido Drent

Had an awesome weekend away down at the East Cape, in a small community called Te Araroa.

I had an opportunity to go work with an organisation on a community project - painting a small church built in 1880.

Was awesome as we stayed in the local Marae with about 50 other peeps.

On Monday we went to the East Cape lighthouse to be the first to see the sunrise - that was after we got up at 415am and climbing 750 something stairs!!

But it was worth it. I also tried to touch a bull, but was unsuccessful.

I loved the East Cape, loved hanging with the locals, and loved seeing how powerful true community can be.

Gerald Urquhart

My Labour Weekend was filled with barbecues. On Sunday I attended two! It was beautiful weather, delicious food and great company.

It really felt like the sunny season was imminent. There's nothing like the taste of sausages and the smell of sunscreen to remind you of summer.


Amelia Reid

Labour Weekend was spent relaxing with my fiancés family down in Wellington, eating lots of delicious food and surrounded by wonderful people.

The trip was made possible thanks to Lee Donoghue (Hunter), who I managed to score a ride down with.

The poor guy had to endure hours of me babbling away! All in all, I had a lovely weekend escape.

Kimberley Crossman:

I had a relatively relaxing long weekend. We have just moved house so there was a lot of un-packing to do.

We did however clean and fill the spa pool. I definitely made the most of it!

I caught up on all my scripts for Shortland Street and my Drama class out in the sunshine and went out to dinner.

I was quite the "Domestic Goddess" and made my own granola! Check out for the recipe!

The highlight of the weekend had to be my flying lesson at Ardmore!

Slightly vertically challenged for this particular plane, I just learnt the logistics but Mark actually flew the plane as I sat quietly in the back.

It was the first time I had been in a tiny plane before so I was a little nervous.

It was so much fun and next time I'm taking a booster seat and giving it a go!


Angela Bloomfield:

I flew to the Gold Coast in Australia to meet my gorgeous six week old nephew. He is beautiful.

The weather was superb. I missed my babies at home though. Next time the whole family will come!


Jacqueline Nairn:

I had the best Labour Weekend! Matt Minto (Isaac) and I shared a hilarious road trip to the Hawkes Bay to spend time with our families.

(Read Jacquie and Matt's hometown experiences here.)

I climbed Te Mata Peak a couple of times to check out the view (which is amazing).

I caught up with crazy family friends over a crazy game of cranium and lunched at a couple of vineyards.

So good to recharge the batteries!


Lee Donoghue:

I had a fun low-key weekend in Wellington.

I hung out with my family and enjoyed Dad's new 63 inch 3D plasma TV, with a beautiful surround sound system.

I want it so bad. The drive down was also fun. I had planned on going it alone, but by chance ended up taking Amelia (Bella) from work.

We had a fun time, talked for hours and joked that we were like Thelma and Louise!

All in all, I had a great weekend.