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June 6 - 10 2011

Winston Youn - Shortland Street TV2

Jill Kingsbury - Shortland Street TV2

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Monday 6th June (ep 4754/4755) One-hour episode 

TK feels awful for putting Richard's life at risk but Roimata bolsters,certain he did the right thing.

TK feels vindicated when Richard's daughter, Rona, thanks him for adhering to the family's wishes. 

Maxwell continues to keep TK on a short leash after the incident and he accuses Maxwell of being unable to handle TK's new level of autonomy.

When Maxwell plans to cancel a meeting at Central because he can't find cover, Roimata suggests that he give TK a chance by leaving him in charge.

Maxwell agrees, giving TK the opportunity to prove himself.

Paige regrets the way things ended with Daniel but feels helpless to improve matters.

Well aware of the way in which Shane cheated Daniel, Sarah credits the rise in surgical tourism bookings to Daniel's software.

She's annoyed when Shane reports the website has crashed - blaming Daniel's software design.

When it turns out the fault wasn't with Daniel, Sarah feels vindicated on Daniel's behalf.

Shane is so pleased with the site that he plans to on-sell the software to other hospitals and Sarah presses him to share a cut with Daniel.

Paige observes as Shane refuses and she realises exactly how badly Daniel has been treated by Shane.

Paige apologises to Daniel and they agree to a fresh start.

Hunter is amused when Callum reveals plans to buy a flashy new car.

He agrees to accompany Callum, but cancels so that he can meet Paige to obtain more Roytocin.

Callum is disappointed but soon cheers up when Jill attends in Hunter's stead.

At the car yard, Jill is shocked to recognise salesman Neil as the security guard she assaulted years ago.

Well aware of Jill's identity, Neil pretends not to know Jill.

Callum has his heart set on a particularly expensive car and Jill can't help feeling uneasy.

Jill suspects Neil is trying to rip Callum off and she calls his bluff.

She's stunned when Neil reveals he knows exactly who she is and blackmails her to let the inflated car sale go through -

threatening to tell Callum the truth about her criminal past if she doesn't co-operate.

TK's in sole charge of the ED while Maxwell attends a meeting.

He's faced with a difficult patient but is confident that he can handle it.

However, when the patient deteriorates TK realises that he's out of his depth and calls Maxwell.

But Maxwell is out of contact and TK panics.

He's relieved when Maxwell returns and helps with the patient.

Maxwell manages to stabilise the patient, and berates TK for not calling earlier, leading to Sarah calling them into a meeting with the CEO.

Shane is busy and Sarah is forced to dish out the discipline.

She decides that Maxwell is to blame and TK feels guilty.

Sarah is unimpressed when Shane insists on running the presentation for the surgical tourism software.

She knows he's only doing it to make himself look good. 

Sarah reports the presentation to Daniel who reacts badly.

Paige feels for him and, unbeknownst to Daniel, convinces Shane to give Daniel a share of the profits.

Shane is pleased when the website launch gets off to a good start, and doesn't clock a smiling Daniel watching on.

Shane tries to show off the website but Daniel has hacked it, and Shane ends up looking like an idiot.

He finds Daniel and tears a strip off him, grabbing him by the collar.

Daniel is thrilled when he orchestrates for the press to witness Shane's assault, but is dismayed to learn that ruined his own chances in the process.

Jill is relieved when Hunter derails Neils attempt to rip Callum off.

But Neil makes it clear that he could reveal Jill's past to Callum whenever he chooses.

Jill fears that Neil plans to do so when he arranges to meet Callum the next day.

Jill gets to Neil first and gives in to his blackmail by giving him money.

Callum observes this and is taken aback.

He collars Jill as she leaves the car yard, and Jill realises she has to come clean about her past.

Jill confides that she has a criminal past and lied about it to get through nursing school, tearfully stating that Neil could ruin her career if he wanted to.

Callum is furious and confronts Neil, demanding the money back and threatening to fill Neil's boss in on his underhanded dealings.

Jill is grateful, and she and Callum share a warm moment.

Tuesday 7th June (ep 4756) 

Sarah is appalled to learn of Shane's assault on Daniel.

She angrily confronts Shane and hopes the DHB throw the book at him.

Her sympathy for Daniel grows when he takes responsibility for his actions and fears that he's lost Paige.

Shane seeks support from Gabrielle, but she will not condone his actions and they break up.

Gabrielle cautions Sarah to be diplomatic when she guesses Sarah's personal take on the case may influence her professional judgement.

Sarah takes this on board and makes sure the DHB deal with Shane fairly.

Rachel is concerned for Jonathon when he rails against his lack of independence.

She devises a system to help him around the house.

But when it goes wrong, she realises that he needs a lot more help than he's letting on.

Phoenix falls out with Jasmine when she pressures him for sex again.

He feels better when Jonathon gives some advice on being honest about what he wants in a relationship.

Later, he's concerned to learn that his Uncle Brian has been in an accident on his farm in Southland.

He tries to call Brian but can't contact him and Chris agrees to take him to check on Brian in person.

Wendy and Nicole seek confirmation that their plan to bring Scotty and Tracey together worked.

However, neither Scotty nor Tracey will give anything away.

Scotty asks Wendy and Nicole to deliver a body to a single room for collection by a funeral director but after they have, Tracey sneaks in and removes it.

Scotty blasts Wendy and Nicole for losing the body and they fear that Scotty will punish them severely unless they find it.

Eventually they locate the body and they jokingly lampoon Scotty.

But they're shocked when the body sits up - it's Scotty, he was in on the practical joke all along.

But Nicole is taken aback and reacts instinctively, hitting Scotty in the face.

Wednesday 8th June (ep 4757)

Scotty and Tracey enjoy themselves by winding Nicole and Wendy up about their unprofessional conduct.

Tracey is hopeful she's pregnant when her period is late but insists that she and Scotty not get their hopes up.

Despite this, Tracey is disappointed when she's not pregnant after all.

Tracey is reminded of what she hasn't got when she sees an ex-boyfriend who is happy with children.

She believes that this is proof she may be infertile as she had unprotected sex for a year with her ex with no results.

Tracey believes she should be honest with Scotty about her fears but Nicole urges her to make absolutely sure first.

Off Scotty's commitment to baby making, Tracey decides to keep trying and not burden him with her concerns of infertility.

Chris and Phoenix arrive at Brian's farm finding it in disrepair and Phoenix is concerned when there is no sign of Brian who is recently out of hospital.

Chris realizes that Phoenix's knowledge and experience exceed his own on the farm and he agrees that Phoenix's concern for Brian is justified.

Chris insists they call off the search for Brian as night falls.

At the house, Chris demands Phoenix stay inside when gun shots are heard.

Chris is on edge but he and Phoenix are surprised by Brian appearing in the night, angry and bedraggled.

Sarah informs Maxwell that she will be responsible for assisting him with interviewing the candidates for the ED consultant's job in Shane's absence.

Maxwell infers that Sarah will be biased towards TK and Sarah takes offence.

In the job interviews, Sarah and Maxwell back different candidates with Maxwell excited by a high calibre contender for the role.

Sarah appeals to Maxwell to consider TK equally and Maxwell agrees.

TK's hopes of the job are dashed when Maxwell employs his first choice.

Sarah backs down when Maxwell presents her with some home truths.

TK worries that his career at Shortland Street is stalled and is swayed by a life changing proposition from Roimata to take a job elsewhere.

Thursday 9th June (ep 4758) 

TK's frustrated when new consultant Owen delegates the lions share of his work to TK.

Then Owen is promoted to HOD in Maxwell's absence.

TK decides to leave and Roimata is delighted. But Sarah doesnt want TK to go.

Sarah pleads with TK to stay - not just for the baby but for her.

TK is challenged by Sarah's emotional plea and he changes his mind.

Roimata is disappointed but TK claims he needs to stay for the baby, all the while knowing its really Sarah he's here for.

Rachel sadly declines her job in Wellington, aware Jonathon needs her support.

Jonathon realises he's costing Rachel her career and challenges Gabrielle to organise a second opinion to prove her diagnosis of hysterical blindness.

Gabrielle arranges for a specialist to examine Jonathon, who concurs with Gabrielle.

Rachel is relieved when Jonathon finally accepts the diagnosis and she suggests he offer Gabrielle a much-needed apology.

Jonathon follows her advice and his apology results in the promise of a dinner date with Gabrielle.

Brian's odd behaviour raises Chris' suspicions, and he decides to find out exactly what's causing it.

Phoenix is pleased when Chris insists they stay to help, but he's frustrated when Chris is determined to spend time alone with Brian to find out what he's hiding.

Phoenix warms to neighbour Suzy and encourages her to share what she knows about Brian.

Chris convinces Brian to let him check his badly wounded leg.

The wound is infected and Chris wants to take Brian to hospital.

Brian is resistant, and spins a story about neighbours stealing his land.

Phoenix arrives and angrily corrects that its Brian who's stealing land because he's unable to care for his own.

Brian viciously backs Phoenix off, causing him to flee.

Chris follows to reassure Phoenix and together they resolve to get Brian the help he needs.

But on returning, Phoenix is aghast to find that Brian has disappeared on foot - along with his shotgun.

Friday 10th June (ep 4759)

Plumbing problems at his flat cause Hunter to move in temporarily with Callum, and Jill is supportive.

However Hunter is becoming dependent on regular Roytocin to get him through his studies, and now that he has run out his tension grows.

He finds himself avoiding Jill to hide his edginess, but this only leads Jill and Callum to draw ever closer.

Jill is a little distant when Hunter tries to make up to her with intimacy.

Feeling paranoid, Hunter accuses Regan of coming between them again.

Both Regan and Jill deny it, but although Jill's denial is sincere, Hunter is unconvinced.

His tension cranks up a few notches when Paige refuses to continue supplying him with the drug.

A strungout Hunter lashes out at Jill in front of a dismayed Callum.

Evan urges Ula to confide in her father before he leaves to spend several months working in Australia.

She refuses, but Nicole picks up that something's wrong and prompts a fatherly chat.

Ula tries to open up, but chickens out and Maxwell leaves none the wiser.

Evan tries to cheer up a withdrawn Ula, until Jasmine's jealous teasing about Holden sees his good work undone.

Telling Jasmine off, Evan reveals that Ula never had sex with Holden.

Jasmine suddenly feels guilty for competing with Ula by pressuring Phoenix for sex.

Chris and Phoenix's worried search for Brian takes them to the neighbours farm, where Suzy offers to help by guiding them to where Brian has been sniping at them from.

Phoenix insists Brian wouldn't actually harm anyone, but starts to fear that he may harm himself.

They find him and a distraught Brian despairs that he has failed at everything.

Chris tries to negotiate a truce between the warring parties, but it's Phoenix who suggests a workable solution that involves the two farms pooling their resources.

Chris is proud of his son, and Suzy admits her attraction to Phoenix on the night before he leaves.

When Suzy kisses him, Phoenix feels ready for the sexual intimacy that he avoided with Jasmine.

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