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June on Shortland Street

Rachel clashes with Seth - Shortland Street on TV2

Chris Tempest plays Josh - Shortland Street on TV2

Beth Allen plays Brooke - Shortland Street on TV2

Shortland Street on TV2

Shortland Street on TV2

Shortland Street on TV2

As the winter weather hits will full force, so does the drama this month on Shortland Street!

Read on for our pick of the hottest stories that will be hitting your screens as our Winter Season continues this June…

Shortland Street CEO Rachel McKenna has struggled with her demons in the past, but these days she prides herself on always being on top of the game.

But with her both professional and personal life slipping away from her, this June she stoops to a worrying new low. 

When she discovers her own PA Henry Lee is conspiring against her, the stress overwhelms Rachel and she’s crippled by yet another anxiety attack.

A panicked and frightened Rachel finds a risky medical solution to calm her panic attack.

But her act of desperation is about to set off a dangerous new addiction that could risk both her family and her job.

Has Rachel finally gone too far?


Friends and former flatties Nicole Miller and Vinnie Kruse have both had a disappointing run of luck in the romance department.

Vinnie’s relationship with Emma crashed and burned after his drunken indiscretion with her best mate Kylie was discovered; while Nicole’s fledgling relationship with Boyd was doomed as soon as Brooke Freeman got her claws in.

Fed up with romantic dramas, the pair arranges a strictly singles night out on the town – no couples, no hook-ups.

But Nicole and Vinnie find themselves breaking their own rules when they wind up the night back at Nicole’s flat.  

Still buzzing from their night out, the couple are surprised to find themselves sharing a close moment.

Will these fun-loving friends find love where they least expect it?


The teens of Shortland Street are growing up and moving on this month with both Ula Levi and Jasmine Cooper facing new and very adult challenges.

Ula Levi finally has the chance to step up as she embraces her new ambition to become a paramedic.

But she has to start at the bottom and she’s forced to swallow some of that stubborn Levi pride when she takes on a job as an orderly.

Tune in this month to find out if Ula really has what it takes to succeed or if her fiery temper will get the better of her once again.

Meanwhile Jasmine Cooper is also considering a new career this month.

After receiving a dramatic makeover from Dayna, Jasmine’s new look quickly causes a stir on social media.

But no one’s more surprised than Jasmine herself when she’s approached by a professional photographer suggesting she should become a model!

But is it a genuine opportunity for Jasmine or does the older man have dubious motives?


After breaking up the marriage of much loved couple TK and Roimata Samuels , Josh Gallagher isn’t exactly Mr Popularity amongst his colleagues at Shortland Street.

So he’s pleased to find a drinking buddy in Harper Whitley and she eventually introduces him to her mysterious pal, Neil Hesketh.

Despite Harper’s warnings, Josh is taken in by the trappings of Neil’s luxurious lifestyle.

But Neil’s friendship comes with a very steep price and soon Josh finds himself entangled in a dangerous underworld from which he may not be able to escape…..


Unsure about becoming a mother again at such a late age, this month Wendy Cooper must make a decision about the future of her pregnancy.

While her husband Murray is keen for a new addition to the Cooper Clan, Wendy’s made it clear that she doesn’t think they can cope with a baby.

But when the couple receive a sudden windfall, Murray’s convinced their change in fortune means they can now afford to have another child.

But Wendy’s doubts aren’t quite as easily resolved as she considers whether she should still go ahead with the termination.

It’s the most difficult decision a woman can make and her choice will rock the stability of both her marriage and her family.


Master manipulator Brooke Freeman takes up a new cause this June as she sets out to help her new husband Boyd Rolleston climb the career ladder at Shortland Street hospital.

Determined for her talented surgeon husband to get the recognition he deserves, Brooke attempts involve herself into the power play between Rachel and Seth for Boyd’s advantage.

But when her investigations uncover a worrying (and highly illegal) conspiracy happening at the hospital, you can be sure that Brooke is going to use the sensitive information for her and her husband’s advantage!


Stay tuned for all this and lots more this June on Shortland Street!



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