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Shortland Street

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June 28 - July 02 2010

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Monday 28th June (One-hour episode ep 4519/4520)

Zoe calls off a meeting with Chris to discuss her new meal plan initiative.  He relates the strain to Dallas's failed surgery. 

Guilty, Chris asks after Dallas.  Zoe reveals Dallas isn't doing well and Chris feels even more compelled to make it up to Zoe. 

He suggests they publicise Zoe's meal plan initiative together but Zoe refuses, declaring that she doesn't want to be publicly associated with him.

Maia is preoccupied with keeping the netball team on track for their game against Central. 

TK can only make half, and then Scotty drops out with an injured knee.  Brooke becomes increasingly stressed as the pressure goes on to do well at the game. 

She appeals to Gerald to come to the game to support her but Gerald refuses.  The netball team is disappointed when the team t-shirts arrive with a spelling mistake. 

Yvonne offers to fix the problem and Maia gratefully accepts.  Later, Tania cannot play but Maia asks Nicole to take her place. 

Maia leaves a message for Nicole who is working a shift at Central. 

At the netball court, Yvonne turns up with new t-shirts which raise the team's morale. 

Maia's spirits are further lifted on Nicole's arrival but she's gobsmacked when Nicole reveals that she's playing for Central. 

Kieran is thrown by the reappearance of Jane with an offer she says he can't refuse.  

Jane insists she has strong feelings for him and wants him to sell up and move with her to Thailand. 

When Kieran refuses, Jane gets bolshy, revealing that all her scam money is gone and she needs more. 

She threatens that if Kieran won't come with her, she'll tell the police and everyone else she has proof he killed Morgan. 

Later, Kieran hears Jane talking to his bar staff and Daniel, suggesting that she and Kieran are an item. 

Furious, Kieran gives Jane her marching orders and calls her bluff.

Jane decides to go straight to Sophie with her story.  Kieran grabs her to stop her and Jane lunges at him.  

Kieran falls, bashing his head. 

Despite Brodie believing he's found the perfect flat, Hunter still refuses to move in with him. 

But Brodie goes ahead and agrees to take the flat, hoping to talk Hunter round. 

Against his better judgement, Hunter is railroaded by Sophie and Brodie into viewing the flat. 

He likes what he sees but is still against living with Brodie. 

Brodie offers to cancel out the debt Hunter owes him if he moves in, and Hunter agrees.

When Hunter goes to the bar to hand over his share of the rent money, he catches Brodie buying drinks for an older woman. 

The 'Shortie Ferns' pull together and try to ignore Nicole's defection to the Central team.  

Brooke is frustrated when she is left on the sidelines.  Tracey is angry when Nicole's skilful blocking causes her to miss a shot.  

Nicole realises that her friends take her defection seriously. 

At half-time Brooke proves herself by scoring a two-pointer, putting the Shortie Ferns in the lead. 

The rest of the team rally, intent on winning the game.  To their dismay the Central team proves too tough and the Shortie Ferns are defeated. 

Afterwards they go to the bar for commiseration drinks - to which Nicole is not invited. 

Just as Brooke is enjoying herself, she is hailed by her drunken mother, her unexpected arrival in town threatening to ruin everything. 

Callum worries for his daughter's emotional wellbeing when he witnesses Kieran being brought into ED. 

Callum grows suspicious about the nature of Kieran's accident when Rachel points out he has a lot of enemies. 

Kieran undergoes emergency neurosurgery, and Callum finally gets through to Sophie, who is shocked. 

Sophie doesn't pass the information on to Brodie and Kieran. Meanwhile, Jane finds herself worrying too much for Kieran. 

Sophie continues to evade Callum's calls, but Callum instead rings Hunter, who urges Sophie to visit.  

She does, and is relieved to hear the surgery was successful, though Chris is unable to promise there won't be lasting brain damage. 

Sophie is shocked when Kieran begins to have a seizure.


Tuesday 29th June (ep 4521)

Annette manipulates Brooke into putting her up for the night.

Gerald advises Brooke to talk with Chris about rehab options for Annette. 

Chris proves helpful.  Brooke realises that Annette is trying to flee back to Sydney to escape rehab and confronts her, pleading she stay and allow Brooke to support her. 

Annette agrees, and upon hearing of Brooke's broken-heartedness, determines to find out more about her breakup with TK.

Isaac meets Eileen for a hip operation consultation.  Eileen is an elderly woman who is hoping to be bumped up the waiting list for a hip operation. 

Wendy, her neighbour, has driven her in, and sits in on the consultation. 

Sarah reluctantly realises she has no choice but to cut Wendy's hours until she can find more doctors to staff the general practice. 

Wendy's aggrieved when she hears Isaac won't bump Eileen up the list. 

She encourages her to seek a second opinion.

Maia's sense of betrayal continues when Nicole neglects to see the implications of her deception. 

Nicole makes a successful plea for forgiveness, though Maia is left uncertain whether Nicole's bad behavioural pattern will cease.

Still upset and confused after witnessing Kieran's seizure, Sophie struggles to keep her emotions in check. 

Chris reports Kieran's neurological improvement, and Sophie feels compelled to visit once more. 

She is unsettled to realise Kieran's memory has lapsed back to happier times during their engagement. 

Thrown into turmoil, she starts to long for those happier times herself, but Hunter believes Kieran is faking amnesia.

He confronts Kieran, harshly reminding him of the pain he caused Sophie. 

Jane uses the amnesia for her own benefit.  She fabricates a story of their happiness and plan to sell up and leave Ferndale.  Kieran believes her. 

Meanwhile Sophie learns of Hunter's ambush and determines to support Kieran through this. 

She arrives to find Jane at Kieran side, claiming it as her rightful place. 

Kieran knows no better, and makes no objection to Jane ordering her out. 


Wednesday 30th June (ep 4522)

After her confrontation with Jane, Sophie vows never to care for Kieran again. 

Jane accidently triggers a memory in Kieran, which leads to the rest flooding back - including him killing Morgan. 

Disgusted, he orders Jane away.  She reiterates her threat of blackmail but realises it's no longer a bargain tool.  She flees. 

Kieran then pleads Gerald to bring Sophie to see him.  She does, and Kieran gives a heartfelt apology and begs for another chance. 

Sophie states firmly that they are through, but Kieran laments that his life is nothing without her.

She breaks down, giving Kieran hope that she still does care for him.

Brooke reluctantly reveals details about her past relationship with TK to Annette. 

Annette skilfully contrives a meeting with a wary TK, and wins points by blaming herself for many of Brooke's problems. 

She is encouraged when she elicits some praise of Brooke from TK, and reports to her daughter that he is clearly still interested. 

Gerald pours water on Brooke's hopes, and Annette recommends ditching Gerald as a friend. 

Brooke rebukes Annette for interfering, which Annette uses as an excuse to drink again.  But TK is pleasant to her after Annette's talk.

Wendy is frustrated when she seeks a second opinion from Chris, who backs Isaac's decision not to operate on Eileen. 

Then Isaac is shocked to learn that Eileen has had a nasty fall and wheels her in for emergency surgery, which means Eileen gets the hip replacement. 

Wendy is alarmed when she discovers that Eileen has a post-op infection. 

Wendy annoys Tania when she blames slacking nurses and poor cross-infection protocols.

Then Wendy is revealed to be the new bureau nurse.

Tania downloads to TK, who explains Wendy's struggles.  Tania feels she has judged Wendy harshly. 

TK comforts and the two are surprised when it turns into a lingering kiss.

Thursday  1st July (ep 4523)

TK and Tania spring apart after their kiss, knowing they both enjoyed it more than they should have. 

Wendy is sure she's interrupted something. Tania takes her frustrations out on her.  She determines to prove herself. 

Tania's guilt over the kiss comes to the surface when she comes across Isaac.  She doesn't tell him, and later she and TK agree to forget the kiss.

Wendy visits Eileen - who reveals that she deliberately caused her accident. Wendy feels terrible for accidentally giving Eileen the idea. 

Wendy makes up with Tania, revealing that she unfairly blamed her and Isaac over Eileen.

Maxwell returns from Samoa to find that Sarah is focused on the general practice and Daniel has left home.

He takes his frustration out on TK for moonlighting at the practice. 

Maxwell argues that if Sarah were in his place she wouldn't appreciate TK moonlighting either and Sarah is forced to agree. 

Maxwell receives winnings from a bet he laid months ago.  Maxwell is tempted to gamble but offloads the money to Daniel .

Daniel is reminded of his desire to put as much distance between himself and his mother as possible. 

He stuns TK by leaving for the airport.  TK and Sarah hurry to the airport to try and intercept Daniel.  They are too late.

Sarah learns that Maxwell gave Daniel the money he needed for his trip. 

Sarah tells him he has made a reconciliation with Daniel a physical impossibility. 

Tracey's intrigued when Warren Briggs arrives in the ED asking to see Scotty. 

Warren tells Scotty that a car tried to run him over but Scotty puts Warren's claim down to paranoia and delusion. 

Scotty tells Tracey that Warren is an old army buddy of his but is now a drug addict. 

Tracey attempts to cheer him up by insisting they go out for dinner. 

On their arrival home are shocked to discover Warren's dead body.


Friday 2nd July  (ep4524)

Scotty is shocked to find Warren dead.  Scotty blames himself for failing to help Warren. 

At work the following day, Tracey is surprised to learn Scotty has told no-one about Warren.

She catches Scotty unfairly admonishing Nicole.  Tracey corners Scotty and urges him to talk out his issues surrounding Warren and his time in the army.

Scotty insists that his troubled past remain where it belongs - dead and buried.

When Chris overhears Zoe criticise Nicole's praise of his surgical ability, he realises Zoe's negative opinion will be hard to change. 

But Zoe apologises for her outburst, leaving Chris pleased Zoe seems to be coming around. 

Callum and Rachel discover Central has already turned down Zoe's innovative meal plans.  

Zoe agrees to Rachel's suggestion of a menu taste testing, calling in help from Chris. 

Sarah despairs over her damaged relationship with Daniel.  TK tries to comfort her. 

When Sarah arrives home she takes her frustration out on Maxwell who is hurting from Sarah's lack of support regarding his gambling addiction. 

Meanwhile, Daniel shows up at Hunter's flat - his passport has expired and he was not allowed to board the plane.

Brodie works out that Daniel is hiding from Sarah and TK to avoid embarrassment.  Daniel plans to catch another flight as soon as his passport is renewed.

Hunter lets him sleep on the couch.  The next day, Sophie is surprised to discover Daniel at the boy's flat and she worries he is doing the wrong thing by hiding.

Daniel feels foolish when he has to hide from Gerald.  Daniel doesn't realise that Gerald has seen him.

Gerald reports the sighting to a stunned Sarah.  Sophie persuades Hunter to advise Daniel to stop being a coward and talk to Sarah. 

But just as Daniel decides to do the right thing Sarah arrives.  

Sarah asserts she wants nothing further to do with him, giving him a taste of his own medicine.