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Shortland Street

Weeknights at 7pm | TV2

June 21 - 25 2010

An unhappy Sarah Potts

Jane and Kieran

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Monday 21st June (One-hour episode ep 4513/4514)

After Sophie's rejection, Kieran vents his hurt and anger at Gerald. Gerald's hurt.  Brooke congratulates Kieran on pushing away his one friend. 

When Isaac comes across a miserable Kieran in the bar, he sets about cheering him up. 

Kieran can't resist Isaac's offer of friendship, but when Isaac insists on tipping him, Kieran questions how deep this friendship could run. 

When Isaac later presses more money on Kieran to squeeze him, Tania and his rich aunt and uncle into a busy restaurant, Kieran realises Isaac thinks that his wealth solves everything. 

Feeling bad about Sophie's fight with Kieran, Brodie suggests he and Hunter cheer Sophie up. 

Brodie wants a party but Hunter insists on planning a quiet dinner. 

Rachel's townhouse has maintenance issues and she books a hotel, but Hunter insists she stay with them. 

Rachel is tricked into giving Brodie some money for a cake for Sophie, inadvertently funding the party's liquor budget. 

Hunter comes home, ready to prepare dinner, and is shocked to find the party in full swing. 

Reuben doorstops Daniel, pressuring him for information about Loren's termination. 

Daniel's angered when he hears Loren is going to Sophie's party on the eve of her abortion. 

To placate him, Loren regretfully pulls out of attending the party.  But when tensions at home erupt, she storms out. 

Sarah challenges Daniel to think about his future with Loren after the termination.  He goes to the party to reconcile with Loren. 

When Daniel sees Loren has been drinking, he gets upset and makes an ugly scene.  Loren dumps him, revealing she no longer loves him.

An upset Loren arrives home from breaking up with Daniel at Sophie's party.  Sarah comforts her but Daniel arrives, demanding to speak to Loren alone. 

Sarah calls TK to pick him up and Daniel feels unsupported by his mother.  He vents to TK and TK hopes Sarah hasn't irreparably damaged her relationship with Daniel. 

Sarah feels that she has to support Loren who has no one else. 

Sarah and Loren return from the termination. Daniel is packing up his belongings.  Loren reveals that she is going to London to stay with her mother. 

Sophie is upset by Loren and Daniel's break up. 

Hunter is dismayed that all the good work he and Brodie did cheering her up has gone to waste. 

Brodie encourages Hunter to persevere with the party. Hunter is mortified when he discovers Brodie using Rachel's new hospital stethoscopes in a drinking game. 

The next day, Brodie allows Rachel to leave with the stethoscopes.  Hunter fails to reach Rachel before she hands the stethoscopes out to staff. 

Gerald and others notice that the stethoscopes reek of alcohol and fears that Rachel is drinking again.

Isaac causes Kieran further offence by asking him to go to extra trouble during his and Tania's dinner.  Kieran does so but charges him for it. 

Tania thinks that Isaac has offended Kieran but Isaac is confident the extra payment has made up for any offence. 

Later at home, Tania accidentally breaks a vase belonging to Chris. She's shocked to discover that it is worth twelve thousand dollars. 

She wants to pay for it herself despite insurance and Isaac's offer to cover it.  Isaac vents to Kieran who sees an opportunity to make Isaac pay for the way he's treated him. 

He offers to get in touch with an antique dealer friend who may be able to locate a replacement vase.  Isaac gratefully accepts.

Kieran pays a thief to steal the vase from a collector.  Kieran presents a photo of the vase to Isaac and claims that it costs fourteen thousand dollars. 

Isaac doesn't want Tania to pay this amount and Kieran helps out by telling Tania that the vase cost much less, with Isaac picking up the 'real' tab. 

Tania pays the lesser amount but discovers the deception.  She walks out on Isaac, furious.  Kieran revels in the trouble he has caused.


Tuesday 22nd June (ep 4515)

Kieran goes to Tania to confess his role in the fraud.  Tania berates Isaac for going behind her back. 

Isaac gets his $15,000 back from Kieran, who apologises for swindling him. 

He also advises Isaac that if he keeps throwing his money around, he will never be able to distinguish between real friends and people who are just using him. 

Tania is impressed with Isaac when he is willing to admit that his family wealth has cushioned his life to the extent that he feels unworthy of success. 

Rachel castigates Brodie and Hunter for being thoughtless idiots. She has no desire to hang around the student flat that the McKay house has rapidly become. 

Hunter demands that Brodie leave, but Brodie digs his heels in, buddying up with Sophie. 

Sophie laughs off Hunter's warnings about Brodie, insisting that he's a welcome distraction from her problems.  

Hunter takes radical action to solve his Brodie problem, telling Rachel that it's not necessary to give them space because he and Brodie are about to go flatting together.

Reuben is angry that Sarah has supported Loren's termination, and pulls out of the practice, leaving Sarah without any other doctors. 

She frets to TK that unless she can find two new GPs for the practice, it could have to close its doors. 

Thanks to Wendy's organisational and nursing skills, they cope with a large backlog of patients but are then alerted to an accident outside. 

Sarah and Wendy rush to the aid of the victim of a hit-and-run. 

After the emergency Sarah sends Wendy on her overdue lunch break. 

But Sarah is terrified to be confronted by a thief who pulls a knife on her, demanding money and drugs.


Wednesday 23rd June (ep 4516)

Sarah tries to fight back, but she is injured by the thief, who escapes with money. 

In ED, Sarah breaks down after her ordeal.  Daniel is shocked to learn of the robbery, but hardens his heart when TK explains that Sarah only has an injured hand. 

TK is dismayed when Daniel makes excuses not to visit her. 

However, when even Reuben is willing to put aside his grudge and assist Sarah after her misfortune. Daniel visits Sarah.

His concern for Sarah is expressed as anger when he learns that she fought back against a knife-wielding thug. There is no reconciliation.

Maia is annoyed that Nicole hasn't tidied up for Yvonne's return. 

Yvonne is happy to do the housework while she stays, but when Maia insists that her mother rest, Yvonne feels obliged to do so. 

Nicole understands Yvonne's need to keep busy as a way of dealing with her grief, and encourages it. 

However, when Maia finds Nicole lazing while Yvonne mends Nicole's clothes, she argues with Nicole about it. 

Yvonne feels bad to have caused conflict between Maia and Nicole. 

She makes a point of reminding Maia of Nicole's kindness and sensitivity, and Maia feels bad for misjudging her.

After a romantic reunion, Callum is shocked when Rachel alerts him that his position as CEO is under threat. 

Rachel urges Callum to remain calm in his dealings with Nugent.  However in their meeting Callum loses his temper. 

Racheldecides to make the takeover harder for the DHB by resigning. 

Chris and Callum are shocked by her decision.  Callum appreciates Rachel's loyalty and argues that she is risking her whole career.

He can't persuade Rachel to change her mind about resigning.  However an emotional appeal from Chris gives Rachel food for thought. 

She returns to Callum and tells him that his arguments have made her change her mind, and that she is now resolved to stay and fight. 

Rachel tells herself she's opting to stay for Callum, not Chris.


Thursday 24th June (ep 4517)

Chris is bolstered by Rachel's decision to stay.

Callum sees a way to make his mark on the wider community by improving hospital food.  Callum enlists Zoe's help as a nutritionist. 

Rachel's reminded of how impressive Callum can be. 

So when Chris pushes for closer professional contact, Rachel distances herself by encouraging Chris and Zoe back together.

Tania fears the truth will come out when Chris reacts strangely to his new vase. 

Privately, Chris has realised he doesn't like it.  She covers her nerves by praising the vase's beauty, but Chris assumes she genuinely likes the vase and gifts it to her. 

Tania realises Chris is genuine.  Isaac and Tania takes the vase home to Tania's place, where much to Isaac's amusement, it is accidentally broken.  

Tania is hurt by his mockery of her failed attempt to do the right thing. 

TK challenges Daniel to forgive Sarah, reminding him of the importance of family. 

Reuben asks Daniel to log him into Sarah's computer so he can help run the practice while Sarah recovers. 

Reuben encourages Daniel to cut his ties with Sarah and move on in his life. 

At the practice, Sarah's impressed that Reuben has put aside their personal differences to help her. 

Daniel surprises TK with his plan to take the job he was offered in Indonesia, leaving next week. 

TK worries that Sarah and Daniel will never reconcile if Daniel leaves. 

He reports Daniel's plan to Sarah, who becomes distraught at the thought that her mistakes will again push Daniel from her life. 

When Wendy reports Reuben's odd behaviour at the practice to Sarah, Daniel realises Reuben is stealing Sarah's patient base. 

He confronts Reuben, but a conflicted Reuben think it's only fair Sarah should suffer, given the pain she's caused them. 

Will Daniel tell Sarah of Reuben's deceit?

Friday 25th June  (ep4518)

Sarah is caught out on a lie about being in phone contact with Loren, and fears she's blown her last chance with Daniel. 

Daniel decides not to tell Sarah about Reuben's nefarious plan, but sabotages TK as well by keeping his secret. 

Daniel comes clean when TK juggles his ED shift to work at the clinic. 

TK passes on the bad news to Sarah, who is determined to make Reuben pay. 

Reuben states that she deserves to be ripped off and hopes Daniel will never trust her again. 

Sarah is dismayed when Daniel claims to have helped for TK's sake only.

Tracey is upset to realise Nicole and the other nurses believe she's being given special treatment because she's Scotty's girlfriend. 

TK is thrown when Tracey is uncharacteristically uptight with him and the patients.  Tracey overworks herself in an attempt to prove she's not teacher's pet.

Scotty tells Tracey that he's booked her in for a training course and invites her out to dinner, but she refuses both. 

Scotty offloads to Chris, who points out that it's Scotty's reputation that's at risk, not Tracey's. 

Scotty challenges Tracey to have more faith - or their relationship might not survive.  Tracey agrees to stand up to negative talk instead of buying into it. 

Sophie is frustrated when Callum treats her like a child, micro-managing her uni homework. 

Sophie agrees to let Brodie help her change her image in an effort to distance herself from Callum and Kieran. 

Drunk, Sophie and Brodie make a late night stop at the I.V.  Kieran takes Sophie's new image and her arrival as proof she's not over him. 

He winds Sophie up and Brodie has to drag her away. 

Kieran is left hopeful that she still has unresolved feelings for him. 

But his happiness fades with the arrival of Jane, who's here to make him an offer, she says, he cannot refuse.