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June 13 - 17 2011

Amelia Reid as Bella Cooper - Shortland Street TV2

Benedict Wall plays Owen Sutherland on Shortland Street TV2.

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Monday 13th June (ep 4760/4761) One-hour episode 

A medical journal publishes an article on Dilocin but doesn't mention Brooke.

Aware that she took credit falsely, Brooke is relieved.

When Brooke is overlooked a second time, Winston becomes concerned that Brooke's embarrassment over her father's infamy has given her self esteem issues.

He goes out on a limb, informing the medical journal of their error.

But instead of being pleased, Brooke is furious.

She sends Winston from her sight. However, Winston is picked up by Nicole, who insists he needs to broaden his social horizons.

Regan attempts to win favour with Jill, but Jill instead urges Regan to get medical help for his illness.

Bella attempts to make up for not believing Regan earlier by offering her support.

However, Regan claims he has given up on standard medicine.

Bella researches alternative therapies but Wendy gives her a sharp reality check about the likelihood of finding a miracle cure.

Meanwhile, Regan makes headway wooing Jill when he reminds her of their past romance.

Through Brooke, Bella learns about the placebo effect and begins to think that thought alone might be enough to help Regan.

She approaches him with her ideas, but in doing so interrupts Regans romantic plans for Jill.

Regan rudely rejects Bella, unaware that Jill has entered and has observed his true nature.

A desperate Hunter implores Paige to give him drugs but she stands firm.

They begin their rotation in ED and Hunter proves to be woefully unprepared.

He tries again to get drugs from Paige, but instead finds himself sent home by TK.

At home he takes his frustration out on Callum, who begins to believe issues with Jill are the root of Hunter's malady.

Failing to find the drugs he needs in Callum's medicine cabinet, Hunter calls an old friend from med school.

He buys drugs from his friend, but is unsure of their quality.

Later, he arrives home to find Callum, Jill and Paige waiting for him.

Drugged up, he makes a fool of himself, leaving a shocked Paige certain that they have both been outed.

Regan tries to make up with Bella for Jill's benefit, but Bella is unmoved.

Determined, Regan justifies his anger to Bella, explaining that his one true love is Jill.

Bella feels awful and begins to believe that Regan is right - he and Jill belong together.

His efforts to befriend Bella fail to make an impression on Jill.

But Regan's hope is renewed when Bella declares her dedication to reuniting Regan and Jill.

Regan chooses to prolong the friendship, hopeful that Bella will be useful after all.

Dragged out socialising with Nicole and Roimata, Winston struggles to forget Brooke's moods.

But Nicole is determined that Winston enjoy himself.

Winston loosens up under the influence but he's saddened the next day when Brooke continues to snub him.

But Brooke faces a problem of her own when Nadia Hammett arrives, wanting to discuss Brooke's dilocin discovery.

Brooke panics as she stole the discovery from Nadia's deceased husband Lars.

When it appears Nadia is ignorant of Lars' work Brooke fobs her off - only to be forced into a collaboration via Sarah.

Nadia's insistence leaves Brooke convinced Nadia has a hidden agenda.

Callum and Jill are appalled by Hunter's apparent intoxication.

Paige takes over, taking Hunter to his room to prevent him from telling Jill and Callum about the drugs he's taken.

Hunter blames Paige for his state, claiming he'd be fine if she hadn't cut off his Roytocin supply.

Paige is concerned and resolves to help Hunter.

Hunter is dismayed when TK loads him up with more reading.

Believing he needs Roytocin to see him through, Hunter pressures Paige to supply him.

Fearful of exposure, Paige proffers the name of her doctor.

Desperate, Hunter visits Doctor Elliott and trades in his morals for his Roytocin fix.

Tuesday 14th June (ep 4762) 

Hunter is relaxed after taking Roytocin. He charms Jill and convinces her to give him another chance.

But he's concerned that Paige will know hes still using Roytocin and lies that his change in behaviour is due to a strict diet.

Callum is pleased to observe that Hunter has turned his life around and is back on track with Jill.

When Hunter does well in the ED, Paige feels guilty for questioning Hunter's confidence by presuming he's on Roytocin.

Paige realises that Roytocin may be to blame for the problems in her life and she decides to follow Hunter's lead and quit.

Hunter feels like a fraud.

Brooke is unsettled by Nadia's claims of wanting to pursue Lars' research.

Nadia has astute questions for Brooke, which she struggles to answer.

Brooke checks Lars' old notes for details on his early research so that she can answer Nadia's questions.

Brooke fumbles for information to give Nadia so Winston suggests that Brooke give Nadia her notes.

Nadia pushes to see the notes so Brooke comes up with a plan to get Nadia off her back by painstakingly copying Lars' work in her own hand.

TK feels frustrated when Owen shirks work, then takes over his patient.

Despite Roimata's bolstering, TK's shift in ED doesn't improve and he suspects Owen of having it in for him.

But TK has a win with a complicated diagnosis and he believes he has shown his worth to Owen.

An irritated Owen gives TK a lecture about working hard and not seeking prestige.

TK makes a restaurant booking and looks forward to surprising Roimata with a special night.

TK flounders when Owen leaves him with a critical patient and no information.

Scotty tries to bolster but TK still has a hunch Owen has it in for him.

Later that night Roimata has to cancel their date because Owen has asked her to work a double shift.

TK's suspicions of Owen are confirmed - Owen has a personal grudge against him. 

Wednesday 15th June (ep 4763)

TK is determined to prove Owen wrong and goes above the call of duty by leaving the ED to help a patient.

However, it only lands TK in more trouble when an MVA arrives while he's away and Owen chastises him.

TK is frustrated and Sarah picks up on his tense relationship with Owen.

TK admits that Owen has a personal grudge against him but urges Sarah to let him fight his own battles.

Protective of TK, Sarah can't help getting involved and she tells Owen off for being unprofessional.

Owen's surprised by Sarah's interference and Brooke reveals the personal connection between Sarah and TK.

Owen confronts TK, convinced more than ever that he is still the same lazy and unprincipled person he was at medical school.

TK angrily defends himself and is left aware that he has made an even greater enemy of his new boss.

Bella hopes that she and Daniel will be able to distract each other from their broken hearts.

But she struggles to get Brodie off her mind.

She witnesses tension between Daniel and Paige and Daniel insists that he and Bella both need something to focus on to forget their exes.

Daniel is delighted when Bella helps him secure a new job opportunity and hugs her.

Bella's further thrown when Daniel gives her chocolates as a thank you gift.

Bella doesn't realise that the chocolates were originally a gift for Paige, with whom Daniel is making tentative steps towards reconciliation.

Bella discusses her suspicion that Daniel has romantic feelings for her with Wendy.

She decides that she likes Daniel and thinks he'd be the perfect person to help her get over Brodie.

She waits for Daniel at the bar and tells Paige that Daniel is no longer interested in her.

Expecting to have dinner with Daniel, Paige is hurt and Daniel is confused when she walks out on him without an explanation.

Worried about her fertility, Tracey decides to have it tested.

She keeps the test a secret from Scotty, unwilling to upset him with her concerns.

Tracey faces an anxious wait before she receives her results and learns that she has low fertility.

Thursday 16th June (ep 4764) 

Sarah discovers an upset Tracey who has just learned she has low fertility.

Sarah urges her to tell Scotty and to Tracey's relief he is very supportive.

However, Scotty tries to fix the problem by talking to a fertility specialist, leaving Tracey feeling pressured.

Sarah has a word to Scotty and he backs off, and pledges his unequivocal support.

Daniel resolves to enjoy himself despite Paige's rejection and enlists Bella as a drinking buddy.

Bella grows more enamoured and the next morning a hung-over Daniel wakes in her bed.

After an embarrassing talk with the Coopers, Daniel worries that he and Bella had sex.

He confides in Hunter who finds it hilarious, and then accidentally feeds Bella's growing hopes of romance.

Daniel attempts to make amends with Paige, but Bella plants a kiss on him, putting him back in square one.

Hunter keeps to his word and devotes time to Jill.

However, Jill is holding back and she is unsure why.

Regan attempts to poison Jill's view of Hunter but this only leads Jill to quash her misgivings and commit further to Hunter.

Regan wonders why he even bothers wasting his time on her.

When Wendy asks more questions about his cancer, Regan decides he's had enough.

He sells the remaining drugs he stole from Brodie and Holden at rock bottom prices and prepares to flee the country.

However when Jill becomes emotional upon learning her terminally ill friend is leaving, he wonders whether there is still hope in him staying.

But Jill finds the large quantity of cash in his bag and cornered, Regan turns nasty.

Jill fires up in return, accusing Regan of faking his cancer and she feels bad as soon as she says it.

The fight escalates and Jill runs to Callum.

He does his best to offer support and the two of them end up in each other's arms.

Friday 17th June (ep 4765)

Overwhelmed with guilt for kissing Callum, Jill flees to Hunter to confess.

However Hunter gets in first, declaring his love for her, and Jill finds she can't confess - and nor return Hunter's declaration.

She tries to confide in Nicole, but is thwarted and firmly backs off a concerned Callum.

Regan finds her upset and makes a passionate bid to convince Jill to put her mistakes behind her and leave Ferndale.

When a worried Hunter can't find her, he goes to Callum.

Callum locates Regan, and an argument ensues as Callum demands to know what Regan did to upset Jill.

Nicole interrupts their clash to reveal that Jill has just quit her job, paid up her flat bills, and fled.

Rachel is concerned that Jonathon is still making no progress with his psychiatrist.

Meanwhile Shane tries wooing Gabrielle again, making a point of apologising to Daniel and making peace.

An unconfident Jonathon tries to back out of his planned dinner date with Gabrielle , but she insists he give it a try.

Jonathon finds the noisy restaurant intimidating, unable to filter out other peoples jabber.

Gabrielle distracts him with the discipline of mental chess.

It helps him to cope, but when Shane interrupts their meal and clearly wants to spend time with Gabrielle, Jonathon insists he doesnt want to cause conflict.

However, Gabrielle opts to reject Shane in favour of finishing her date with Jonathon, whose company she clearly prefers.

Brooke admits to Winston that she has been forced to copy Lars Hammett's journal in her own hand to conceal the truth from Nadia.

The ruse works, and Brooke is relieved when Nadia departs Ferndale.

However, before she leaves Nadia is introduced to Wendy, who sings Lars' praises for being so personally helpful to Brooke.

As Brooke revels in the good news that the Tan-Chee Corporation have decided to give her more money, a grim Nadia returns from a trip to the Ferndale police.

Nadia has now read the police report and heatedly accuses Brooke of seducing her husband.  

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