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Shortland Street

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July 12 - 16 2010

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Monday 12th July (One-hour episode ep 4531/4532)

Wanting to impress Zoe, Isaac manages to persuade his post-op oncology patient to adhere to the diet plan by offering to follow it himself. 

By the time he receives his special diet meal for lunch, Isaac is famished.  He's about to dig in when Maia interrupts - she needs the diet meal for a patient. 

It results in him cheating on his diet so he has the energy he needs for his upcoming surgery. 

Isaac is made to feel a laughing stock for his lack of will power.  He hopes no one will tell Zoe about his failing. 

Penny agrees to have lunch with Brodie when he offers to help her with her orderly duties. 

To Penny's dismay, Scotty catches Brodie helping her and reprimands her. Tania advises her on how best to deal with Scotty - stick to the rules.

Maxwell continues to protest his arrest. His trip to the station is derailed when D.I Woods is called to attend a robbery in progress. 

Maxwell is instructed to stay put while Woods investigates.  

Hunter realises the shopkeeper, Mr Poh, is injured and ambulance protocols prevent him from helping before the scene has been secured by police. 

Hunter is surprised to see Maxwell in the back of the unmarked police car.  He confirms that Maxwell is an ED doctor and Woods is forced to release him.  

Maxwell rushes into the shop to help Mr Poh.  Gus, the robber, cannot stop Maxwell attending to him. 

Mr Poh's injuries are severe and Maxwell tries to persuade Gus to release them.  Gus would rather die than be taken into custody. 

Maxwell and Gus bond over issues of family.  Maxwell manages to convince Gus to help him save Mr Poh's life. 

Just as they stabilise Mr Poh, D.I. Woods rushes in with back-up and viciously arrests Gus. 

Gus accuses Maxwell of setting him up.  Maxwell tries to assuage him by stating that saving a life is something he and his boy can be proud of. 

Gus resists arrest.  As Woods and the A.O.S try to restrain him, Gus falls, and hits his head hard on the floor.

When Penny runs an errand for a patient, Tania and Yvonne advise her to stick to her job description. 

When a chocolate bar that Penny bought as a favour for a patient accidentally goes to another patient, ruining their low carb diet, Zoe is unimpressed. 

Penny ends up being questioned by Scotty. Hunter jumps to Penny's defence and Scotty puts the mistake down to a simple communications error.

Nicole tells Zoe that Isaac cheated on his low carbohydrate diet.  Isaac decides to commit to the diet once again, only to draw Tania's disapproval.

Determined to win back ground with Zoe, Isaac bakes a carbohydrate free cheesecake to show his dedication to the diet plan. 

Zoe's impressed and when Chris is out of the room, she and Isaac engage in some dangerous flirting. 

Chris reveals he's been promoting her diet regime with very influential friends round the country and in Australia. 

Isaac feels overshadowed, but when he leaves, Zoe once again refuses romance with Chris. 

Maxwell is horrified when D.I. David Woods wants to take Gus down to the station but Maxwell insists that Gus needs medical treatment. 

At home, Sarah is given food for thought when she learns that Maxwell hasn't been gambling. 

Gus is brought into the ED and Tracey urges Maxwell to stand down.  He reluctantly does so but vows to stay with Gus. 

When Gus gains consciousness he panics and tries to leave.  A power struggle ensues between Maxwell and Woods and TK is forced to evict Maxwell from the ED.  

Later Sarah apologises for not believing in him and they mend their rift. 

But Maxwell is shocked when Woods turns up on his door with Maxwell's estranged daughter Ula


Tuesday 13th July (ep 4533)

Murphy surrenders Ula to Maxwell's charge. Ula explains she is in Auckland to visit friends. 

However, Maxwell has no intention of letting her go without contacting Vasa first. 

Ula explains that Vasa is overseas so Maxwell rings her stepfather.

He arranges for Ula to get a flight back the next morning, hoping they will have some time to bond.  

Sarah urges him to tell Ula the truth about how Vasa has poisoned her with lies, but Maxwell doesn't want to damage his chances with Ula. 

Sarah tells Ula how Maxwell suffered when she and Vasa changed their plans to visit at Christmas. 

Maxwell prepares to take Ula to the airport but Ula asks to stay. She wants to get to know Maxwell better.

Sophie collects a DVD from Brodie and Penny, preparing for a date with Ash. 

Brodie tries his luck with Penny again, but she backs him off. 

At the IV, Brodie learns that Kieran is short-staffed. He  uses his knowledge about Sophie's new relationship with Ash to score himself a trial as barman. 

He turns up for work, only to find that coffee making is an essential skill.  He gets another member of staff to do it for him. 

Penny arrives and orders a coffee and Brodie gives her Zoë's coffee instead. 

He quickly makes Zoë a crappy coffee, but since Chris's is okay, he and Zoe leave without making a complaint. 

Later, Brodie eavesdrops on Sophie to earn points with Kieran.

Scotty encourages Nicole to do a shift in the ED.  Nicole worries that she doesn't have enough experience.

Nicole annoys TK in the ED.  She misdiagnoses a patient and TK makes a point of putting her in her place.

So when she next has a gut instinct she stymies it.  A six year old, Billy, is admitted with a splinter in his hand. 

Nicole is impressed with TK's approach when he distracts Billy instead of giving him pain relief. 

Later, Billy doesn't flinch when Nicole gives him a Tetanus injection. 

Then Nicole notices something odd with Billy's walk.  TK points out that his notes show a pre-existing condition. 

Nicole has another theory but TK thinks if Nicole was right Billy would be in a lot of pain. 

She refuses to back down. Scotty is forced to put her in her place.


Wednesday 14th July (ep 4534)

Nicole feels hard done by when Scotty criticises her insubordination with TK. 

She also finds little support from Maia who thinks she should have bowed to TK's experience. 

Nicole cannot shake her concern about Billy and eventually decides to stand by her instincts and contact Billy's family. 

At the hospital, Nicole discovers that Billy and his mother have already asked TK to follow up on Nicole's suspicions. 

TK reports that her suspicions were correct and that they have led TK to diagnose Billy with a very rare disorder. 

Nicole realises that she has become more serious about work.

Brooke comes to work even though she is feeling unwell.  She puts her ill health down to her worry over Annette in rehab and is touched when TK is supportive. 

However, Brooke is less than supportive of Wendy when Wendy is late giving a patient their medication because she had to deal with a squabble between her children. 

Wendy stands up for herself and insists that she has rights as a working mother. 

However, Wendy feels bad when she discovers that the call from home was not an emergency. 

She confides this to Scotty. Scotty reveals Brooke's trouble with Annette and Wendy decides to apologise to Brooke. 

But Brooke rebuffs Wendy's apology, leaving Wendy disliking her even more. 

Brodie promises Kieran he'll get more info on Ash.  Meanwhile, Sophie is pleased when Ash impresses Callum. 

Hunter worries when Brodie reveals a sexual harassment complaint was laid against Ash a couple of years ago. 

He then learns from Callum that Ash is alone with Sophie.  Callum warns Hunter off interfering, but Penny convinces Hunter that he needs to act on this information.

Hunter confronts Ash. Later, Ash ends his relationship with Sophie, blaming Hunter. 

Sophie is furious with Hunter and angrily confronts him, telling him that he has ruined her first chance at happiness since Kieran. 


Thursday  15th July (ep 4535)

Hunter feels awful for upsetting Sophie, but Penny reassures that he did the right thing in warning Ash away. 

Determined to patch things up, Hunter tries to apologise to Sophie, challenging her to find out the truth about the harassment allegation against Ash. 

Sophie ignores him, angrily insisting on pursuing a relationship with Ash.  She arranges a meeting to tell him this and is bitterly disappointed when Ash rejects her. 

Her mention of the harassment charge just makes things worse.  Brodie is intrigued when Penny fills him in on the Sophie situation. 

He uses this information to secure a job at the bar, and Kieran is relieved to learn that Sophie and Ash are over. 

A lonely Sophie is hopeful when Ash turns up on her doorstep, but disappointed when he declares that he only wants to explain why they can't be together. 

Sophie is touched when Ash reasons that he can't inflict prejudice like Hunter's onto Sophie. 

Sophie takes a stand and says she wants Ash back. Sophie and Ash consummate their relationship. 

Yvonne is determined to do a good job when she fills in for a sick Gerald.  To her dismay, his workload is huge and she struggles to get things done. 

When Maia insists on helping, Yvonne allows her to pick up the catering for an important meeting. 

Determined to save Yvonne from embarrassment over her catering, Maia decides to ditch her order from the bakery in favour of sushi. 

Maia feels like an idiot when she learns Yvonne's catering was ordered to meet dietary requirements, which sushi doesn't fill. 

An irritated Yvonne decides to take back her independence and move back to her house.

Wendy appreciates Sarah's advice on how to deal with cold-hearted Brooke. 

When Zoe notices that Brooke is unwell, Wendy wisely chooses not to comment. 

Later, Wendy is unable to stay quiet when she picks up that Brooke still isn't feeling well. 

Brooke claims she is fine and tells Wendy to mind her own business.  Brooke is feeling sick but she doesnt want anyone to know.

Her symptoms worsen when Nicole accidentally hits her in the stomach with a netball.  Brooke misses netball practice due to feeling too sick.

Wendy suggests booking an appointment with her GP, just in case.  Brooke forces herself to ignore the pain when she cant secure an appointment with her GP until next week. 

Brooke almost collapses in pain in the locker room.  Shes discovered by Wendy and is frightened to realise that theres something seriously wrong with her.


Friday 16th July  (ep4536)

Brooke is in pain and Wendy wants to call for help, but Brooke has no intention of letting her colleagues in on her personal problems. 

She insists Wendy drive her to an after-hours clinic.  Wendy reluctantly helps Brooke out but TK becomes concerned that Brooke is unwell. 

Brooke downplays the seriousness of her complaint and hurries away. 

The next day, Wendy checks in on Brooke, who lies about the seriousness of her illness and grows angry when Wendy presses for details. 

Later, Gerald comes to see Brooke in her exam as she is heading out to her ultrasound. 

She is short with him, leaving him concerned about her sudden bad mood. 

Then Brooke lambastes Zoe about selling false hope to cancer patients through her new menu. 

Zoe mentions this to Wendy and Gerald and Wendy realises that Brooke is suffering far more than she is letting on. 

She confronts Brooke who admits cysts on her ovaries. 

After more disapproval from Hunter, Ash decides to legitimise his love by telling the university about his relationship with Sophie. 

Hunter laments to Brodie about Sophie's decision to continue seeing Ash. 

Kieran overhears and adds his disapproval, leading Hunter to retort that Ash is an infinitely preferable alternative to Kieran. 

Hunter bemoans to Penny about Sophie and Ash and Penny suggests trawling the internet for dirt on Ash. 

She tracks down the university student who Ash was alleged to have had an inappropriate relationship with but fails to uncover any new information. 

Hunter is uncomfortable with all this snooping and tentatively decides to give Ash the benefit of the doubt. 

Meanwhile, a happy Sophie and Ash run into Kieran.  He warns Sophie about Ash, and tells her that he plans to leave; without her there is nothing to keep him in Ferndale

Maxwell and Ula are bonding well but Maxwell must return to work. 

Sarah offers to spend time with Ula but is then called in to work herself.  Daniel offers to mind Ula who starts misbehaving the second Sarah is out the door. 

Daniel takes Ula to Sugar where Ula tries to tempt him into buying her alcohol.  Daniel turns his back for a minute and Ula steals money form his wallet and flees. 

Daniel tracks Ula down at the IV where she has been trying to coerce Brodie in to serving her. 

He drags her home and returns her to Sarah who is dismayed by Ula's bad behaviour. 

Sarah sends Ula to her room but Ula refuses and an argument erupts.  Sarah is forced to lay down the law when an unexpected visitor arrives. 

I'ts Vasa, demanding to know who Sarah is and why she is treating her daughter so badly.