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Shortland Street

Weeknights at 7pm | TV2

January 16 - 20 2012

Shortland Street on TVNZ Ondemand

Shortland Street on TVNZ Ondemand

Chris Warner and Rachel McKenna

Troubled teen Evan Cooper

Sarah Potts

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Monday 16th  January (4901)

Vasa ropes Ula into minding Tillie while Sarah waits for news of Daniel. Although she's daunted, Ula enjoys herself, but it only serves to remind her of the secret she's hiding.

After sex, Gabrielle quizzes a guilty Chris on how Rachel took the break-up, and he uneasily realises theres been a misunderstanding between them.

However, they're distracted by simultaneous calls from the hospital, and Chris doesn't get a chance to explain himself.

Hunter struggles to staunch Jill's bleeding as the police arrive. Wanting to share his success at work with Jill, Callum tries to call her again.

Police suspicions about Hunter grow as all tend to Daniel and Jill. Hunter's recognised by an ambo, and insists on keeping compression until Jill gets to hospital.

Rachel praises Daniel's work on the new project, leaving Sarah feeling positive about Daniel's future - and unaware of his injury.

Jill and Daniel arrive into ED, and the shocked staff set about saving their lives.

A dismayed Callum arrives into ED to see Jill being wheeled to surgery, and his heart sinks to realise Hunter was involved in the robbery that's left her clinging to life.

Sarah arrives and presses TK for information on Daniel, but it doesn't put her at ease - he needs emergency surgery.

A fearful Callum watches on as the team head in to operate on Jill, and he puts his faith in Chris to save her life.

Gabrielle begins operating on Daniel as Nicole comforts Sarah in the corridor. Meanwhile, Chris struggles to stabilise Jill. Hunter's questioned by the police, and demands a lawyer.
Sensing guilt, the police request Callum speak to Hunter. Hunter tries to lie, but when Callum icily states Hunter owes him the truth, he tearfully admits he carried out the burglary.

Callum is mortified, but in theatre things look up when Chris stabilises Jill. Daniel's surgery is a success, but Gabrielle warns an upset Sarah there could be brain damage.

Jill's surgery is also a success, to Callum's immense relief. However, she crashes after being wheeled out of surgery, and as Hunter flees custody, Callum is mortified to realise Jill's dead.

Tuesday 17th  January (4902)

Chris feels terrible that he couldn't save Jill's life. He feels even worse when Rachel clings to him in the wake of Callum's loss.

Torn between Gabrielle and Rachel, Chris asks Gabrielle for time but Gabrielle isn't prepared to lie for Chris and tells Rachel that she and Chris slept together.

Wrongfooted, Chris desperately tries to speak to an upset Rachel who refuses to listen to his excuses.

Chris knows he wants to be with Rachel and Gabrielle feels used. Chris realises that he needs to fight for Rachel if he wants to salvage their relationship.

However, Chris finds Rachel has packed a bag and is on her way out and he's left with the difficult task of explaining his behaviour to Phoenix and Harry.

Sarah's relieved to learn from the police that Daniel is innocent. When rumors spread about Daniel's involvement in the robbery, Sarah shuts them down.

Vasa realises that Sarah needs help and offers to move in for a few days so she and Ula can help Sarah with Tillie and free her up to visit Daniel.

Sarah gratefully accepts but Ula feels uncomfortable at the thought of spending time with Tillie when she still hasn't come to terms with her own pregnancy.

Callum is devastated by Jill's death and, wracked with guilt, Hunter flees to Bailey where he seeks oblivion in the prescription drugs they stole from the pharmacy.

Meanwhile, Callum feels ineffectual when he is unable to help the police in their search for Hunter.

Worried for Hunter, Callum seizes on Roimatas discovery that one of Bailey's possible associates is in the hospital.

Seeking him out, Callum becomes aggressive in order to find out where Bailey and Hunter are.

Brooke is appalled but Callum takes matters into his own hands and goes to Bailey's flat where he's shocked to find Hunter overdosed and close to death.

Wednesday 18th  January (4903)

Callum rescues Hunter, but unable to forgive the terrible consequences of Hunter's actions, he hands Hunter over to the police.

The harsh reality of Jill's death finally overwhelms Callum and he breaks down. Wendy offers to take Callum home but Callum is trying to cope and he insists he has work to do.

The DHB offers Rachel as interim CEO if Callum needs it. Callum decides to hand the job over to Rachel, aware he needs time to deal with Jill's death.

Wendy takes Callum home, but he struggles when he is confronted with reminders of Jill. Callum realises he can't bear to be alone and asks Wendy to stay awhile to keep him company.

Harry learns that Gabrielle is Chris' other woman and accepts that Gabrielle may become part of his life again. Chris is taken aback by this.  Gabrielle confides to Luke that she worries that she's hurt the children.

Later, Rachel announces to the staff that she is the interim CEO for Callum. Chris wants to discuss their relationship but a hurt Rachel refuses to talk unless its work related.

Chris is disappointed that Rachel isn't prepared to give him an inch.

Baby-sitting alone at Sarah's house, Ula decides to double check she's pregnant with a new pregnancy test. The test is still positive and Ula decides she must face Tom, but Ula's worst fears are realised when Tom reacts badly to the news.

However, after the initial shock, Tom calms down and Ula's hopes sky rocket when he suggests hell stand by her.

Feeling braver with Tom's support, Ula organises for Maxwell and Vasa to meet with her and Tom to break the news.  However, Tom fails to show and Ula is worried that she can't get hold of him.

Without Tom's support, Ula lacks the courage to tell her parents she is pregnant. Ula goes to Tom's flat and she is devastated to discover that Tom and his brother have left for good.

Thursday 19th  January (4904)

Oblivious to Ulas pregnancy, Evan is taken aback by her anguish over Tom. Ula tries to deal with the problem by booking a doctors appointment but cant bring herself to consider a termination.

She ends up confiding in Evan, who has been encouraged to support Ula through her heartbreak, and Ulas relieved when Evan agrees to keep her secret.

Brookes delighted when her plan for a memorial for Jill earns her kudos from other staff - only to have Bree steal her thunder with a better suggestion.

Bree notices Brookes annoyance and puts it down to a lack of attention from Vinnie. Trying to make things right, she encourages Vinnie not to give up on Brooke and shes pleased to witness a warm moment between them.

Gabrielle fears her emotional reaction to Chris is affecting her professional judgement.

She requests time off, but with a high profile neurosurgery weighing in the balance Rachel refuses and insists Gabrielle pull herself together.

Feeling bad for her part in breaking up Rachels relationship, Gabrielle makes an effort to be strong, only to botch a meeting with the high profile surgery patient.

Rachel is furious Gabrielle may have cost the hospital the surgery and she makes the decision to stand Gabrielle down indefinitely, telling herself its in the hospitals best interests.

Chris is concerned by Rachels overreaction and he challenges her to examine her motives - is she really doing whats right for the hospital or is she punishing Chris and Gabrielle?

Friday 19th  January (4905)

Sarah's thrown to learn Gabrielle has been stood down by Rachel.

Confronting Rachel, Sarah urges her to get over her personal issues and re-hire Gabrielle, for Daniel's sake as well as other patients.

Eating humble pie, Rachel apologises to Gabrielle and offers her job back, but Gabrielle's in two minds about accepting until persuaded by a persistent Sarah.

Gabrielle informs Chris she is staying but will keep her distance from now on.

She and Luke bring Daniel out of his induced coma, but to Sarah's anguish he has no feeling down one side of his body and is barely able to speak.

Murray and Wendy are reluctant to discuss Jill's death around Jasmine, who realises they still don't trust her. Determined to prove she's over her death fixation, Jasmine plans a kind gesture for Jill with Phoenix's help.

Jasmine hands out flowers at the memorial, and her family are impressed and reassured. However when she learns of the problems Phoenix is having at home, she feels guilty for having been so self involved.

Brooke is excited to learn Rachel is looking to appoint a second-in-command, and decides she needs to show off her skills to secure the job.

She's thrilled when her planning of Jill's memorial impresses Rachel. However, Nicole questions Brooke's connection to Jill, and Brooke frets people will detect her ulterior motives.

She is bolstered when Rachel invites her to an exclusive doctors dinner, but thrown when an emotional Bree reveals her adoptive mother's recent death, winning yet more sympathy from everyone.

When Rachel extends her dinner invitation to include Bree as well, Brooke is determined not to be upstaged again.

She spills red wine on Bree's dress, obliging her to return home and miss the dinner. However Vinnie witnesses Brooke's petty sabotage, and is disgusted.

Brooke is dismayed when Vinnie reveals she has put him off permanently

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