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Hope and charity

Josh tries to get close to Bella - Shortland Street on TV2

Josh Gallagher (Chris Tempest) returns from his sabbatical in Uganda next week on Shortland Street and he’s keen to pick up where he left off with Bella Durville.

“Josh feels it’s really important to prove himself to Bella,” Chris explains. “He wants to show her he is good enough for her, which he tries to do through stories of courage and bravery.”

But Bella insists on keeping her distance, even after Josh’s tales of the dangers he faced in Uganda, so he sets about organising a fundraising event for an orphanage in Uganda to impress her.

Crowds gather at The IV and with donations coming in thick and fast, it appears that Josh’s fundraiser is a success.

But it’s not a true Shortland Street party without something going wrong and before the night is over there’s a shocking surprise for one party-goer…

Stay tuned to find out whose night is about to be ruined!




Shortland Street, weeknights 7pm