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He's a Kiwi legend...

Phoenix returns to the family farm - Shortland Street TV2

Shortland Street welcomes a Kiwi acting icon back to our screens this week when Ian Mune returns to reprise his role as Phoenix's (Geordie Holibar) uncle, Brian Raynor.

Ian briefly appeared on our screens during the 90 minute feature in August of 2010.

We were introduced to his character Brian who turned up at Shortland Street to unite Chris Warner (Michael Galvin) with his previously unknown son Phoenix - born to Alison Raynor (Danielle Cormack), Phoenix.

"It's a thrill to be back on Shortland Street," says Mune. "Brian is such a strongly written character and Shortland Street is such an iconic show."

Moving forward to 2011, viewers learn that Brian is having trouble with the upkeep on the farm in Southland .

When Phoenix hears that his beloved Uncle Brian is having serious problems, he is quick to persuade his father that they need to head there to make sure that he is ok.

Mune reflects on how the character has moved on over the last year.

"Brian has found his fathering self late in life, unfortunately too late to cope with the demands of a child," says Mune. "Thinking he could just drop the child and carry on with his solitary farming life, he quickly realises life doesn't work that way."

Working with young star Geordie Holibar is an experience that Mune has enjoyed and he is quick to comment on his bright future.

"Geordie is a boy learning the trade," says Mune. "It's a great pleasure to work with any young actor that gets better and better, and Geordie is certainly doing that."

Awarded an OBE in 1991, Mune is regarded as a veteran of the New Zealand film and TV industry.

He has been involved in a huge range of projects as an actor (Pukemanu, Moynihan, Erebus); writer (Sleeping Dogs, Gloss, Goodbye Pork Pie) and director (The End of the Golden Weather, Came a Hot Friday, What Becomes of the Broken Hearted).

Although Mune is incredibly humble, other actors on Shortland Street are quick to applaud his career and speak highly of the mana he carries.

"It is really cool to be learning from a great actor such as Ian," says Holibar. "Every time he arrives on set, he teaches up something new about acting and how to compose yourself."

Ian Mune returns to Shortland Street this week, 7pm TV2.