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Have yourself a very Shorty Christmas

It's not all doom and gloom in Ferndale at Christmas time. From Santa's elves to Christmas carols, there has been pleny of festive fun on Shortland Street as well as the drama of the now-traditional Christmas cliffhanger.  Enjoy some Christmas cheer as we look back at some of the more light hearted Christmas moments to grace our screens...


The first Christmas episode featured a troop of tap dancing elves whose minibus had crashed on the way to the school concert.  The elves were brought into to be assessed and their teacher insisted they practice their entire routine in the clinic’s reception area for the entertainment of the New Zealand television audience.

Shortland Street’s second Christmas saw the clinic colleagues and family singing carols.  The big question was; who was singing out of tune?

In the final week of 1995 a truck crashed into the hospital and Carmen was struck on the head.  She seemed fine and on Christmas day Guy proposed to her and they pledged to be together forever. But the Christmas warm fuzzies were replaced with tears as  Carmen collapsed and died spoiling Christmas dinners for many Shorty fans.

Barb Heywood proved her affection for Sticky at Christmas time by braving her fear of being in the wards to visit him when he was sick, dressed as an Xmas fairy.

It was a relatively quiet Christmas in the grand scheme of Ferndale in 2006. Chris Warner spent time decorating the Christmas tree with son Harry, while Sarah chose to be with TK starting one of Shorty fans’ most favourite romances.

When Gerald Tippett suggested an Christmas party, serial killer Joey Henderson was quick to get on board with the idea and even suggested a staff sing along. Having everyone at the Christmas party at the IV gave him more freedom to plan his next victim………Meanwhile, the rest of the staff got right into the festive spirit with their Christmas carols.

As Shortland Streeters enjoyed a Christmas party at a vineyard, Yvonne and Ben finally made their relationship public and received (mostly) good wishes from the rest of the staff.


Tracey was trying to get in to the Christmas spirit when Scotty’s Capgras illness saw him finally lose all control and tried to kill his fiancée who he thought had been replaced with an imposter. Guess he really didn’t like those reindeer antlers!

Bella was horrified to discover her Xmas costume was a stripper outfit and Luke tried to reassure her. After passionately kissing Bella in the lift, he lost his balance just as the doors opened and accidentally tore half her outfit off. Bella and Luke were left embarrassed to be caught in a compromising situation in front of their colleagues.

It was a much more diginified affair the following year, when Bella and Luke had a winter wonderland themed wedding. Despite the tragedy that followed, it was a beautiful and touching Christmas themed ceremony.

The Coopers have already gotten into the Christmas spirit with their special family tree and stay tuned to catch some Christmas mischief from Nate and Kylie in the final week of Shortland Street for 2013!


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