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What happened in our 2012 season finale?

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Friday 14th December (5150)

In furious denial, Bella wants to proceed with the wedding, but Luke insists she take time to reconsider.

Back at the IV, Murray and Zac discuss Lisa’s accusations against Zac with Murray clearly still deceived by Zac’s manipulations.

At the Coopers house, Wendy comes across Bella deep in thought and tries to connect with her.

Bella decides against telling her mother about Luke's brain tumour and instead emotionally declares needs to be with Luke.

Though she tries not to show it, Roimata becomes increasingly uneasy that her assailant is at large.

After witnessing a fight between Josh and Lana, Roimata finally realises that he does have feelings for her and she beings to see him in a new and sinister light.

Next day the bride and groom get ready for the wedding.  At Matakino with Luke, Chris receives a call from Jared to tell him Gus has died. 

He excuses himself to go and support Jared, but promises he’ll be back in time for the wedding.

As their friends and family gather for the ceremony, Luke is pensive. He tells Evan that Bella doesn’t deserve him, she deserves better.

Evan tries to reassure but when Bella is late, Luke assumes she has made the “right” decision.

Meanwhile a cocky Zac continues to persecute TK, this time spiking TK’s drink.  He cleverly stage manages Josh to give it to TK.

Roimata confides in Zac that Josh does have feelings for her.  It’s a short jump for Zac to suggest Josh could be her attacker.

Chris makes it to the wedding just in time to get Luke ready to greet his bride-to-be

Bella is suffering a case of cold feet but spurred on by some wise words from Murray, Bella appears and happily marries Luke, in sickness and in health.

The romance of their daughter’s wedding draws Murray and Wendy closer together.

Zac stokes TK & Roimata’s misconception about Josh and winds a drugged TK up.

After the family photos, Murray and Wendy escape and share a tender kiss, paving the road to new union.

Meanwhile a woozy TK makes it behind the wheel of his ute at the wedding believing he must give chase to Josh.

The truck spins out of control, crashing head first into the newly reunited Murray and Wendy.

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Thursday 13th December (5149)


TK and Roimata are horrified to discover Lisa has been attacked and they take her to ED.

Meanwhile Zac shores up an alibi by deceiving Murray.

Though previously a detractor of Lisa, TK’s opinion is changed when she reveals she was attacked because she’s too close to the assailant.

Though Lisa won’t admit it, TK gets the feeling she knows who attacked her.

Assuming it’s Josh, TK takes hope that Lisa is about to prove him guilty.

However, Lisa is disappointed when her boss, DCI Roman Sylvester, takes her off the case.

Meanwhile an invincible Zac consolidates his relationship with Sarah and manages to rattle Josh, making him look guilty.

Determined to confront her attacker, Lisa arrives at the stag party and publicly accuses Zac.

When Zac’s airtight alibi proves Lisa is wrong, a frustrated TK urges her to listen to him and go after the real attacker - Josh.

Though a quiet night does them both the world of good, wedding stress soon creeps back into Bella and Luke’s world.

When Wendy and Murray reveal that the wedding cake is a disaster, Bella is so stressed that she hyperventilates, prompting concern that she may be having a Long QT attack.

Taking charge of wedding preparations, Luke’s stress and temper flare, as do his headaches, making him increasingly aware that something isn’t right.

Later, when Chris offers assistance, Luke is cagey and elusive over his movements.

Meanwhile, plans for the surprise hen and stag parties progress.

Murray and Wendy are so distracted with making a profiterole tower for the wedding, they forget about the parties, realising too late that neither Bella or Luke will welcome them.

When Wendy reveals the party plans to Bella, she’s unhappy, but realises there’s no getting out of it. She goes along with the hen party and begins to enjoy herself.

Meanwhile Luke receives a mysterious phone call and when he fails to show up for the stag night, Chris is concerned.

Later, Bella’s taken aback when Luke arrives at the hen party, revealing that he’s just been diagnosed with a brain tumour and he can’t marry her. Bella’s world comes crashing down.


Wednesday 12th December (5148)

Forbidden contact with Gus and about to lose her job, Vasa is at an all time low.

She’s pained to be unable nurse Gus through his last days, or say goodbye to him before he dies.

However, unexpected support arrives in the form of Luke, whose view of death and the afterlife as part of a continuum offers a small amount of comfort.

Luke continues to struggle under Bella’s oppressive Bridezilla regime, with pressure visibly taking its toll.

Unaware that he craves peace, Kylie and Boyd go ahead with plans of surprise hen and stag parties, viewing them as the ideal antidote to wedding pressure.

When stress leads to a dizzy spell outside theatre, Chris sends Luke away to begin his wedding leave.

After talking with Vasa, he finally puts his foot down with Bella and engineers romantic time alone to focus on what’s important.

Speculation over Lisa’s incompetence with the investigation continues.

Meanwhile, Zac enjoys progress with Sarah, and relishes having things on his terms. Bonding over a shared concern for TK’s mental state further secures this.

During a meeting with Sarah, Lisa starts to see how manipulative Zac is and her suspicions turn in his direction.

When she reveals to TK that she has a strong lead, TK is dismissive, assuring he’s heard it all before.

Determined to prove herself, Lisa plays on Zac’s ego. Quizzing him about TK's mental state she gains more valuable clues.

Smarting after Roimata’s unintentional rejection, Josh can’t handle being around Lana and ends their relationship with no explanation.

Devastated, Lana begins to suspect there’s a third party.

When she confronts Josh over Roimata, he doesn’t deny, prompting Lana to lash out over his twisted deceit.

When he realises Lisa has heard this, Josh fears he’ll be viewed as a more serious suspect, leading to a tense stand off with Lisa.

Later, an overconfident Zac realises that Lisa has played him and is furious.

When Lisa goes to her car, a masked assailant attacks her and warns her to back off.

Alone, the assailant is revealed to be Zac.


Tuesday 11th December 2012 (5147)

Still struggling to process Angel’s rejection, a shocked Jasmine is taken home by a worried Wendy and Murray.

Evan’s concerned to see Jasmine so distressed, more so when she refuses to accept Angel doesn’t love her.

Seeing how desperate Jasmine is to be loved and to escape, Wendy fears that she and Murray have driven Jasmine to act out this way.

This taints the recent progress they’ve made as friends.

Knowing how badly Angel has deceived Jasmine, Evan challenges him to free her from false hope before he leaves.

When a desperate Jasmine appeals to Angel to stay, he realises Evan is right and ensures that Jasmine gets the message that it’s really over.

Evan is there to pick up the pieces when Jasmine’s heart breaks.

Devastated by Jasmine’s heartbreak, and the possibility she will be a morose bridesmaid, Bella struggles with wedding pressure.

Though equally exhausted, Luke loyally picks up the slack, but the pressure is taking a toll on his happiness.

Picking up on this, Kylie decides to throw surprise hen and stag parties for them. Boyd is dragged into this despite his best intentions.

Riding high on his success with Sarah, Zac advises a brooding Josh to grab the things he wants from life without reservation.

The next morning TK discovers a new calling card from the assailant on the doorstep, this time a single white feather.

Revealing that this is a symbol of cowardice, Lisa suggests that the assailant is continuing to play on TK’s insecurities in order to break him down psychologically.

An angry TK expresses further frustration, prompting another warning from Lisa to keep his cool.

Determined not to lose it, TK agrees on the understanding that Roimata doesn’t learn of the feather.

Later, TK’s foul mood in ED draws Josh and Roimata together.

Meanwhile Zac gains more ground with Sarah and delights in saving the day when TK makes veiled references to cowardice with Josh and tensions rise.

Later when Roimata learns of Lana’s reservations over Josh, she feels to blame.

As she counsels Josh to push through the tough stuff with Lana, it becomes abundantly clear to him that Roimata’s heart lies with TK and he’s gutted.


Monday 10th December (5146)

Unable to condone Seth’s cruel behaviour towards Zac, Sarah frets over how to make things right. But her attempts to apologise fall flat.

Ignoring Murray’s counsel to make a clean break from Sarah, Zac remains privately convinced that TK is behind both Seth and Sarah’s negativity towards him.

He embarks on a campaign of rejection and withdrawal from Sarah, correctly guessing this will play on her sense of guilt and need to be liked.

Despite warnings from Brooke to stay away, Sarah corners Zac determined to apologise whether he likes it or not.

Manipulating her, Zac highlights the fact that Sarah is unable to recognise or accept real love.

Believing this, Sarah determines to earn his trust and friendship, leaving Zac smugly in control.

Determined to take a more active role in the investigation, TK is increasingly demanding of Lisa.

Though tolerant of TK’s stress, Rachel makes it clear she won’t tolerate TK’s aggression towards Josh.

Roimata’s relieved when TK agrees to back off.

Meanwhile, Lana worries that Josh is distant towards her. When Kylie suggest she’s over-thinking, Lana tries to relax.

Supposing she’s being too demanding too soon, she apologises to Josh and is relieved when he says he’s happy.

Still struggling with feelings for Roimata, Josh fears he’ll be outed and guiltily talks up his closeness with Lana to deflect TK’s suspicions.

However, when TK hints that he doesn’t find the relationship credible, Josh feels cornered and guilty.

With departure date drawing closer, Jasmine is thrilled at the prospect of running away to Colombia.

However, Angel is increasingly aware that he doesn’t want this and has made a terrible mistake in committing to Jasmine.

When his attempts to let her down easy fail, he takes an opportunity to sabotage Jasmine’s escape by secretly drawing Murray and Wendy’s attention to her flight.

Feeling terrible for what he’s done, he shores up an oblivious Evan to be Jasmine’s supporter when he leaves.

He then tries to confess to Jasmine that he’s scuppered her attempt to run away, but before he can come clean, Murray and Wendy arrive and confront Jasmine with a copy of her itinerary.

Jasmine immediately knows that Angel has betrayed her. He doesn’t want her to come to Colombia. She is stunned.

Friday 14th December (5150)

Bella faces an uncertain future. It’s the end of the road for Murray and Wendy. TK is driven to breaking point.





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