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Shortland Street

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From Ferndale to prison cells

After a rocky time in Ferndale, it's time to say goodbye to Emma and her half-brother Toby as they leave for Christchurch. We take a look back at their time on Shortland Street:

The 'Murder'

Emma first arrived in Ferndale from Geraldine with her best friend Kylie. They had been informed by their friend Lana that the man they suspected of murdering Kylie's sister, Julia, was working at Shortland Street- Boyd Rolleston. The trio set out to bring down Boyd and get justice for Julia.

When Boyd caught wind of the girls' plan, he maintained his innocence. The only way he could get them to back down was to find out the truth of her disappearance himself. What he discovered shocked them all.

Julia was alive and well living in a commune with her secret son, Toby. But it was Toby's paternity that really shook things up. Emma's dad was Toby's biological father making them half-siblings as their father Brett had been having an affair with Kylie's older sister. This also meant that Kylie was Toby's aunt. Eventually Toby would make his way to Ferndale to live with the girls, and they would take on the responsibility of his guardians.


Work Life

Emma followed in her father's footsteps and entered the medical world along with best friend Kylie. Nursing came naturally to her with her motherly nature.

When Shortland Street was hijacked by criminals in search of drugs, Emma was locked into a supply room with one of them. Instead of succumbing to her fate, Emma fought back and knocked the man unconscious just as a fire had begun to break out. But instead of leaving her captor to die, Emma's caring nature took over and she saved the man's life.


Unlucky in love

Emma's first Shortland Street romance was with fellow nurse Vinnie Kruse. The pair hit it off and things were going well until a boozey night out when Emma left early and a drunk Vinnie and Kylie went home together. Kylie's betrayal devastated Emma and it took a long time for their friendship to recover. Sadly though, this wouldn't be the only time a man came between them.

Ambulance driver Dallas Adams lived with Emma and Ula. He struggled at first with the female dynamics, and was entirely unaware of Ula's crush on him. After accidentally ruining some of Emma's lingerie, he turned to Nicole for advice. Nicole bought a replacement pair for him thinking they were for Ula. Dallas gave the box to Emma having forgotten to mention the mishap, leaving Emma offended at his somewhat creepy present.

Eventually the two succumbed to their feelings for each other and ventured into a relationship, but Emma's new guardianship of Toby put some strain on them.

At Christmas, Nate decided to play a prank on them and gave Emma a present, explaining it was a present from Dallas who was oblivious to the whole thing. Emma was thrilled to discover it was a ring, but a surprised Dallas shot down the fake proposal immediately, upsetting Emma. To add insult to injury, he then kissed Kylie, ruining the friendship once more.

Emma then fell for older man, Sam. But again, this relationship was not to be as he was harbouring feelings for fellow colleague, Vasa.


When Toby landed on Emma and Kylie's doorstep, he had no idea about his parentage. He joined Ferndale High School but found it hard to make friends after his sheltered life in the commune. He eventually bonded with Harry, and found friendship with Kane. But when a new girl arrived, Honour, their friendship was put to the test as both boys had a crush on her. When Honour started dating Kane, Toby was crushed but he soon became good friends with Honour and the trio formed a band.

Then one day a mysterious man arrived in Ferndale and started paying particular attention to Toby. Emma and Kylie were horrified to realise that it was Brett, Emma and Toby's father.


The real murder 

Initially Emma and Kylie fought hard to keep Brett from Toby but he soon managed to weasel his way in and manipulated both Toby and Emma, but it was Kylie and Honour who really saw his true colours.

As Brett was dying, he was hell-bent on getting enough time with Toby before he died so that he could shape Toby into the same heartless man that Brett was. He convinced Toby to go on a road trip with him, but Honour stowed away on board. When Brett realised this, he drugged Honour and left her hidden in the back of the car.

A terrified Honour tried to escape and eventually hid in the barn. Knowing full well it was Honour, Brett tried to convince Toby that there was a dangerous person in there out to get them and Toby had to attack them. Toby realised it was Honour just in time but Brett drugged her again convincing Toby it was for her own good.

When Kane tracked them down, Brett found him and lunged at him with a pitch fork. Fortunately Toby discovered what was going on just in time and subdued Brett with a spade. But instead of stopping there, Toby continued to beat his father to death. He then convinced Kane to help him hide the body and stage a suicide.

When Brett's body was eventually discovered and the police figured out the ruse, Emma took the blame for the murder and went to prison in place of Toby. But Kane's guilt was too much for him and he eventually convinced Toby to tell the truth.

After telling his side of the story, Toby was sent to a juvenile detention centre and his mother Julia flew home immediately to see him. She then got a job in Christchurch and managed to get Toby transferred down there as well. Emma decided to follow them down there to be nearer to her brother, but after a hard decision, Kylie decided Ferndale was the place she wanted to be.