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Shortland Street

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February on Shorty Street

This month on Shorty Street, the families of Ferndale are pushed to the limit as they deal with wayward teens, romantic entanglements and never ending work pressures. Here's a taste of what's in store in February!

The Warners continue at crisis point as Rachel and Chris remain in a standoff over Garrett. Chris goes on a mission to make Garrett's life at the hospital a misery in a bid to get rid of his rival for once and for all. And when a manipulative Pania adds herself into the mix, things for Rachel and Chris look worse than ever.  

In the Cooper house, Murray struggles with Dayna's decision to give up the IV to pursue a counselling career. And with his workload building, his health bears the brunt. But Murray refuses to tell Wendy which only puts him in more danger.

Adding to their stress, the Coopers have to deal with Honour's continued rebellion as she wags school, and sneaks off to Wellington to be with Kane. Not helping the situation is Clementine's bad influence. Clem tries to persuade Honour into exacting revenge on their teacher, and while Honour turns her down, Clem continues on alone and takes the prank a step too far.

Meanwhile, Nicole manages to make steps with baby Pele so Vinnie decides to go back to work of DoN, leaving Wendy demoted. But with Vinnie back at work, Nicole realises just how much she misses being there. She begins to clash with Vinnie over his management style, putting more pressure on their family.

Dallas continues to cope with the constant pressure his parent's place upon him, but this time round, he finds support from an unexpected corner. When Dallas' mum is involved in a serious accident, Dallas feels that it's his responsibility to return to the farm to help his mother and father out, abandoning his own hopes and dreams in the process. But Ula has something to say about this drastic decision and as she tries to convince him to reconsider, Dallas begins to wonder if there could be more to his relationship with Ula. Are these ambo drivers destined to be together or will Dallas' sense of duty to his family end their fledging romance before it even begins?

Meanwhile, TK looks forward to buddy Caleb Potene returning from his time in the army, but Caleb's wife Pania is conflicted by the idea of him coming back to Ferndale. But when Pania receives shocking news about Caleb from overseas, all thoughts of conflict disappear as she and TK are left come to terms with the possibility that Caleb might not be able to return after all.

With so much going on, you don't want to miss Shorty Street this month!