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February 6 - 10 2012

Wendy Cooper - Shortland Street TV2

Lee Donoghue plays Hunter McKay - Shortland Street on TV2

Ido Drent stars in Shortland Street on TV2

Sarah Potts

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Monday 6th February (4916)

Upset, Ula flees the church mid-speech, causing Maxwell concern.

Scared she will be ostracised and bring shame on Maxwell and Vasa should she reveal her pregnancy, Ula claims it was Auntie Mary's cruelty about Vasa that caused her to flee.

Evan sways Ula towards telling her parents about the baby and when Maxwell's family meeting ends in a truce, Ula is convinced.

But before she can confess to Vasa, Vasa reveals her belief she will never truly be forgiven for her mistakes. When she praises Ula for being so good, Ula slips back into denial.

Evan is dismayed but when he tries to talk sense to Ula she rejects him again. Fed up, he washes his hands of her problem and Ula realises shes lost her only support.

Preparing for the skipping contest, Wendy fears her team doesnt stand a chance.

Sarah's suggestion that Wendy concentrate on garnering sponsorship instead of relying on the skip count gives her renewed hope and she secures impressive pledges.

Realising he's let sponsorship fall by the wayside in favour of skipping training, Murray is annoyed to find Wendy has snapped up the best sponsors.

Wendy reminds Murray that as a charity event the contest is about the most money raised, not the highest number of skipping rope rotations. Murray is left doubtful of success.

Jealous of her sister's rising star, Brooke fuels Bree's concerns over an upcoming surgery. Stressed, Bree studies the case notes, which only serve to increase her doubts about her ability.

Bree tries to pull out of the surgery but Gabrielle refuses, reassuring Bree shes up to the challenge, in spite of Chris' doubts.

Vinnie adds his own encouragement and the surgery proceeds with Chris observing.

All goes well and Chris leaves them to it, but Bree suddenly finds herself out of her depth and fears she cannot complete the task.

Unable to step in due to glove contamination, Gabrielle urges Bree on, but with Brooke's words ringing in her ears, a self-doubting Bree caves under the pressure, and Gabrielle fears Bree's refusal will prove fatal for their patient.


Tuesday 7th February (4917)

Bree struggles with the surgical complication and Gabrielle is relieved when she finally gets her gloves on and is able to take over, with a returned Chris assisting.

A defeated Bree is convinced that the surgery was beyond her ability but rallies when Vinnie is encouraging.

Gabrielle fears that she let her gratitude to Bree cloud her professional judgement.

Chris reassures that Bree is a good surgeon in need of experience and Gabrielle agrees to continue mentoring her. Bree reluctantly accepts another challenging operation and Vinnie is pleased.

But later Bree claims a sprained wrist from skipping to get out of the surgery, raising Vinnie's suspicions.

Daniel is delighted to learn that the DHB are impressed by his tender. However, they require him to provide further information which will necessitate a computer search.

Daniel works in secret but makes himself ill. Sarah and Jack refuse to allow Daniel to continue pursuing the tender, leaving Daniel feeling resentful.

Wendy is concerned when Murray provides an incentive for his team to work hard at the skipping fundraiser.

She fears her team are incompetent skippers and realises she needs another angle to win sponsors.  At the competition, Wendys team arrives in costume.

Vasa's team strikes back by performing double dutch and Murray forces his team to wear party hats while they drum up sponsorship, leading Evan to cheat by fiddling with the rope counter.

His cheating wins the competition for Murray but Murray and Wendy realise that they've allowed their competitiveness to take the fun out of the event and they call a truce.

Phoenix looks forward to spending time with Megan at the skipping fundraiser but this proves difficult with Jasmine hanging around.

Unbeknownst to Phoenix, Megan likes Evan and pays attention to him. However, when Phoenix is roped into Evans plan to cheat, Megan is impressed.

She credits Phoenix with winning them the competition and gives him a hug, convincing Phoenix she likes him. Phoenix breaks up with Jasmine in order to ask Megan out but when he arrives, he's devastated to find her kissing Evan.

Wednesday 8th February (4918)

Phoenix is annoyed his chances with Megan have been ruined by Evan and he challenges that Evan isnt really into Megan anyway.

Evan knows its only Ula he cares about so he calls things off with a hurt Megan.

Jasmine learns that Phoenix is keen on Megan and wanting to spite him, she encourages Evan to go out with Megan, advising that being with a hot chick will make him more attractive to other girls.

When Murray counsels that Ula wont like him for fawning over her, Evan takes Jasmines advice and asks Megan out.

Callum is feeling a little lost now Hunter is in rehab. Rachel aims to resurrect one of Callums past initiatives to place a drug and alcohol rehabilitation service within the hospital and she asks Callum to run it.

Callum feels its too close to the bone and turns down the offer. However, when Callum assists an older alcoholic patient who needs help, he realises he has a deeper understanding of addicts and their struggle than ever before.

Callum decides he must speak up if he has any inclination to accept Rachels job offer. He does so and is pleased to feel he has found some direction in his life again.

Sarah forbids Daniel from searching for the missing DHB tender file, but Daniel refuses to let this chance pass him by and secretly works through the night, finally finding the file on a memory stick.

He is shattered by his efforts but still needs Rachels help to submit the file. He manages to put on a good show of convincing her hes okay to work.

Unaware Daniel is going behind Sarahs back, and convinced his recovery is more advanced than she thought, Rachel agrees to support him.  Later, an exhausted Daniel suffers intense symptoms from pushing himself too hard.

When Rachel arrives with the news that Daniels won the tender, Sarah realises that Daniel has deceived her. She demands he withdraw the tender but Daniel refuses, putting his long-term recovery in grave jeopardy.


Thursday 9th February (4919)

Daniel is furious when Rachel agrees to withdraw the tender. He takes this knock back hard and Sarah worries his recovery will be hampered by his negative attitude.

Rachel talks to the DHB, who really want Daniel's software, which is far better than its rivals.

Chris posits the idea of using another programmer to bring Daniel's demo model up to full spec.

Sarah believes this is a great compromise but Daniel reminds her the hospital owns the surgical tourism code he used to base his demo on and once again he stands to lose a fortune.

He assures Sarah there is time for him to recover and build his software before the deadline and Sarah finally relents, with conditions.

Later, Sarah and Zac share a close moment when she admits seeing Daniel fight to able to work reminded her of her own struggle to keep doctoring in the face of MS.

Realising that they are both on the outer, Ula and Jasmine make up and decide to wag school. They plan to go to the beach but bad weather sees them in confined to Sugar.

They meet a couple of cute boys who play in a band.

Back at Jasmine's place, one of the boys produces a joint. Feeling the need to rebel, Jasmine agrees to a smoke but Ula has no interest in participating.

Then Wendy rings and a stoned and terrified Jasmine orders the boys to leave her house before her mother gets home.

After a week in rehab, Hunter is challenged by counsellor Rose to up his participation level.

He starts to open up in a group session but the arrival of Astrid, the junkie who caused him to get a needle stick months ago, sets him back.

He complains to Rose, asking that Astrid is moved to another group, but Rose refuses.

Hunter opens up to Astrid and the pair seem to find an understanding.

But when Hunter gets drug cravings, Astrid sets him up and Hunter is caught drug seeking and thrown out of rehab.


Friday 10th February (4920)

Having just accepted the role co-ordinating Shortland Streets new drug and alcohol unit, Callum is furious when Hunter is kicked out of rehab.

But a contrite Hunter does his best to prove hes made progress and Callum is swayed.

Convinced Hunter was unfairly dismissed from rehab, Callum lobbies Rose to get him back in. She reiterates the rehab centres strict policies, but suggests there may be another option, leaving Callum intrigued.

Hunters intrigued when Callum cryptically reveals he has the solution to their problem, but surprise turns to dismay when Callum explains Hunter is going into rehab at Shortland Street - and Rose is his counsellor.

With Ulas help, Jasmine manages to hide her stoned state from Wendy. But Evan is more astute, and, fearful of exposure, Jasmine claims her break-up with Phoenix is the reason for her
odd behaviour.

The next day, Jasmine swears off trying marijuana again and Ula is relieved. However, when Jasmine runs into Phoenix, she uses her friendship with Ricky and Curtis to make him feel like a loser.

The cafeteria contract is up for tender, and Chris advises Rachel to stick with Murray despite a competitive offer. Rachel agrees Murray is popular with staff - although shes not a fan of the rise in coffee prices.

Murrays focussed on his skipping win, which annoys Vinnie, who finds Murrays teams high number of skipping rotations suspicious.  Doing the maths, Vinnie realises its impossible and accuses Murray of cheating. Murray is rattled by Vinnies evidence.

Taking his complaints to Wendy and Vasa, Vinnie convinces them that Murrays a cheat and they're determined to pay him back. Meanwhile, Murray has pulled the kids in to interrogate them and is mortified to learn that the boys cheated for their own gain.

This is closely followed up by a call from Vasa, posing as an investigator for the charities board - theyve had reports of cheating.

Wendy and Vasa enjoy watching Murray squirm, but their plan back-fires horribly when Murray confesses his teams lie to Rachel and loses the cafeteria contract as a result.

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